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  1. I've downloaded Forscan and it needs an activation code to continue which I don't have and can't see how to get. The site is confusing and seems to give instructions for the extended version only.
  2. Likewise here. It's the simplest and most effective way to immobilise the car. As you say, you have to remember to switch it back on!
  3. As well as a visible deterrent like a steering lock, you need a hidden one. I have fitted a hidden switch in the 12V supply to the petrol pump which means that, should the lowlife start the car, it will run for about 10 seconds and then cut out.
  4. Is it worth switching to the worst customer service in the industry?
  5. Treat it to a dyno session to see exactly what it is doing.
  6. PS is metric horse power and for all intents and purposes, PS and brake horse power are the same ie 85PS = 83.8bhp. The higher the figure, the faster you go.
  7. Posters on here who misuse the words there, their and they're.
  8. It reverts to normal and loses the switching facility. I haven't actually tried this yet; just canvassing opinions.
  9. A fuel cut-off switch is a good investment. Your friendly auto tech will fit one for about £50. While rummaging in the scrap box the other day, I found a piggy-back fuse and thought it might do the trick, fitted in the fuel pump fuse in the passenger well. The 20A fuse is fitted in the piggy line and the return from the switch soldered to one pin of a fuse which has been made open-circuit. Seems too simple?
  10. Tim, Likewise but I over-sprayed the dealer's name in black.
  11. Thanks, Lenny. I wouldn't consider lowering 60mm even though the kit goes that far. As you say, 35mm seems about right.
  12. Further to my Nov 6 post I am looking at the Eibach Pro Street coilover kit, adjustable between 10mm and 60mm and claiming not to alter the OEM ride quality. Since lowering requires the geometry to be reset, would this be needed every time the height is adjusted and do coilovers solve the hard ride caused by changing only the springs?
  13. I am considering lowering springs but have read somewhere that the restricted movement of the shocks would cause the car to bounce over minor imperfections in the road resulting in an uncomfortable ride. Can anyone confirm or otherwise?