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  1. Motor Modz (gel badges)

    Used them twice with no probs and delivery about a week. Have you contacted them about delivery time?
  2. Keyless security

    My wife's 16 reg Fiesta, previously owned by a Ford employee, has conventional key starting. I wonder, then, if this can be retro-fitted.
  3. That seems to be correct. The handbook for this vehicle states; If the passive key battery is flat, insert the key into the key holder and press the power button. The key blade is not mentioned.
  4. Road to cabin noise

    Splashed out (big splash) on a set of Vredestein Quatrac 5 which have reduced the noise slightly and the car feels more firmly in contact with the road. Interesting feature - they have a ridge that protrudes slightly wider than the wheel rim to protect it. Took the opportunity to have the steering geometry set up on the latest all-bells-and-whistles equipment; the machine prints out a sort of block graph with the readings - red for adjustment required and green for OK. After that lot, no more champagne breakfasts for a month or two!
  5. This is a useful accessory. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vehicle-Car-12v-24v-Battery-Voltage-Meter-Monitor-Tester-Checker/253485142763?epid=1639161362&hash=item3b04e452eb:g:mfQAAOSwz~paTJdT
  6. Road to cabin noise

    Thanks for your comments. Although there is a fair amount of tread left, I shall be changing them come the spring, whenever that is!
  7. Road to cabin noise

    I inherited this ST with a Chinese Landsail tyre on each corner and the road noise is quite high. It seems to be a given that the Focus transmits road noise to the cabin. If you have an ST and have found quiet tyres, I would be interested to know which brand. The snag with the quoted db levels is that they are measured externally and probably give varying results for different cars.
  8. Wheel drum

    8mm bolts will do the trick.
  9. Removing dashcam

    Glad we could be of assistance. That's the great thing about this forum; help and advice is freely given.
  10. Coolant reservoir cap stuck

    Just had this irritating problem - tried the two screwdriver method and it didn't work at first. Sprayed with silicone lubricant, waited 10 minutes, and out it came. No cracking so far.
  11. Uneven Brake Disc Wear

    It's generally agreed that pads and discs should be changed at the same time.
  12. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    It's a 15 minute job using a 10mm spanner or socket.
  13. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    Have them on the ST. A doddle to fit and excellent for the price.
  14. What's this?

    The strip will be about 60cm above ground and at right angles, so should be OK. That's a surprise - picking up the road!
  15. What's this?

    Thanks RAF. So somewhere in there will be a +12V when in reverse. The handbook shows fuse 29 in the boot to be blind spot monitor, lane keeping & active city stop & rear view camera - looks promising. Test meter job.