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  1. Can think of many reasons! I've had a Eb for 18 months now & its epic. For me, at the time I ordered the cost of the V8 was too much, add insurance & running costs based on the fact I was planning on about 10k miles pa in it & the Ecoboost was the logical choice. It returns about 33mpg on average, so it's far cheaper to run. It's ***** rapid, trust me. Sounds pretty good inside IMO. Lighter in the front end because of the smaller engine so handles well (better than the V8 some say), and well, it looks just as stunning as the GT. Having said that, the biggest drawback? It's not the V8. The beautiful burble is not there, which having spent a lot of time around them in the last year or so, it's something I really want. Power wise, the EB is fast but lacks that little extra oomph that the V8 has. Can be achieved with a tune & various other bits but will never have the same appeal as the V8. As it happens, I caved earlier in the year, placed an order for a GT which I should have in my hands in the next 6 weeks or so. So my Ecoboost is up for sale, will be very sad to see it go but I'm hopeful that someone else will be able to enjoy it as much as I have...
  2. Hey! Just joined :) Can't speak for general Ford meetings but Mustang wise, there is a lot going on. Bit of a trek for you but there is a monthly meet in Newbury, Berhshire that I often go to. Normally get around 20 cars there - mainly mustangs, of all ages.
  3. Hello, just signed up :) I'm Kristian & I currently own a 2011 Fiesta Zetec S in black & a 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost in "Magnetic Metallic" (dark grey). I'm not going to lie - I was searching for car forums in an effort to advertise my Mustang which is currently up for sale! But...this does look like a forum I would actually use, seeing as I still have my Fiesta & keen on keeping it, modifying it potentially. I'm a big Ford fan in general, my car history is 4 x Fiesta's & the Mustang :) that's it - nothing else! Anyways, I'm off to place a classified ad... Cheers