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  1. Have you got a picture of the front of your car?
  2. Hi does anyone know what wiring harness is required to connect the camera harness H1BT-17K400-BCA in the tailgate to the connector in the boot wing please? Thanks!
  3. Running on only 3 cylinders maybe? I’d check the spark plugs and HT leads if it was me..
  4. Hi, anyone have a guide or instructions on how to remove the APIM? Need access to fit the reverse camera wire. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know how to remove the decorative and cluster surround trim on the MK8? The reason is to get to the APIM module behind the screen. Many thanks.
  6. Does anyone know where the sync3 apim module is located in the Fiesta pls?
  7. Hi does anyone know how to remove the MK8 radio to be able to fit the reverse camera cable?
  8. Found the method to reset the battery monitoring system on the Fiesta MK8. 1. Turn on ignition (not engine) 2. Ensure headlights are set to on 3. flash the high beam five times 4. press the brake pedal 3 times 5. wait for the battery light to flash on the dash. 6. Turn off then restart. This has fixed auto stop/start that wasn’t working for three months on an 18 month old MK8 st-line. Working perfectly now. 👍
  9. Thanks, no it never stops now and has original battery. It only needs a relearn so hence the question whether it was user serviceable..
  10. Hi my 18 month old MK8 st-line has stopped automatically stop/start and the dash says it’s due to charging. there is a procedure that can reteach the battery monitoring system on prior models by pressing certain buttons in a certain order but this doesn’t work on the Mk8. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent procedure for the MK8 that owners can do, whether it’s a service procedure in Forscan or whether it’s a dealership warranty visit only? Thanks!
  11. Hi anyone know if you can use forscan to enable the honk on lock confirmation sound like the US cars? I know there’s a double honk if you lock whilst door or boot ajar, but it would be nice to have a honk on lock too.
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