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  1. Tracking not the problem?

    sorry i forgot to mention i know very very little about cars so dont know what youve just said but i do agree kwik fit are crap :D
  2. So i went to a kwik fit garage to get my tracking sorted as the car was pulling to the left. They completed this without a hitch but when i was driving it around after it was still pulling to the left. I went back and they stated that the wheel alignment was not the problem then, and it must be something else. I was wondering if anyone else can provide an explanation for the pulling to one side? ive also checked the tyre pressure and its all good
  3. Can someone tell me the correct specification for a 52(2003) plate ford focus 1.8tdci. And maybe somewhere cheap to buy one :) cheers
  4. so as you can tell from the title my cd player has been locked 13. is there any way to try and unlock it? cheers
  5. hi, my ford focus 1.8tdci has stopped all of a sudden when i parked it up. i tried to start it again but the ignition does even turn over. all the electrics light up on the dash and the hazard lights work and also the power windows. i tried jump starteing it but it still didnt work. i dont know what would be wrong with it. can anyone help?