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  1. Oh nasty, sorry to hear that. Did you check to see if your car was recalled? My Smax 1.6 ecoboost was recalled for exactly the same reason and I received a letter from Ford. Had it done pronto foc.
  2. Well finally this week my personal struggle with knocking was finally resolved. After a year of persistence with the dealership and the sublime involvement of the Ford Relationship Centre, the problem was found to be a defective lower engine mount! It was replaced under warranty and the car runs up and down road bumps just like it should for a 2021 MY Fiesta: quietly and without and drama. I can’t actually believe it but FRC were fantastic and ultimately managed the issue to a successful conclusion for me and they even offered a monetary goodwill gesture off their own backs, which is very commendable too. Trust Ford Epsom have bought themselves one last chance with me too after actually solving the problem..
  3. Here’s something interesting to add, unbeknownst to me, the aircon drain hose has been leaking in the driver’s footwell again and has soaked the driver carpet/sound-deadening and flowed back in to the under seat cubby hole/rear passenger foot well and is really soaked. If the fuel pump control module is under there it’s gonna be swimming..
  4. Thanks all, useful info. @JW1982 the car is a 2013 Smax 1.6 ecoboost. Do you know where the fuel pump control module is in that at all?
  5. Ok high pressure fuel pump and low pressure sensor changed, no difference. Still throwing P0087 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too Low (Bank 1), but also P053F - Cold Start Fuel Pressure Performance Bank 1 aswell. Also misfiring in cylinders 2 and 3 (logged as DTCs), but idle’s steady. Definitely unburnt fuel coming out the exhaust as smoke puffs, strong smell of petrol. I initially thought this was limp mode, as the misfire cleared before it became permanent last weekend. Other observations are that the fuel priming when turning ignition on is pulsing 4/5 times rather than a single long prime, accompanied with clicking from the passenger fuse board like a relay. Also when changing the hp fuel pump I noticed the camshaft sensor plug was wet with oil in the connector contacts. I didn’t have a spare so cleaned as much as I could and refitted. No camshaft sensor DTCs.. The fuel rail pressure is around 2400 kPa. So what next?? I’m thinking new high pressure fuel rail sensor and new camshaft position sensor maybe? Amy ideas/experience please?
  6. Thanks Unofix. That was my first thought along with the low pressure sensor. Got it towed home after it starting running rough, it’s going nowhere for a bit now. Cheers, I’ll update if things progress.
  7. Hi all, Has anyone experienced problems with the Ecoboosts with codes P2636 initially with Engine light on, then limp mode which clears then eventually remains and throwing P0087 code too? I’m think low pressure fuel sensor or high pressure fuel pump, or maybe the hp sensor/lp tank pump.. Any experience like this at all please?
  8. I have low mileage (4000), great condition 18” st-line x (MY2021), original alloys with tyres I’d like to swap with a set of 17” ST 2 alloys of similar age and condition. Anyone fancy it?
  9. Just go in and part-ex with Ford. They’ll let you do it early. Ford’s trade in price is roughly what wbac will offer you so they should give you £18k, pay of the outstanding £9k and you’ve £9 equity towards the new one. Simples! Make sure you press them for discounts on top too to sweeten the deal even more!
  10. I personally feel all non-SUV vehicles will be chopped and replaced by electric variants of existing models (Puma/Kuga), and new models. The Fiesta’s crown’s slipped already, giving way to the Puma (most of who’a buyers probably came from Fiesta), and that trend will continue hence the forcing of it soon. It’s a shame the world’s gone mad though as electric would be nice if it remains affordable but I doubt that will happen now so we do need to see an alternative to grid supplied electricity or something else like hydrogen. Sadly the demise of fossil fuels isn’t designed to make you rich, it’s to help with the climate problem. I fear many people will be priced off the road soon with rising costs from every angle and the extra bulk of the SUV isn’t going to help in anyway..
  11. Do you know what part number was used for the rears pls?
  12. This is a useful explanation too (if you can excuse the smart car pics!): http://www.evilution.co.uk/mod/venturi-effect.htm
  13. Yes mine is 21 and the rear bumper has no inner return edge therefore the mud flaps cannot attach. There’s no alternative part apparently.
  14. Thanks Mavroz, yes Ford MC or Ford Finance were on the list so I’ll see what they say. Interestingly this morning, it tipped down last night and the noise was significantly reduced probably down to the car being wet and dampening the sound. It wasn’t driven in the rain so only the bodywork or drainage channels must have got wet as it stood there. Does make me think it’s panels, front light, side skirt or mirror perhaps.. hmmm…
  15. Evening all. So after 5 (!) attempts by Trust Ford in Epsom to resolve the noise, it’s still there. The frustrating thing is that a test drive with a Master Tech (!?), and the salesman with me pointing out the noise and then both agreeing it’s a problem still hasn’t stopped them giving a verdict of no fault found. Within minutes of having the car back it’s making the noise over sharp bumps and dips (but not over man holes and uneven surface!). Has anyone had any more success or ideas about this problem that Ford just don’t seem to even acknowledge let alone have the skills to be able to fix? The car is a 21 plate on a 38 month finance agreement (Options), which started in June. Problem was notified to the dealership within the 1st week of ownership. Another dealer has also failed to diagnose the problem. The car (like all my 10 or so new Fords over the last 20 or so years), was purchased on the Ford Privilege scheme. What would be your next move if you were me?
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