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  1. Space Saver Tyre Quiery

    Thanks for clearing that up about the MOT. What about having one as a spare regardless?
  2. Space Saver Tyre Quiery

    Hello! I’ve got 18” (235/40/18) alloys on the old red rocket, but I’m concidering buying a space saver out of pure ease. Am I right in thinking that I’d need a similar sized alloy as a reserve or can I use a 16” Mondeo space saver (115/70/16) Theres a lot of cheap space savers out there, just need some guidance and that I don’t mess up with the load bearing weights etc. thanks!
  3. Mk3 Focus TDCI Zetec S - Brake Disc sizes

    Thanks for this, I’ve got discs at the back and all.
  4. Hello! I just wanted to see what the standard diameter of the front brake discs are. I’ve tried strolling through the forum but can only find mark 2 details. Ive got 18” alloys (optional extra w/ ford) I’ve tried having a rough measurement (using two straight edges and a tape measure) and think the 278mm ones would be a rough estimate. Any clarification would be awesome! thanks
  5. Hello! Im wondering if anyone has had this peeling before and what were people's remedies? It's making the car look horrific 😑