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  1. Freddy42


    I was on about £10 a week at the time.
  2. Freddy42


    Totally irrelevant, but when I started motoring sometime last century, £1 would buy 4 gallons (18 litres) of BP and 4 shots of Redex.
  3. Freddy42


    You need a plastic filler funnel available on Ebay or from Ford dealer.
  4. Freddy42

    Speeding & Dashcams.

    You wouldn't get a ticket as the mobile would presumably record the same as your satnav. I suspect challenging a mobile recording would be difficult.
  5. Freddy42

    Poor MPG?

    That's the one, then; Transmission Control Module 15Amp. Cheers.
  6. Freddy42

    Poor MPG?

    Which fuse is it, Dave? I can't find any reference to this in my handbook.
  7. Freddy42

    Poor MPG?

    This ST returns 33mpg locally and 41 on the motorway. 'Locally' includes some short journeys like yours.
  8. Freddy42

    Paint on alloy wheel

    Thanks, Pete; WD40 got rid of virtually all of it.
  9. Freddy42

    Paint on alloy wheel

    Managed to spill some paint from a tyre marker on a lacquered alloy wheel As you do. It looks like a small finger mark; very annoying. On another surface, cellulose thinner would do the job but here it would probably melt the lacquer as well as the paint. Advice appreciated.
  10. Freddy42

    Really sharp brakes

    Recently replaced discs and pads and the brakes start to work as soon as the pedal is touched, although they are progressive; no windscreen head butts. By contrast, when driving Senior Management's Fiesta, the pedal is half way down before anything happens; a bit disconcerting at first.
  11. Freddy42

    Things I Don't Like

    Some of us will remember the long hot summer of 1976. It was dry for so long that the government appointed a Minister of Drought. The following day it rained and continued for weeks!
  12. Freddy42

    Mk3 reverse camera

    Stewart, in your first post you mentioned retro-fitting satnav. What is involved exactly?
  13. Freddy42

    Diamond brite

    Maybe "pretty cheap" is a clue.
  14. Freddy42

    Lucky escape with engine?

    Would any of the petrol additives cure that?
  15. Freddy42

    Lucky escape with engine?

    Wilco, you describe the 1 and 1.6 ecoboosts as hotheads. Since you do not mention the 2 litre ecoboost, is that exempt from your description. Apologies for straying slightly off-topic.