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  1. Hi everyone, Brr it was so chilly this morning. Today I went out to find a rather heavy frost on my car, and I just couldnt clear the front windscreen. I had used de-icer on the outside, but the quickclear appears to have stopped working. There were no signs of it working at all. I tried with or without the a/c with no difference. The back windscreen (not quickclear) cleared fine using the same method and the heating elements were working. Am wondering if the fuse has blown, but I would have throught the back screen or the wipers would stop working too. Any suggestions (other than park the car in a garage) Thanks
  2. I am worried about my Fiesta. Last week I had the front break pads changed on my 05 Diesel Ghia. All was fine until a few days later i started hearing a metal rattle from the front end of the car (like the noise of a coin in a tin can), whenever i drove over a pothole of speedbump. That noise went after a couple of days and was replaced with a louder rattle from underneath (again only when i went over a bump). If i accelerate in the 'wrong' gear the engine makes a rumble as well as the diesel chug. I assumed that I had lost a clip off the exhaust, but the garage have checked it and says it all looks fine, exhaust is firmly attached and theres nothing obviously out of place. There is nothing in the boot, and the spare wheel is firmly secured down. Any ideas? The garages cant find anything, but the car sounds awful when i drive over a bump and am getting a bit paranoid. Thanks Sezimodo
  3. Is my car over-revving

    Hello everyone, I have a 2005 1.4 TDCi. I brought the car 8 months ago and have always thought the mileage is rather rubbish. The tyres are all new and aligned so theres no problem there. Generally speaking Im only getting 50mpg driving around the country at around 50mph on the 15 mile trip to work. I dont break heavily, and the tyres are all well inflated. Im not used to a diesel engine, and I wonder if its over-revving slightly. This may sound strange but does anyone know what the revs should be. For example, when doing 70mph the car is revving at just over 2 and a half. When at 80mph the car is over 3000rpm. Does this sound normal? If I take the car on a 100 mile long motorway trip with no stopping I would expect the mph to go up, but whilst doing a steady 80mph it appears like its gone down. Im wondering if there is a sensor problem somewhere thats making the revs high. When first started the engine idls at just under 1.5000 rpm, but after that it just about drops under 1000. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Windscreen Wipers not wiping properly

    For anyone else who has this problem - I took this to a Ford dealer and they checked the arms and wipers. It turns out that the genuine Ford wipers have deflectors on them that hold them on the window, so you cant buy cheapo wipers! The guy was very helpful and even took a wiper off his car to check it before he sold it to me!
  5. I have recently brought a 2005 Fiesta Ghia. When its raining, or I am cleaning the windows, the drivers side wiper doesnt appear to sweep part of the windscreen, so if I am cleaning it, the water just stays there and after loads of wipes the water just dries and leaves a smear. If its raining then I get a huge puddle, to the point that at certain points on a road I cant read the signs. This is a big problem as it rains a lot here, and if I am driving at more than 30 then I cant see through this point. It happens in the middle of the screen, at the bottom of the wipers range, and in the middle (directly in my eyeline). I brought new wipers but it didnt make any difference. If you hold the wiper down and wipe then its fine. Am presuming this is a problem with the arm, either that or there is a dip in the windscreen, which i cant feel. Any thoughts???
  6. MPG

    True, but I have trouble telling when the turbo is kicking in. In 2nd gear i can feel it kick in at around 2500 rpm, but cant feel it in any other gear. For my last tank I have done 100 straight motorway miles as well as my regular country mileage and the mpg has come out the same and I got the same miles per tank. I've switched to changing gear when it gets to 2000 rpm to see if that helps, and it doesnt seem to
  7. MPG

    Its ok Im new too! I am emptying the tank then brimming it, then doing the calculation on the mileage done and the number of gallons used. So I do the number of miles divided by the number of gallons used. To calculate the number of gallons I am doing the number of litres put in divided by 4.5461 Am I doing this right?
  8. MPG

    I recently brought a 2005 Ghia. All the reviews were saying 50+ urban mpg, but im only making 52 and I live in the country. Theres no harsh breaking, its a 15 mile journey and i only sit in traffic for no more than 5 minutes, and thats slowly moving. Average speed is 50mph, so I cant understand why I am only just getting the average town mpg when its almost all country miles I do! Am I changing gear wrong?! This is my first diesel and I am trying to learn the noise of the engine when it needs changing. Am changing at around 2500 revs. The turbo seems to really kick in at 2500 in 2nd, but cant feel it at any other time. Any suggestions on how I can improve my mpg? Thanks everyone Sezimodo