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  1. Thanks Hamster! I've got to take it in to the dealer next week for the air con recall anyway, so I'll see what they say.
  2. I've recently moved to NZ from the UK and I've shipped my 2017 Edge Titanium over here too. One unexpected (minor) quirk I've come across is that having changed the units from miles to km all seems to be well, but the speed limit sign recognition/auto limit function isn't working properly. It recognises speed limit signs fine (eg 80 shows up correctly on the dashboard), but the auto limit doesn't then set itself correctly. Eg, for a 100 limit sign, the auto limit sets itself to 157 km/h. It looks as though it expects the sign to be mph and it then converts the auto limit to km/h. That's only a guess and I'd be surprised if that's the case - I'm hoping that I've missed a setting somewhere or maybe I'm just not using it properly! I wondered if anyone has driven their UK Edge in Europe or another km/h country and has come across this issue, or if anyone might have any ideas about what's going on?