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  1. zetec Adam

    Best bulbs

    Looking for good set of headlight and side light bulbs anyone have any recommendations
  2. Post photos of your interior focus only
  3. zetec Adam

    Adams focus build thread

    Nice and chilled
  4. zetec Adam

    Things I Do Like

  5. zetec Adam


  6. zetec Adam

    Ford side decal

    Had a look on there but I obviously didn' look hard enough found them now
  7. Anyone know a website or anything were to get these from ?
  8. zetec Adam

    Adams focus build thread

    My new pal would of got a dog as I am a dog person but don't have the time still tho he's a funny cat was sat in the middle of the front room last night falling asleep standing up just swaying all over lmao
  9. zetec Adam

    Fiesta Diesel

    I just unplugged egr sensor and drive round with eml light on
  10. zetec Adam

    Adams focus build thread

    Yeezy season 4 absolutely not.... screw fix for the win hahahaha
  11. zetec Adam

    Adams focus build thread

    I had to google that to evan know what you wur about lmaoo
  12. zetec Adam

    Adams focus build thread

    Don't know what your on about zagobir ?? brand new them haha
  13. zetec Adam

    Adams focus build thread

    They my work trousers lmao