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  1. Ford Sync Updates

    If I put my VIN in the UK site is says I’m up to date. I updated manually last year to 5.9 from 5.4 when it was new last April. any idea how to get 5.11 from the UK site pls?
  2. Ford Sync Updates

    Hi, does anyone know what 5.11 actually gives you over previous versions?
  3. Fitting DAB into MK7.5

    Hi not sure I’d bother. I have the colour sat nav version with DAB and the reception is awful even though I’m a couple of miles from Crystal Palace. It’s constantly dropping out completely or swapping to the FM station. I need to go back to the dealer, but compared to my SMAX that has the rear window aerial, it’s awful.
  4. Arm rest MK7 facelift

    Don’t bother with after market armrests, get Titanium Centre console off eBay which is a direct and easy to fit replacement. Has the added benefit of glow in the dark cup holders if you have (or enable), ambient lighting. There’s one on there now for £60 delivered and there’s instructions on how to fit on this site.
  5. Cup holder panel

    If it’s the Centre console (is it the armrest type or the zetec one with no armrest?), then it’s relatively easy. You have to prise up the glossy black gearstick surround, unscrew a couple of screws under there and a couple by the seat belt clips then it lifts out easy. Little bit more to it than that but easy. Ive got a brand new non-armrest console I removed as soon as I got my 2017 Zetec and I put the armrest version in. You’re welcome to that for say a tenner plus postage (£10 I reckon). pm if you want it. 👍
  6. Mk7.5 Retrofit OEM park sensors - Can it be done?

    Hi, I think you need a ‘Park Pilot’ module like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Ford-Fiesta-Focus-C-max-Bosch-Parkpilot-PDC-Module-97bx-13k236-ab-0263004007/1751340712 Haven’t done it myself but would like to. Can I ask what sensors you installed pls?
  7. Sync 1.1 version

    Hi does anyone know if the latest version of Sync 1.1 is still v5.9?
  8. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    I like the idea of it but the styling's awful! It could easily be a Corsa or worse! Zetec and Titanium just look horrific and the stline has lost the macho look of the previous. That said, the mechanics and interior look great. It HAS to look appealing though and to me it just doesn't..
  9. Dab reception

    Thanks for the replys. The fiesta aerial is on the roof as far as I know. The smax is in the rear glass. All stations are bad, even the supposedly strong signal ones like Kiss, LBC etc. I will approach the dealer but I think it's just a crap aerial personally. Sync is v5.9 and made no difference when upgraded from 5.2 or whatever it had from the factory too.
  10. Dab reception

    Hi my 2017 Fiesta's DAB is very poor even though I live within a few miles of Crystal Palace. My smax has perfect DAB reception though. Anyone know why the Fiesta is so poor and what an be done about it? Don't want to use FM. DAB should and does work in my area.
  11. Fiesta dash ambient light strip

    Ah great thanks, I'll pop down and have a word then. Thanks again!
  12. Fiesta dash ambient light strip

    You're telling me, hence I got hold of the strip off ebay for £17. Sadly no led.. I could make one though..
  13. Fiesta dash ambient light strip

    Yes that's it. I have the strip and found the plug behind the glovebox, but no led/light bulb for it.. the strip is like this (but not sure if the 'kit' includes more than just the strip): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272379228941
  14. Hi I've got the ambient light strip for the dash but there's no bulb or plug. Got the plug in the holder above the glove box but where's the bulb? Is it an additional part or is it hiding somewhere? Ambient lights enabled and the cup holders lights work fine (retro fitted titanium centre console). Thanks for any help!