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  1. Ford Focus C-Max 06 ISOFIX car seat

    Hi All, I'm new to FOC - just got the green light to add comments. We have a CMAX 1.8 TDCi Titanium - it was new build in 2008 and unfortunately the internet dealer did not give me advice on the FREE OPTION like a space saver wheel instead of the gunk; isofix seats instead of normal seats, privacy windows instead of wind-up shield...etc...also, the top of the range Sony stereo keeps reverting to an older date and time every now and then and I have to correct it. - Will be seeing the Ford dealer about that. By the way, does anyone have an issue with the second gear in certain driving conditions where the gear is struggling to move the car (obvioulsy not from a standing still situation) and the turbo eventually kicks in? ANYWAY - back to the isofix car-seat problem - we have just gone through that process - our 2nd daughter is 2 months old now. We looked at the extendable leg on an isofix base but the false floor is too deep; you can't use the base with the floor plate still on - it is not safe to do so. I couldn't find expandable adaptors! So we decided on a seat belt harness system so we do not have the luxury of "plugging in and plugging out" the baby seat - i fshe is asleep we simply carry her and she will get used to sleeping on the move - it became a life-style choice eventually. Come on Ford - sort it out!! I came back to Ford because of the new Focus and the new CMAX. Never had trouble with our Mamas and Papas plug system in my VW Golf mk4. All the best, Car-Bloke