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  1. 12volt socket power.

    I have the same "problem". 12V power outlets (cigarette lighters as we used to call them) are permanently on. Needless to say handbook is silent other than do not leave equipment connected when engine not running. I can find nothing in the "systems" to change this. I have never had a car where these outlets did not switch off with the ignition off. This seems so basic when there are so called "eco" modes that switch the radio off after a set period. I fitted two dash cams and left them plugged in I mean how much power do they use, surely next to nothing I thought. Everything was fine when I was using the car almost every day. Then I did not use the car for about 5 days and found the battery absolutely dead flat. That's when my problems really started!!! Talk about turning an inconvenience into a crisis. When I first had the vehicle the first thing I did was get a full size spare wheel, I mean who wants to be on a long journey and get a flat in the night. Ford expect you to spend £45 to foam fill and then recommend not to drive far on foam filled tyre, so basically just to repair garage. So pay for foam and repair. Now following the flat battery I am having, as yet unresolved, immobiliser problems and engine will not start. I dream of my Triumph Spitfire days, basic and simple.