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  1. Hey guys really looking at getting my 1.5 150 zetec s mapped. I know they do the rare version of mine at 190 bhp only difference is map on the car, looking at bluefin unit but don't get a read out so be sceptical. Anyone recommend a place I'm in Leeds so up this way be ideal Cheers in advance
  2. Hi After a nightmare start from trust ford finally got my focus right. Got a 15plate Today engine management light come on. Mrs drove it home just been out my odb is dead. The revs sat at idle and then dropped slightly but can hear a tinny tapping sound from the top right of the engine where correct me if I'm wrong fuel pipes the smaller ones. Anyone had issues??? it's going back to ford for fixing under warranty but they had it 3days for a miss shaped tyre
  3. Hi guys just said good bye to a 59 mk 3.5 1.6 titanium And hello to a 2015 1.5 ecoboost zetec s
  4. The 182 is a 1.6 ecoboost. Which were more common in the mk3 140 year road tax had a test drive in one last week black zetec s
  5. Hi A friend of mine been working in Germany. He was speaking to a customer who had a bit of a garage. He re built a escort said check it out on YouTube just been nosy but can't find owt suppose to be limited edition any help. My friend was more bothered about ferraris
  6. Might be totally wrong here but had a rental ford transit van with eco mode. After a good drive it would use the start stop. But we'll picking up my mate in the morning I'd wait out side his house the eco would kick in, when getting low it would start back up. Suggest going for a bit of a drive make sure things are charged up and try Test your battery If you can, but don't be fooled sometimes you can. Read 12-13 v dc but battery still a dud
  7. I have read problems that are common Expansion bottle going brittle and failing. Dmf been ***** poor and failing on 20k or less Turbo issue with coolent (nylon pipe failing) suppose to help by idling the car after a hard drive or long run for 20 - 30 seconds suppose to help avoid this. I'm not a car mechanic but just issues I have read about the ecoboost 1.0
  8. Cheers pal might just invest back into mine
  9. Also looking at the 1 liter eco boost 6 speed 125 bhp model
  10. Hi bud been looking at a 13 plate 33k on clock full service history. Just read on honest John website possible horror story about the coolant and a turbo issues causing head to crack
  11. Hey Currently got a 59 plate focus 1.6 titanium model. Been thinking of getting a newer focus and been told the ecoboost is the way forward. Any do and don't or advice be very greatly appreciated Thanks luke
  12. Done a bonnet replacement job. Couldn't get it to activate via long screwdriver so took grill out (broke the security clips) now I want to replace these on a 10 plate focus which ones do I need noticed ebay sell box of multiple but don't need them all Thanks luke
  13. Hi everyone Been driving around lately with windows open and noticed that I get a strange noise from the pass front sounds like a tingy noise when go over small imperfections in the road. Speed bumps at slow speed the noise doesn't appear. I check wheel nuts and suspension nothing visable Any ideas