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  1. Ive had a similar experience and especially during lockdown. What I have noticed is that at the same time the parking sensors are also very tinny sounding and their sounds appear to come from within the dash and not car speakers in front/back of car. Ive put it down to me starting the car and moving off quickly (when Ive been in a hurry) and sync3 hasn't fully loaded. I also got this a lot during lockdown as the car was little used and battery was running down plus each time I got in the car sync3 displayed system off to save battery message. Car started fine each time but parking sensors were tinny and speed chime was loud for that journey. After locking car and leaving for about 15mins or so all returned to normal as sync3 had powered modules down “cleanly” and restarted them. Now lockdown has eased and car is being used more the issue has not appeared again. I too cannot find a way to increase chime volume. As an aside Stop/start now works intermittently as guess lockdown has had an impact on battery life but I always turned it off anyway as it was a pain in the built up area I live in.
  2. Hi, had to replace same on my 2016 Titanium drivers door last week. Went to Fords and quoted part no 5349056 but they could find it so they looked it up by my registration number and said part number had been updated. This is a photo of the bag the part came in so hopefully you can get the details you need. Cost me about £23
  3. Thanks Sonic72 for the info. I downloaded the files from the forum and now have updated F7 maps. Stick-1 took about 40mins as expected and stick-2 only about 4 mins. I compared stick-2 files and those I downloaded from Ford server and they were identical so all now seems to be working ok. Its a shame FORD cant get the download system working as designed so its customers don't have to struggle to update their vehicles. Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens at the next update if they release one or will they just release another version of sync which we can't install.
  4. Any suggestions? I’m running latest sync3 version 3.0 build 18025 (updated by Fords as failed several times when I installed files downloaded from ford website) plus on Saturday I updated maps from ford website with the 7.3gb download. Connected car to home wifi and ran check for updates and no further updates found but this confirmed to ford servers the software version installed. Website now says my sync and map versions are up-to date. Trouble is my maps are still showing as EU 4 14. Does anyone else have or had this problem following the official ford update process?
  5. Car was in Ford service on 3/8 for “no key detected” fault and they checked fobs etc and all passed. Bizarre thing is the key fob still works when you press button but keyless touch on door handles is dead. Once that happens the “no key detected” message comes up on the dash and you cannot start car as everything is locked ie steering lock, auto gearbox and brakes. Its been in Ford service again since friday but they cant find anything wrong. Even putting the key on the recovery slot in the armrest fails to detect the key. Car is undergoing more tests today and due back to me tomorrow if nothing found. Dashcam wiring has been disconnected to eliminate it and I can only hope pulling the looms apart to inspect may have fixed it. Thanks for your update.
  6. Hi Trent Edge. Just wondered if you had any issues since your last update. The reason I ask is I followed your brilliant install document and like you installed Thinkware 800pro which has worked great since beginning of May. However since mid July I have had 3 instances of No Key Detected and the car not starting luckily the last time in Fords Service dept car park and they could not get the car started but bizarrely the fault cleared itself overnight. Its probably totally not related but Ford service and technical support cant find an issue with the car and there are no fault codes. The wiring looms have been checked by Fords and no issues found. The dashcam wiring has now been disconnected to see if issue appears again but I’m told there are keyless detector senses in the roof at the back and perhaps the dashcam is affecting them. Another thought is It may also be a heat related issue but at the moment the car is passing all tests.
  7. Since I changed mine to right hand traffic I’ve been flashed less by oncoming traffic so presumably its better for them with the lower beam pattern. It doesnt seem to have made any noticeable difference when on full beam with no oncoming traffic and no streetlights as still get a good spread of light to see where I’m going.
  8. Been flashed again tonight by oncoming traffic so checked the traffic setup setting of my adaptive LED headlights. Mine has been set by the dealer at delivery to left hand traffic. I changed it to right hand traffic and noticed the lights dip more to the left (nearside) and dip downwards slightly. This suggests it seems to be better for oncoming traffic and I wonder if its been set wrong from delivery. Trouble is there where I live is all street lights so very difficult to test light pattern when on main beam. Now I’m wondering if “Left hand traffic” means driving on the left or oncoming traffic on the left (eg driving on the right).. Can those with adaptive lights check and post thier headlight setting to try and clarify this please as manual is not clear
  9. Like Edge of Reason I was thinking of getting a dashcams to cover both front and rear. I’ve heard Blackvue dashcams are recommended. Anyone had any experiences with them or any other recomendations. Not had a dashcam before so any hints or tips would be most welcome
  10. Hi Laskababy. Have a look at the post on 14th January on same topic. Not a perfect solution but maybe a good workaround. Powder coated wheels are great until you scratch them then they become a nightmare to get a perfect match
  11. Hi not sure if this helps.. My son has a Fiesta ST3 with dark alloys (the actual Ford colour is Rado Grey). If you can compare wheel colour of yours against Fiesta ST hopefully they will be similar so you can at least disguise the damage. My local automotive paint supplier found that Honda NH586M GREY MET PRO BASE was a good match to disguise damage. You wont get a perfect match due to the multistage manufacturing process and powder baking Unfortunately like you I’ve scratch damaged an alloy on my tItanium edge but cant get a match. I’ve even tried paint shops and Ford dealers when I have been in USA & Canada and they all same the same that it can only be matched by a complete wheel refurb so if anyone out there got a solution I would love to know it
  12. Mine was built Sept 16 and has same details as Jim. Also tried wifi update several times but it just looks like its constantly searching to no avail
  13. I too also used to use a very reliable family run Ford business but as a sign of the times they are no longer a Ford dealership so I have to deal with the ‘big boy’ dealerships. I just phoned my local dealer about the convenience check and was offered an interim service for £60+. When questioned about the convenience check they took my details, looked into it and then called me back and said it was an offer by “Trust Ford” and they could only offer £60+ interim service. Anybody else experiencing problems booking convenience check as I thought offer was available at any Ford service dept as its detailed on
  14. Thanks for posting photo Neil. Yes mine looks different (apart from colours as taken during the day). I don't have heated steering wheel so it may be as Simon notes that its a software thing of all or nothing and yes its a cr4p way of Ford doing it. Has anyone with sync3 and heated/cooled seats but NO heated steering wheel got seat controls appearing on their screen?? Photo of my screen
  15. Neil, any chance you can post a photo of the sync3 screen showing heated seats. I have sync 3 and seats dont show on mine