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  1. Hi again was wondering am I able to swap my seats for st recaros in my black edition fiesta, is everything the same rails and looms? Cheers
  2. I was just wondering... The red trim colour on the black edition could i spray these a different colour say black or blue and not have to tell insurance or DVLA or will it have to be declared
  3. Cazzle

    Zetec S Black or ST

    I know, i want to do some B Road Bashing which the black box instantly denies. im getting it in January when my final month of the black box ends cant wait!
  4. Cazzle

    How fast is the ST really?

    Just tried my mothers and i can confirm even when she wouldn't let me put my foot down more than a quarter it really wanted to go i want one badly now... Yes i agree the power in the 1l is very smooth and only really likes going in 3rd and even then it runs out of boost fairly quickly and the engine dosent sound best pleased going to high rpm. Looks like im trading up for sure, Black edition was good but as you mentioned the ST is just a different beast the sound of it i smiled just listening to it starting up sounded proper sporty and also felt completely different inside due to the seats feels like a completely different car for the better. Autotrader here we come! Last and most important Question is will it throw me and passengers back into the seat if i give it some welly...!
  5. Im wondering as i am now hooked on selling my beloved Black Edition with only 15000 miles to get an ST what im wondering is even though it only has 40 bhp more is it really that much more quicker or am i going to see similar speeds and not a lot of pushing back in my seat as my black ediiton with a little extra 0 60 time or is it actually proper quick and a lot more quicker than a black. Ta
  6. Cazzle

    Zetec S Black or ST

    Just done another quote and its 1500 no box for a 2015 ST 3 insurance baffles me
  7. Quick Question If i were to insure a standard fiesta but then decided to switch to another car and i happened to be a year older would the new calculated price take into account myself being 1 year older
  8. Cazzle

    Zetec S Black or ST

    its 1900 with all mods declared and a black box, for a 2014 ST-3 its 2000 without a black box
  9. Cazzle

    Zetec S Black or ST

    I currently have a Zetec S Black and just out of curiosity i was looking at the insurance for an st and it seems i can get insured on an ST for like 1900 over a grand for the zetec s. Would it make more sense to go to the ST instead of spending money on a new exhaust remap etc Or to modify my current car and add a remap.
  10. Got my car back in February and its been sitting moderately stock atm so i thought as something that would be useful to make a timeline of what i did to my car id start a project thread. Its the 140ps Zetec S and it runs like a dream. A few Pictures of when she was fresh from the dealer Modifications i want to do... Cobra Sport Exhaust: J1 Induction Kit (Primary Secondary Hoses): Red S Badge: Ebay Wind Deflectors Rota GTR Alloys: Ford Red and Black Gel Badges: Ebay LED Number Plate Lights: Ebay Red Interior Foot well Lights Lowering Springs Lockwood Kick Plates: Ebay Fitted with the Red and Black Gel badges. J1 Induction Kit fitted missing the red piping and extra hoses due to there high demand period. Sounds absolutely Mega on its own. Kick Plates installed amazing quality and look like they belong on the car.
  11. Cazzle

    Zetec s ambient lighting missing

    The zetec s dosent have these but you can add them on if you wanted
  12. Just bought a full J1 Airfilter and hose kit for the fez and wondering if J1 are still as good as they used to be mainly gone for J1 due to it having a heat shield and choice of red to match the black edition Also how much would it change the noise on this car and would it improve my throttle response in the mid range -Connor
  13. Cazzle

    Fiesta Zetec S Insurance

    thank you Ill get some quotes from the usual places sky, flux etc and see what they can do probably won't get anything much cheaper than 2 grand
  14. I'm thinking of getting a Cobra Sport Exhaust on my Black Edition Fez and wondering if for a 19 year old there is anywhere that would provide a half decent quote, currently with My policy who are i had a KA but had to cancel the insurance 9 months in as they wouldn't change the vehicle over making me pay over a 100 on admin fees as well as another deposit i have had over a years no claims although because of the cancellation I don't actually have a years NCB per say, long story short is there anywhere that will insure me with a single modification maybe 2 if I get giddy.
  15. Bought my second Ford after the pretty solid and "nippy" First Car KA Mk1 and haven't really joined a club for my new Fez since now looking forward to gaining some insight into the community, modding and fiestas in general I drive a Fiesta Black Edition 140ps and considering everytime I leave it I can't stop turning around and looking at it so must be the right car for me! -Connor