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  1. Automatic Windscreen wipers?

    I remember back in the day when I had a small motorbike reading the bikers magazines and there was a lot of concern regarding daylight running lights. Basically there was scientific evidence that the human eye cannot easily define the speed, shape and motion of an object that is shining a light into it. What this means is you are more likely to see it, but you're less likely to correctly judge how far away they are, and how fast they are going because of the light. I've not heard much about it since though.
  2. Automatic Windscreen wipers?

    Personally, I'd disagree with this. (not about the ABS though) I know I have no authority on the subject, not being a mechanic, instructor or anything like that, but surely anything that distracts drivers from actually driving is a bad thing, therefore if you can automate things like headlights and wipers, then you keep the drivers attention on the road, and not searching for the switch and finding the right setting for the conditions. I'd also argue that anyone who thinks it's acceptable to use their phone, drive at unsafe speeds around corners or eat snack food items whilst behind the wheel, is going to do so anyway regardless of removing the resposibility of switching the lights or wipers on themselves. I might have a rose-tinted view of the world though. Maybe there are some people so daft as to think that 'automated wipers' also improves a cars grip in the wet or something. There was that guy in America who put the crusie control on in his winnebago/caravan thing, then went into the back to make a coffee. After the accident he sued the company because the manual didn't say he couldn't do that.
  3. Illuminated Gear Knob

    There's some pics in the Members Rides thread somewhere of the gearstick and sills both in the daytime and in the dark, all lit up. I'll be sure to post pics of mine if it ever exists!
  4. Ford privilege - an extra £1000 off!

    Thanks for the info. I'll call the dealer and see if they know anything, which is unlikely as they are generally useless , but one can hope!
  5. Ford privilege - an extra £1000 off!

    I'll have to speak to my dealer about this, as they haven't started the payment process yet, I might get the extra £500 off my Titanium! Something good might have come out of the wait! Any links to anywhere where this story is being reported (ideally something from Ford themselves)? I'd like to double check this if I may. Don't want to fall foul of any clauses that I'm unaware of!
  6. The US Fiesta site is now up

    What's with the Keyless Entry Keypad? I don't quite understand its purpose. Anyway, specced up the Fiesta I would want. Came to $19,272, which translates to £11,865. That's about £6k less than the list price of the Fiesta I've ordered, and about £3k less than what I'm paying. <_<
  7. MK7 Titanium Electric Windows

    I think this is a standard thing on Fords. My parents 2004 Focus does this. The one touch thing for drivers is probably so that you don't spend too long with one hand off the wheel. Passengers don't have to worry about that, so are given finer, more accurate control of the window. That works in theory up until the point where you don't have a passenger, and you want to open all the windows .
  8. My MOT was today...

    D&D Tyres in Nantwich, Cheshire. Local to me and recommended by my colleagues. They even gave the car a quick valet for free :) . To be fair, the brakes on my car are awful anyway. The first thing I have to get used to when I drive my parents Focus is the brakes.
  9. My MOT was today...

    I feel your pain. I had a MOT a coupe of months ago on my Peugeot 106, with the outcome very similar to yours (4 new tyres, front brake discs and pads, oil/fluid changes). It came to £426. Wasn't a good month. :( My experience with new brakes is very different though. They were useless for the first week or so. I had to apply them about twice as far away as I normally would. They certainly were never more fierce than the old ones...
  10. Esp switch not only in sport version...

    I'd like a translation too please :) . Looks fairly straightforward. Is it the Zetec S that has this as standard? I've never noticed it before in any pics...
  11. Mk7 Factory Poll

    Car hasn't been built, but I hear through the grapevine (my Dad works for Jaguar, and thus has Ford contacts) that it will be built in Valencia. It's a Titanium Petrol. I haven't voted in the poll, because I don't have 100% confirmation, due to the car not actually being built yet. I'll vote when I know for sure.
  12. Titanium vs Zetec S (driver ages)

    Titanium, 23
  13. More delays

    Never say never Mr. Owl! I fully expect Ford to drag their feet as much as possible with this. The most optimistic estimate I can make is only 1 week short of 5 months... As for Wongy, it probably entirely depends on what spec you want. Things like the Tech Pack and Interior Packs are far from standard stuff, so I guess that is what leads to long wait times. If you don't get anything fancy, you'll probably get it fairly sharpish.
  14. Finally - after months of waiting - a build date!!!

    Congratulations! I've just had a bit of a moan of my own in another topic, but you've been waiting even longer than I. Well done for sticking with it! Makes me think they may actually get around to building mine too!
  15. More delays

    Ford now estimate my car will be made 'January 2010'. Still no reason given. Assuming that they restart production on Monday the 4th, and my car is made on that day, and gets shipped to the dealer in around 2 weeks, that makes the 18th Jan the earliest I can hope to get my car. Since ordering that's a wait of 148 days, or 4 months and 26 days. I think my dealer is amazed at how calm I've been. What he doesn't know is I've been investigating all my options for cancelling my contract with them, and getting a different car altogether. I have a clause I can activate saying 'give me my car in 7 days or give me my money back', so I have options now, but I can't really find an alternative car I'm happy with. I'm not sure how I feel about this most recent delay. Not so much angry, just very very disappointed. It definitely makes it worth considering something else. I'm currently browsing used Fiestas, trying to find one with a spec like what I wanted. I have found a 1 year old car with 5500 miles which hasn't got ESP or the interior pack, but does have the X pack. The rest is the same. It's £2k less than what I'm paying for a new one. Does anyone know if ESP can be fitted afterwards?