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  1. ST-Line Mudflaps

    dude, that looks fantastic. i think ill pick up a set of those. i was looking at the polyurethane rallyflapZ and was gonna pick up a set of those, but the lads couldn't guarantee that they would fit the st-line. i assume the UR's are polyurethane too? any modifications needed to get them to fit with the brackets?
  2. ST-Line Mudflaps

    So got my beautiful Deep Impact Blue Focus ST-Line, and I wanted to put a set of mudflats on it. I have been looking online and can't figure out what type will fit my body kit. On the Ford site the flaps that are there for the Focus MK3 are all listed with "except ST-Line" so I am wondering if a set of the ST or RS might fit? But it is not a situation where I am going to be able to spend the money and take a hit when I find out that they are wrong. Can anyone clarify this for me?
  3. ST-Line arriving in 2 weeks

    will do! hopefully picking it up this weekend!!
  4. Factory Build ST Line

    ah ok. from the way he said it to me, I was under the impression that they were due for delivery to the country and it was first come first served. he had said otherwise, if one wasn't in transit already, I would have to wait for the next shipment of cars
  5. Factory Build ST Line

    thats crazy, I specced mine from the brochure and the dealer was able to log into the ordering system and see what cars were due for delivery. In their system he showed me that of each factory spec, a number would be delivered to the country and we could reserve one of those. I would assume if we can do that here (ireland) it would be the same everywhere else. ordered mine last week and will have it the first week in July.
  6. had a focus MK2 since 07 and boy did I love every minute of it. The time has come to trade up for a newer model, so stated in against a brand new ST-Line and will be getting behind the wheel in the first week in July. Cannot wait!