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  1. Freddy42

    MOT Failure - Estimae Costs

    An hourly charge of £46+vat is very reasonable these days.
  2. Freddy42


    I was on about £10 a week at the time.
  3. Freddy42


    Totally irrelevant, but when I started motoring sometime last century, £1 would buy 4 gallons (18 litres) of BP and 4 shots of Redex.
  4. Freddy42


    You need a plastic filler funnel available on Ebay or from Ford dealer.
  5. Freddy42

    Speeding & Dashcams.

    You wouldn't get a ticket as the mobile would presumably record the same as your satnav. I suspect challenging a mobile recording would be difficult.
  6. Freddy42

    Bonnet lock

    Disaster! After removing and replacing the bonnet lock on the other car, 2010 Focus 1.6TDCi, the bonnet is now closed but the key will not open it, something is not engaging as the key turns with no resistance. Advice welcome; preferably not referring to a 14lb hammer! Thanks.
  7. Freddy42

    Poor MPG?

    That's the one, then; Transmission Control Module 15Amp. Cheers.
  8. Freddy42

    Poor MPG?

    Which fuse is it, Dave? I can't find any reference to this in my handbook.
  9. Freddy42

    Poor MPG?

    This ST returns 33mpg locally and 41 on the motorway. 'Locally' includes some short journeys like yours.
  10. Freddy42

    Paint on alloy wheel

    Managed to spill some paint from a tyre marker on a lacquered alloy wheel As you do. It looks like a small finger mark; very annoying. On another surface, cellulose thinner would do the job but here it would probably melt the lacquer as well as the paint. Advice appreciated.
  11. Freddy42

    Paint on alloy wheel

    Thanks, Pete; WD40 got rid of virtually all of it.
  12. Freddy42

    Really sharp brakes

    Recently replaced discs and pads and the brakes start to work as soon as the pedal is touched, although they are progressive; no windscreen head butts. By contrast, when driving Senior Management's Fiesta, the pedal is half way down before anything happens; a bit disconcerting at first.
  13. Freddy42

    Things I Don't Like

    Some of us will remember the long hot summer of 1976. It was dry for so long that the government appointed a Minister of Drought. The following day it rained and continued for weeks!
  14. Freddy42

    Mk3 reverse camera

    Stewart, in your first post you mentioned retro-fitting satnav. What is involved exactly?
  15. Freddy42

    Diamond brite

    Maybe "pretty cheap" is a clue.
  16. Freddy42

    Lucky escape with engine?

    Would any of the petrol additives cure that?
  17. Freddy42

    Lucky escape with engine?

    Wilco, you describe the 1 and 1.6 ecoboosts as hotheads. Since you do not mention the 2 litre ecoboost, is that exempt from your description. Apologies for straying slightly off-topic.
  18. Freddy42

    Motor Modz (gel badges)

    Used them twice with no probs and delivery about a week. Have you contacted them about delivery time?
  19. Freddy42

    Keyless security

    My wife's 16 reg Fiesta, previously owned by a Ford employee, has conventional key starting. I wonder, then, if this can be retro-fitted.
  20. That seems to be correct. The handbook for this vehicle states; If the passive key battery is flat, insert the key into the key holder and press the power button. The key blade is not mentioned.
  21. Freddy42

    Road to cabin noise

    Splashed out (big splash) on a set of Vredestein Quatrac 5 which have reduced the noise slightly and the car feels more firmly in contact with the road. Interesting feature - they have a ridge that protrudes slightly wider than the wheel rim to protect it. Took the opportunity to have the steering geometry set up on the latest all-bells-and-whistles equipment; the machine prints out a sort of block graph with the readings - red for adjustment required and green for OK. After that lot, no more champagne breakfasts for a month or two!
  22. Freddy42

    Road to cabin noise

    I inherited this ST with a Chinese Landsail tyre on each corner and the road noise is quite high. It seems to be a given that the Focus transmits road noise to the cabin. If you have an ST and have found quiet tyres, I would be interested to know which brand. The snag with the quoted db levels is that they are measured externally and probably give varying results for different cars.
  23. This is a useful accessory.
  24. Freddy42

    Road to cabin noise

    Thanks for your comments. Although there is a fair amount of tread left, I shall be changing them come the spring, whenever that is!
  25. Freddy42

    Removing dashcam

    The Focus was fitted with a Silent Witness SW010 dash cam by the dealer I purchased from. It is about to move on to pastures new and I would like to remove the cam. Starting at the windscreen mount, the cable is released as far as the bottom of the A-pillar from where it disappears to places unknown. The base of the A-pillar is reluctant to part company with the car and I don't want to force it at this stage in the proceedings. Sticking head into passenger footwell and viewing fuse layout gives no clues. Any ideas where to look for the power source would be gratefully received. Thanks