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  1. Might be totally wrong here but had a rental ford transit van with eco mode. After a good drive it would use the start stop. But we'll picking up my mate in the morning I'd wait out side his house the eco would kick in, when getting low it would start back up. Suggest going for a bit of a drive make sure things are charged up and try Test your battery If you can, but don't be fooled sometimes you can. Read 12-13 v dc but battery still a dud
  2. I have read problems that are common Expansion bottle going brittle and failing. Dmf been ***** poor and failing on 20k or less Turbo issue with coolent (nylon pipe failing) suppose to help by idling the car after a hard drive or long run for 20 - 30 seconds suppose to help avoid this. I'm not a car mechanic but just issues I have read about the ecoboost 1.0
  3. Cheers pal might just invest back into mine
  4. Also looking at the 1 liter eco boost 6 speed 125 bhp model
  5. Hi bud been looking at a 13 plate 33k on clock full service history. Just read on honest John website possible horror story about the coolant and a turbo issues causing head to crack
  6. Hey Currently got a 59 plate focus 1.6 titanium model. Been thinking of getting a newer focus and been told the ecoboost is the way forward. Any do and don't or advice be very greatly appreciated Thanks luke
  7. Done a bonnet replacement job. Couldn't get it to activate via long screwdriver so took grill out (broke the security clips) now I want to replace these on a 10 plate focus which ones do I need noticed ebay sell box of multiple but don't need them all Thanks luke
  8. Hi everyone Been driving around lately with windows open and noticed that I get a strange noise from the pass front sounds like a tingy noise when go over small imperfections in the road. Speed bumps at slow speed the noise doesn't appear. I check wheel nuts and suspension nothing visable Any ideas
  9. hey i have recently got a memory stick USB 16gb and put some music on to it mp3 format. i formatted the memory stick before transferring the music onto it. i put the stick into the USB situated under the arm rest pressed aux selected USB the screen then said USB not recognized has anyone any ideas what i need to do? thanks in advance
  10. Tred that looks like a garage job and replacement part
  11. Hey everyone I no there is a perfect very informative guide but the pictures won't load up for me. I need to get my bonnet open been trying following various guides and pictures but nothing seems to work. My current state is I have removed the rubber grommet and been trying to apply pressure via a 450mm straight screwdriver. I'm not having any luck at all can anyone think of anything I am missing or upload pics of where I need to apply pressure I have tried all around the white plastic around the black rubber one Any advice much appreciated. Driving around unable to use screen wash is getting dangerous now and mot due next week.
  12. I have a 02 plate 1.6 zetec and a 1.6 59 titanium 1.6 and the fuel consumption difference between the 2 cars is unbelievable the 02 is very thirsty in comparison
  13. Hey guys Noticed in this poor weather my car stopping doesn't seem to be the best and abs locking in too easy sliding over man hole covers so the tyres are going to get changed. But breaks when doing gental breaking I'm getting vibration through the steering wheel so I'm going to change pads and discs. Any recommendations?? Also how hard would it be to upgrade to St calipers discs pads. And I'm sure the rear is drum breaks is there a guide to make a disc conversion? Cheers
  14. Hey guys. Got a Lil 1.3 ford ka to plod to work and back keep miles down on focus. Now this ka had steels on and a pal of mine had some standard mk 6 54 reg fiesta zetec alloys doing nowt so I'd thought I'd give the ka a little style it is the basic model after all now all fit go for test drive knocking and rubbing on the shocks anyone no a quick cheap fix