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  1. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    Just got my car back. As with other people they wouldn't let me take away the job sheet. But I did get a long enough look at it to see all the parts which were replaced. The list is as follows Timing belt Sprocket Sprocket bolts Crankshaft bolt Tensioner bolt Engine mount nuts x3 Idler pulley nut The important part on this list for me was the timing belt has been replaced. Although they wouldn't give me the sheet I was told this has been updated on the Ford service system along with the milage. So if you get your car serviced at an approved Ford garage they will not be looking to replace your timing belt until your current milage plus the service interval (100000 miles?) Hope this is useful for people.
  2. I purchased the car second hand so couldn't say if these issues became apparent in the first 12 months. The first problem is that the cover for the sensors behind the rear view mirror rattles at low speeds. This is a part of the car which won't be touched so the problem shouldn't have been caused by a user. The second problem is that the gear shift gaiter is not as secure as it should be and so sometimes disconnects from the centre console when put in reverse. Obviously the gear shift gaiter moves around a lot when changing gears but this is normal use and should not be expected to cause damage. I wouldn't class this as an item of trim. Trim implies its primary purpose is cosmetic, the gaiter prevents egress of dirt and therefore performs the job of preventing damage to the gear changing mechanisms. The Ford dealership which I have taken it to has claimed that they are unable to know the full history of the car and therefore can not determine why these parts are causing issues. Having read around consumer rights the onus seems to lie with the company to prove that issues have been caused due to improper use or neglect. This is by the by if fords line is 'that is trim and as such not covered'
  3. Hello I was wondering if any body had experience with claiming on the Ford warranty. Their warranty is 3 years but after the first year this excludes 'Trim and Bodywork – Interior trims, glass (heating elements are covered), seat covers, frames, springs, headrests, pads, bumpers, mouldings, paint, sheet metal, water ingress, weather strips, body seals, aerials and wheels' It's understandable that they would exclude trim as this is a high wear item and any problems after the first issue are most likely due to wear and tear. But it seems to me that they will exclude anything inside the car under the guise of 'interior trim' . I ask as I am currently disputing a few interior items of the car which are not touch by a human being 99% of the time! Cheers
  4. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    FYI. My car was in yesterday and has had the cam shaft sprocket done. I have not picked up the car yet due to let's say 'other disputes' so do not have a job sheet. Interestingly they had booked my car in for the wrong thing but did the repair anyway. I'm mentioning this as it must mean that there isn't a shortage of parts!
  5. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    I am sorry to hijack this a a thread to document the failings of my car but... driving down the motorway today and tried to wash my screen, the jet of water droops as it does when you're out of washer fluid. But I'm not out of washer fluid as I filled it up yesterday in anticipation of the long journey. Guessing the pump has gone. Another thing to add to the list of repairs for next week. Guessing my car was put together on a friday afternoon.
  6. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    Interesting, the only confirmation I have had was a verbal one on the phone! May tell them I'm getting the delay in throttle response I have read about on this forum, see if I can push them for the updates. Need to speak to them on Monday anyway as I was driving home from work today and the gaiter came detached from the centre console! Clipped it back in place but jusy keeps popping out again... Only had the car 13 days and it's already been more interesting than the 14 year old fiat punto I traded in!
  7. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    As previously mentioned I am booked in next Wednesday. I will be pressuring the garage to provide me with a list of parts replaced, I would like a record of what is new on my car and if the cam belt has been replaced I wont be replacing it at 70k (or what ever the service interval is) I will be waiting for my current mileage plus the service interval! Going to see if i can get them to update the ECU and PCM while im in there too, probably a long shot.
  8. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    I spoke with ford today and have mine booked in for new week. They said it should be done the same day. Just a bit of information people may find useful.
  9. Hello All I have just bought a 2015 Focus Titanium X, it is beyond me why someone would not have paid for the sav nav when new. I am intending on doing this mod but wondered if anyone knew is this has any impact on the warranty? Sorry to ask Bannk, can you PM me the details. Thanks