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  1. Well I have finally got it working perfectly - following the changing of the HCV, and heating control panel, I went to replace the thermostat - and to my surprise there was not one there! Put a new one in and for some reason then only getting hot air through. Went on to change temp sensor and thermostat housing and it works like a dream. Thank you all for your tips!
  2. Well as an update I have taken the car apart again! Tested the voltage going to the HCV - on when dial on hot, off on cold, on and off with it is half way. The connected the HCV to it and could see the internal workings moving as they should when a current goes through. Flushed through heater core - no issues. Put back together. Kept coolant tank lid off and then left the car running until the fan kicked in with the heating on full. Hoses going into HCV red hot - those at the back luke warm. Took the hoses off to expel any air which took a few minutes. Long and short of it is there is still no heating. Hoses coming out at the back still cool to the touch. The only thing I can think of is an airlock, but I have tried everything, including massaging the pipes, revving the engine and gentle easing the hose off with the engine running... Any other ideas?.......
  3. A member on here has offered some kind advice in relation to making sure the hoses going into the Heater matrix are the right way round. From the engine there are two hoses one above the other. What side of the valve should the "top" hose be connected to? Google images cannot seem to help! The attached image shows the current state of play with the "top" hose connected to the right hand side connector
  4. I had not considered the heater core - I will have to do some research!
  5. I have had my '05 plate Streetka since June but only now have I had to turn the interior temperature up - and nothing! No heat, no matter where the dial is. I have tried a number of things (see below) and this has become a matter of pride! Here is what I have done, and other points to note: Changed Heater Control Value with two different units (2nd hand genuine Ford, and brand new Genuine Ford) Changed the heater control panel cleaning contacts Bled the system (coolant cap off, up to fan running temp with heating on full) Put a brand new cap on coolant expansion tank Both hoses coming out the front of the Heater Control Valve are hot to the touch There has NOT been a problem with the engine overheating What should I be looking at next? - I am dying to sort this problem out! Thanks in advance for your advice
  6. Streetka Rocker Gasket Replacement

    Thanks for your reply Saxosim. Yeah my bolts are pretty rusted too, so going to need to source some new bolts!
  7. Streetka Rocker Gasket Replacement

    Thanks for your reply Lee
  8. Brand new to the forum and brand new to owning a 2005 Ford Streetka! I have recently taken my car for a service at a dealership. One of the issues raised was that the rocker cover gasket was leaking. I understand that this is relatively easy to change at home. I am after some brief instructions as I am far from being a mechanic! Also I note the "bolts" that hold the rocker cover have badly rusted - where can I purchase replacements and what are they called, size etc.? I do have a torque wrench, so would be interested in how tight they need to be? Thank you all in advance for your help!