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  1. It appears that the MK8 fiesta needs cabin temperature sensors and a different sun load sensor and possibly an intake damper position sensor (!). Anyone know part codes for these pls?
  2. It does seem to work well.. The only thing I’m not 100% about is whether an interior cabin temperature sensor is required or if all trims already have that sensor. Adjusting the temperature definitely changes the blower speed, the vents it comes out of and the air temperature but the weather’s a bit too cold to really determine if it’s sensing interior temp and adjusting these things from feedback. Does anyone know if the MK8 has an internal temp sensor and if so if it is present on all trim levels?
  3. I can confirm the centre console with armrest/cup holder leds and the auto climate control heater from an ST-Line X/Titanium are a direct and simple upgrade for the Standard ST-Line that comes with no armrest and manual heater as standard. Only 6 screws and fully plug-and-play.
  4. Looking at my as-built the most likely number to change is the B from an A, which result in one bit on (1010 to 1011). Considering the function’s on or off, that would be my guess. The other different number is the 8 from an as-built of 7, which inverts all four bits (from 0111 to 1000), which is effectively four switches changed which doesn’t seem as likely.
  5. Had a similar thing happen at work when a colleague squeezed themselves in to their car with their door pushed hard against mine leaving a little crease near the edge. So annoying! Considered getting one of these: but been stalling due to the price. Still, it’s cheaper than a chips away visit! ps, I’d only get one as I’d always try to park at the end of a row to halve the risk 😉
  6. Great thanks for sharing. I’ll have to get them ordered myself then! 👍
  7. Hi, so did you fit them and if so how’d it go?
  8. Cool let us know how it goes please! Any chance you could post the part numbers of both pls?
  9. I’d like to do this mod too, probably have to look at a Titanium to work out what hardware’s needed. I bet it needs Ambient lighting activating too though..
  10. I had a 2017 mk7.5 fiesta zetec which I liked but never really loved, always wanted the st-line. I now have the mk8 st-line and it’s night and day in my opinion. Feels MUCH more sporty, grounded, technologically advanced and i just love it. The Interior seems massively improved, don’t notice the plastics any worse, the square bottomed steering wheel, wildly better screens, vents, buttons, dials, seat covers, headlining etc etc, are much better. after chopping in the last car only, I’m only paying £27 per month more on 3 years options (on privilege though), but as the price was right the moons seemed to align. i think it depends if you want to maintain an ageing car that’s perfectly ok at the moment, or don’t mind spending some extra money for the upgraded model that really is better all round and a brand new warranty and it’s a good year since it came out so any initial problems should be gone. The only way is up! hope my opinion helps! 😀
  11. Don’t know about the fogs or grille but would like someone to make an upper grille/insert like the ‘RTR’ or ‘CDC’ led grille for the Mustang. (Google it!)
  12. In addition to what you have listed (and the 18’s are options on both), you get: auto wipers, eatc (auto climate control), part leather seats, centre armrest with lighting, auto full beam, traffic sign recognition, driver alert, LED rear lights, cruise control, auto dimming rear view mirror and power fold wing mirrors with puddle lights. quite a lot a lot of extras but you’re paying for the them alright.
  13. Well you can search this forum for previous comments on fitting, but the lights are a direct replacement. i know there’s a guy who will activate various mods using Forscan, or you can buy an ‘ELM327’ cable (£15?), off eBay and download from and do it yourself. I guess it’s a £50 job if you ask someone or the dealer to do it for you.