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  1. Hello there, I would highly recommend - they saved me a good £200 on my insurance and I am a fair bit older than you! Give them a try anyway, nothing to loose. Quotes For Insurance
  2. Do you have any blown bulbs? A flashing light on the dash-board can be an indication for a number of things.
  3. Just wanted to gauge if anyone is interested in attending a Rolling Road Day at Burton on Trent in the summer? (Date not confirmed). I will organise once I know roughly how many are interested. Would be sometime in July at a guess (a weekend).
  4. These are what I have:
  5. Could be a glow plug issue then. Best bet would be to get it plugged into VAG com diagnostic software to read the fault codes.
  6. Rather hooked on Just Cause 2 - Still!
  7. Out of interest who did you use to remap the car? Be careful if putting your foot down in higher gears at lower speed, this would result in clutch slip and fly-wheel vibrations - too much of this will cause damage!! Perhaps feeling smoother as the fuel delivery will have changed. Have you had the car rolling roaded to see the actual BHP?
  8. As long as you stick to the standard colours you'll be fine, just don't go fitting green ones for example! I have ice white 501's fitted to my car.
  9. I have the Osram ones, very good! Aren't retro-fit HID kits illegal now though? Just be careful! You don't want extra blue flashing lights behind you. <_<
  10. I tend to use Shell where possible, but... if doing a long journey (400+ miles) I use the V Power Diesel, it makes a difference and returns good MPG. I have heard that Morrison's diesel can damage some cars though, someone on my forum had this problem. I would also recommend the Miller diesel fuel additive once every so often too!
  11. I've heard of this happening before from some of my members on my diesel site, it was due to a faulty rev counter. I don't suppose you've had any battery/alternator problems recently?
  12. I bet. Who has the most powerful Diesel on here then? Any ideas people?
  13. Wonder wheels is fine as it was diluted already. I had a very strong mixture of Bilberry and it marked all centre caps.