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  1. Hi all Over the weekend, I cleaned out my EGR and inlet manifold on my '54 CDTi. That went generally OK, but I was a bit stupid and forceful with the bolts that secure the EGR to the inlet manifold, and stripped the heads. Ended up having to hammer and chisel them round, which was not fun or easy on the back one! While they are still relatively loose, I'd like to change them so I don't have issues later on - does anyone know what these bolts are, or better still, be able to provide a link to them? I've had a look on everyone's favourite auction site and found some that LOOK right, but wanted to check with people more knowledgeable than myself first. Thanks!
  2. Hi I strongly suspect that my clutch is on the way out in my '54 TDCi. Idles fine, but very poor acceleration despite revs going up, and around 50mph in 5th the car jerks and hesitates, as if I was taking my foot on and off the accelerator. It really struggles to get past 50mph, even in 4th, though the revs keep going up. Feels to me like the clutch is slipping. I'm waiting on my diagnosis mate to come round and confirm, but if anyone can think of anything else it could be, please let me know! Anyway, if it is the clutch, I would like to do it myself because I can't afford garage labour on top of parts, particularly as I should probably change the DMF while I'm in there. I might as well have a go because otherwise I'm going to have to get rid and buy another car on tick. Speaking bluntly, how bad a job is it? I'm confident with tools, car parts etc., but what concerns me is that I don't have an engine support, impact wrench for stubborn bolts or torque wrench, and buying these things would clearly defeat the point of trying to do it myself. I will try to borrow things, but are there cheaper ways around these issues if I can't get hold of the proper gear? Time isn't really an issue, because luckily I'm off work next week anyway, so I can go steadily. But I don't want to have to be paying out for loads of new tools and things. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Hi The thread title says it all really, but for clarity: My '54 plate TDCi has taken one too many knocks due to careless and dishonest people driving down my very narrow street (and one highly unfortunate incident with a very tight gate, for which I am entirely to blame) and I'm giving up on the rear nearside door as it has taken the brunt of the damage. I've found one that is the exact colour, in good condition, for very cheap - happy days! My only concern is that it is '03 (so I believe pre facelift, though I think the facelift was around this time?) and mine is definitely post facelift. I'm sure it will be fine, but just wondered if anyone was able to confirm before I drive out to get it. I do have a sneaking suspicion that the rear quarter window is different, but I would be delighted to be corrected! Many thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. That's some good news - it's the 2.0. Glad I won't have to mess around pumping air out, just need to find a big syringe. The job has been pushed back to next weekend, though, through a combination of cold weather and pure laziness. Thanks for the replies!
  5. Just in case anyone likes to see closure on these sorts of things, this hasn't happened since mid-November. I'm now convinced it's seasonal affective disorder. If cars can get that.
  6. Hi all I did do a search on this, but could not find anything quite specific enough so here goes. Will be replacing the fuel filter on my '54 TDCi this weekend (weather permitting) and have read some horror stories about them not starting afterwards. I know you need to prime the filter, but I would just like some clarification! I've read that you should pump out the air from the lines after the new filter is on (through the filter) with a hand pump. I've seen poor reviews of the 'hand grenade' type pump, like the one way valve being about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and I'm not sure I want to risk doing more harm than good with it. I'm very cheap, so unless someone can recommend a better one with several common applications, I wouldn't want to spend more than a tenner on one. So, my questions are as follows: 1. Is it necessary for the air to be drawn out this way? Or would I be ok with just filling up the new filter with diesel and cranking it for a while? 2. If it would be better to draw out the air, can anyone recommend a cheap pump? Failing that, anyone got any ideas for a homemade one? I was thinking a tube connected to a 2 litre plastic bottle with a hole in it to put my finger over, but I don't know if the suction would be strong enough! Many thanks for any help!
  7. Hi all, Having an odd problem with my 2004 Mondeo TDCi. I parked up today and turned off the engine, and the car made the locking sound, hazards came on and everything, literally as if I'd locked the car - but I hadn't, and the car didn't appear to actually be locked. A couple of seconds later, all the windows wound down by themselves! I was still in the car and hadn't touched the key fob. I turned the engine on, closed the windows, then turned it off again. Exactly the same thing happened. After sitting for a while, I found that the locking noise kept happening periodically. I got out, and tried to actually lock the car with the fob, and nothing happened, and neither would the windows wind up if the lock button was held as they should. I thought maybe the battery was going, so I took the it out and locked the car manually. Everything was fine after doing so, so I was confident it was the fob (as opposed to the central locking itself). I did my shopping, picking up a new battery, and put it in the fob when I got home. The same thing happened as with the old battery. So, now I have no battery in my fob and I'm locking the car manually. Has anyone got any ideas? Is this a common fault? I would try reprogramming, but I only have one key, and from what I've read you need more than one. Plus, I'm nervous about doing so because if anything goes wrong I'll have no keys! I hope I have been clear in what the problem is, and would be grateful for any help - don't really want to have to go to Ford unless I absolutely have to.
  8. Hi all Following my resolved wheel issue, another problem has cropped up. I get the lovely metallic whirring of the starter motor when cold-starting my mk3 TDCi, which I'm sure I don't need to tell you any of you is likely to be indicative of a failing DMF. Here's the odd part though - it only seems to happen when the weather gets cold. The same thing happened last year, from about October to January it would do it. Not all the time, but enough for me to look it up and discover it could be a huge issue. However, from January onwards, it never happened again, not a peep, despite being used every day for about 9 months. Now the weather has gotten colder, it seems to have started again. I realize I may be clutching at straws, but is there any chance at all it may have something to do with the cold weather/dodgy starter and not the DMF? Thanks in advance for any help/comfort anyone can provide!
  9. I will try switching the wheels round, see if the location changes. I don't think it will be the alloy itself though, I had the same problem with the spare, which I never had any issues with before. I'm grateful for the suggestion though, and you never know, sometimes the simplest answer is the right one!
  10. Sorry, forgot to mention that! Yes, they did the alignment, so assuming they did it right, it didn't help. Thanks for the reply, I'll focus on those first. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. I'm fairly handy, but I do know my limits!
  11. Hi all! Following an incident this week involving a nail on the road, an exploding tyre, subsequent swerve and a central reservation, my Mk3 now seems to 'skip' when over the doing the above speed. Basically, I drove over a nail and when the tyre popped I swerved into the central reservation, going over the kerb at about 40mph, with both front and back drivers side wheels. Apart from the tyre, it only seemed to bend the edges of my alloy slightly and take a small chunk out of it, so I thought I had been really lucky (I've seen one occasion where a friend snapped their driveshaft and bending the suspension strut hitting a kerb at about 20!). However, it would seem that elsewhere took the brunt of the impact, as when I put the spare the car now feels like I'm driving over a bumpy road when getting to about 55mph, and it still happens now I've replaced the alloy. It's hard to explain, but it's not a consistent shaking, more of a 'duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh' pattern, if you know what I mean, that increases when speed increases. It wasn't noticeable at about 30mph when driving away from the tyre place, but now I know it's there, I can tell it's doing it slightly even at 30 (again, if you get what I mean). I won't be able to get under and investigate until the weekend, but from my sketchy description, has anyone got any ideas? Steering feels OK, so I don't suspect any steering component damage (or at least I'm hoping) and brakes don't seem to have been affected - they don't appear to be jerky when slowing down or anything. Either way, looks like I'm borrowing the Mrs' Corsa for the next few days... Thanks in advance for any help! EDIT - there is now also a slight pull to the right when driving in a straight line, but I suppose that could arise from several issues, not necessarily just steering?