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  1. What to look for

    Yes that sounds like it's possibly on the brink of many corrosion issues. As JJ said though plenty of other around so I would look around first before jumping in. At least you have driven one and know what to expect. Good luck keep up posted
  2. Thanks JJ I shall give that a try I was wondering how the door cards come off. I have got some plastic trim removal tools so hopefully I can get it off the door with no damage.
  3. Hi All I have a set of brand new 165mm JVC speakers sat doing nothing that I would like to fit into my wife's Streetka to replace the current stock door speakers. Can anyone tell me which adapter ring brackets I would need to fit them as I am looking at mk1 ford ka adapters as I assume they are the same speakers in a streetka and a ka but there seems to be some variation in brackets available. I am pretty sure the standard streetka speakers are 5x7's. Are the interior door panels the pop off type too on a streetka? Any help from anyone who has done this job or better still a link to the correct adapters would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. What to look for

    Great fun cars to drive and cheap to buy but lots of niggles as I have found in the few months of getting my wife one. Saying that they are still great and it may be worth getting a garage to check it over too before you go ahead if you really like it. Few thing's to look for: - Damage to rear pvc window. If cracked they are about £70 supplied to fit yourself or about £120 fitted. - check under the seats and around footwells etc for any signs of leaks or damp carpet's. Lots of causes. Ours doesnt have this problem but I know others do from leaking roofs and heater issues etc. - check the aircon. The condensers are prone to failing. All 3 I looked at had this problem. - check the heater works I.e hot and cold air. A common issue is the HCV (heater control valve) gets stuck one way or the other. - check the coolant level and if possible any signs of leaks on the thermostat housing located under the air filter box as these are prone to leak with age as a Plastic part. Easy did job though but about £120 for the ford part or £30 aftermarket. Just done this to ours. - check the oil filler cap and for any sign of head gasket problem. - check the sills and underneath for rot and rust issues and recommend getting it undersealed. Generally rust is what kills off the kas and streetkas. - clunking from the suspension. Check incase any springs are broken. Again one I looked at had this issue. - wandering around the road when driving. Possible wishbone or bushing issues. They are great little cars and I love ours. Great fun to drive and like a rollerskate. The bonus is parts are plentiful and pretty cheap so nothing costs the earth on them. Best advice if set on one is to try a few.
  5. Replacement Wheel Arch Lining?!

    You should be able to easily pick up a used one from a breakers. Have a look on ebay as there are a fair few streetka breakers on there. You should be able to source one reasonably priced. Best to replace it too rather than just remove it as the inner arch protects so many parts that would otherwise be exposed in the engine bay and you don't want water spray and all the dirt and crap off the road getting in there.
  6. A few niggles

    That's a shame as these are great little cars and so fun to drive. Hope you get the Brabus sorted and manage to sell this on okay. I would fix the clutch for the sake of £60 as you will get that back and more in the sale surely. I had the replace the thermostat housing on my wifes this week as it was losing coolant and getting hot quickly. The previous owner must have tried to seal the knackered gasket seal with silicon 😕. Not good. I replaced the entire unit which was very easy and it's now spot on and drives so much better. Wondered what the slight smell was for a few weeks. It's was hot coolant I could smell lol. Just fitted a K&N replacement panel filter too. Only made £19.50 difference to insurance so not bad really.
  7. A few niggles

    Sounds like a good deal for somebody. What would a clutch fitted cost for you to keep it?
  8. Plasma gauges

    My god that's crazy just to get to speaker's. You think they would design these things like speaker and bulb access etc to be a little simpler. I am dreading replacing a headlight bulb in my wife's streetka now I have decided not to upgrade the headlights as I can't find the clear ones anywhere.
  9. Plasma gauges

    Thanks for the info. Wow that sounds like it is a heck of a job 😕. I am seeing a pattern that nothing seems to be easy on these cars. Even changing a headlight bulb appears to be quite a job
  10. Plasma gauges

    Ah okay what's involved removing the pod? Its not a dash out job is it?
  11. Hardtop

    Hi Lee As others have said the brackets don't come prefitted unless your car is the winter edition or had the winter top previously added by an owner. I have also just sourced a hardtop for my wife's streetka ready for winter but need to get it sprayed black to match. I had to really twist the owners arm to remove and include them with the roof sale but paid her £50 extra for them. They are crazy money new like £150 each so try and get them used if you can. Find a winter edition being broken or better still whoever you buy the hard top from get their brackets too. Here is a photo of the brackets in situ so you know what they look like. Thanks
  12. Parked outside home

    Looks great. Love the black wheels
  13. Plasma gauges

    Thanks Lee they look pretty good from the photos. Let us know if you go for them and how you get one fitting them etc?
  14. Plasma gauges

    What are plasma gauges haven't seen those? White dials would be pretty cool too
  15. Yes tempted to source a used headlight cheap to see what I can do or not as the case may be