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  1. James Blond

    Anyone actually managed to update Sync 1.1

    Done 😃 For the moment google assistant is the only big change I noticed. Another small one is: before the update when I was pushing the voice button I would only get a sound mark for the voice command. Now the voice also asks for a command. This was happening some time ago also, but at least in the last year it was only the sound. Next year I will probably try to get to sync 3. Hopefully the price for the parts will decrease P.S. did anybody give a name to the female voice? 😉
  2. James Blond

    Anyone actually managed to update Sync 1.1

    Finally the update worked. I cannot say what was it didn't like. I took again the files from ford site and update only the install file, but still didn't work with a 16 GB USB stick. Than I used another USB stick (4 GB) and the files from Phil21185's post, as the file names where the same as the ones I downloaded. In this way it worked. Thank you for all the info.
  3. James Blond

    Anyone actually managed to update Sync 1.1

    I will try with the original autoinstall, thank you for the quick answer. Just one more question to be sure 🙂 This updates only the APIM module right? I replaced my 4.2" screen with the 5" with navy. All other parts of the head unit (radio, APIM) are the same.
  4. James Blond

    Anyone actually managed to update Sync 1.1

    Thank you Botus for the reply. There was this post to change the KB file but nobody said do not do it. As you said it was not confirmed either :). Regarding the region, in my country there is no option on ford site to download the updates. The menu language is english and I did the download based in VIN. So I supposed it fits.
  5. James Blond

    Anyone actually managed to update Sync 1.1

    I also tried to update Sync om my car. But I get the message that installation file is not found I downloaded the files from ford.co.uk (although I live in another country) and then I edit all files based on what everybody said in this topic. Bellow you can see the content if install.lst, autoinstall.lst, root USB and folder SyncMyRide. I do not see anything wrong. Does anybody se? Thank you!
  6. James Blond

    Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Hello, does the instrument cluster for a Ford Kuga 2013, 1.6 Ecoboost 182 CP, automatic, 4x4 fit on Focus 3 2014, pre-facelift, 1.6 Ecoboost? I cannot find any differences with the pictures I saw for Focus. I want to replace the instrument cluster with small display with this one. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, I was just surfing through the links saved during search for sat navi retrofit and I found this site: https://www.ucdsys.ru/?page_id=370&lang=en In the description it says the kit contains " cooling hose with socket ". What is this? Cooling for navi? Do you have this thing? Thank you!
  8. James Blond

    Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    I tried to put it on the ACM but it seemed to lose some satellites (I had maximum 5). What I did was to put the gps antenna on top of the glove compartment. I have in this way 7-8 satellites all the time. Also I so that if I turn it upside down it will loose all satellites.
  9. Details... Is there a topic here where the retrofit is described? I couldn't find it
  10. I'd like that too, but for the moment I do not want to remove the roof or floor on half of the car to get the wires from back to front. Not yet 😆
  11. Unfortunately I searched a few weeks on ebay while researching for needed part numbers. For the display with part number EM5T (which fitted my old display) the one I bought was the only one available. Also there was no frame and only one control panel which was 300 € . Maybe if I would have waited longer other options would appear. But I lost my patience and wanted to finish the retrofit fast :)
  12. I finally managed to get all parts for Sony navi retrofit. Unfortunately I could not find a complete system. I got the display from England (~250 €), the frame and control panel from Russia (~200€) and the fakra AM/FM cable I bought as original spare part (15 €). The two wires for the navi sound I made them myself. Not cheap at all. I guess JW1982 you are the only one so lucky to get everything at 25€ The display has quite some rust on the display edge, but I managed to remove it, so it looks good. For the moment I'm still missing the FD map cards for western and eastern Europe, but I tested it with a friend's card. I could find the 2017 maps with ranges between 45 and 100 €. I do not know if the one at 45 € is original or a cloned one. Somebody told me that if the card is not original after some time (~ 3 months) the navi could be blocked. Did you hear anything about that? Thank you JW1982 and Victory for your help. The info was really helpful.
  13. James Blond

    Elm327 software

    The best tools for Ford configurations are Forscan (http://www.forscan.org/download.html) and Focccus (http://ford.xtlt.ru/FoCCCus/).
  14. James Blond

    Ford part numbers

    You said you want to by a Focus 3 ST? If I know correctly on pre-facelift for ST you can have Sync2. Am I right? Which one is in the car you want?
  15. Then I have to search only for Sony :). I saw that both the control panel and the frame are very difficult to find. :( Did anybody see live a Ford Kuga with this Sony control panel. Is it the same? I found some on ebay. In the picture is shown with the air vents and I'm curious if the control panel can be removed from the frame just like for Focus and if it is the same. The part code for one is CV4T-18K811-TA and another is AM5T-18K811-TA. For this control panel it matters if it is from 2011 and my car is 2014, or if it has Sync or not? Thank you all for all the great infos