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  1. Ford Rear View Reverse Parking

    Hi there Its definate a original unit from ford, i will take a look at the manuels and get the model unit :-)
  2. Ford Rear View Reverse Parking

    it has a a radio and also has satnav in the same unit and its a large screen
  3. Ford Rear View Reverse Parking

    Its the titanium X model if that helps sorry im new to this :-)
  4. Hi Guys I have a 2008 Smax titanium which has built in Satnav so i was thinking if it was possible to get a rear view reversing camera fitted Has anyone done this before? Their is a add on ebay- Pls see link below http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Rear-View-Reverse-Parking-Camera-Night-Vision-Waterproof-For-Focus-SMAX-/141105475086?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item20da8aae0e Is this a easy or hard install?
  5. What Wheel?

    Hi Everyone Thanks for all your input much appreciated Regarding the car jack to lift the car when changing the wheel... Just a thought not even sure if they also come with one, Will a C Max jack work and do the job? What jack would you reccomend and where would you store it in the car?
  6. What Wheel?

    Thank you kindly for your reply I have come across this wheel below Renault Laguna (5x108) 17" Alloy Wheel & Tyre (225 45 17) Anyone know for sure if it will fit the Smax?
  7. What Wheel?

    Hi there I am a new owner to a Ford Smax Titanium which has the standard 18" alloys wheels Love the car and everything is fine so far but the only problem that comes to mind is that these cars dont have a spare wheel Can anyone suggest what smax owners use for a spare wheel, besides the foem canister which is in the car as i much preffer having a spare wheel in the car for piece of mind what spare wheel will fit?, Space saver? what other models wheels will fit? Maybee other make and models I looking for a cheep solution Thanks for your help R4VSE
  8. Hi Guys I new to this site but have been lurking in the back ground for a while now I would appreciate any advise please i have a Ford Focus 5dr 54 reg 1.8 Diesel and the probelm that i am having is when i lock my car with the key fob all the doors lock beside the rear door and the stranger thing is that even when i try to manual lock the door from the inside the lock that you push in doesnt move, its solid i cant even move or push the lock in so at least the door locks but it does not work. Does anyone know what the problem is with my car?