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  1. Hi Paul, not sure this is in the correct place in all honesty it may be moved by a mod. But I'd say check battery is holding charge, check fuse box for any water ingress and lastly take your spark plugs out one by one and look for signs of water. Hope this helps.
  2. No worries Matt drop us a message if you need to bounce any ideas around.
  3. erm it depends Matt I think, I've not changed a kit myself but if you locate the whole kit from a scrap yard might get a good deal? you would need to change the headunit and the module as stated though. It's the module that provides the functionality
  4. Got a photo of your Engine bay Jordan ?
  5. Luke, you're correct the head unit does not add the functionality you're looking for Matt. You have to replace the box module too. Hope this helps
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