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  1. Fiesta Mk6 Mpg

    Hi, just wondered what MPG other mk6 drivers are getting. I have a 1.4 and currently only get about 220 miles for a full tank of petrol. They are mostly short distant urban miles, but still would expect more.
  2. 2003 Milage Clock

    Hi, my friend has got a 2003 semi automatic Fiesta, which seems to be leaking brake/ clutch fluid. The car keeps stalling and the brakes often feel spongey. She rang a mechanic who told her she needs the clutch control unit replacing at a cost of £800.00 without even an inspection! But this does not seem to make sense to us as why is it losing fluid??? The car also only has 26000 miles on the clock but the interior is in quite a state with the steering wheel peeling and the paint worn away from the window buttons. My same age fiesta with almost 67000 is still quite immaculate so we was wondering what the max milage displayed on the clock was maybe it has gone round. There seems to be enough space to disply more than 100000 but cant be sure with the digi clock. She only bought it three months ago and now the dealer wont do anything for her.
  3. 53 plate fiesta help advice needed

    When the coil pack went on my 2003 fiesta i got an error message on the dash flashing EAC fail. It too was only running on 3 cylinders. Lookers ford quoted me 128 quid for a new coil pack, but i managed to pick one up for 35 pound from a motor factors. Took 5 minutes to fit.
  4. Hi, has anyone fitted 6x9 speakers into the rear panels of a MK6 Fiesta? Just looking for fitting tips thanks
  5. EAC Fail!!

    The RAC have had a look and said there is no spark to cylinder no.1. I contacted the dealer i got him from an he said as i did not purchase a warranty and he knocked me 200 quid off that it is classed as sold as trade so he is under no obligation to repair the car!! The RAC guy told me he might try and pull that one! It seems the dealer steamed cleaned the engine and that is what the cause is, it is spotless, waaaaaaay to clean for a 53 reg. But of course the dealer told me it could have been the previous owner.....................
  6. EAC Fail!!

    it has done 66000 miles. The dealer told me he has in house mechanics who checked it over and it was all sound, except the clips to move the seats forward, which he replaced. So i figured it is probably all fine and said no when he ask if i would like to purchase a warranty. I paid £3500 for it so i would expect it to last more than a week! I am going to have the RAC out and see what they suggest the problem is, and then give the dealer a ring, she what he offers.
  7. EAC Fail!!

    Oh and i only bought this car last saturday! i opted out of buying a warranty when the dealer asked. Is there like a standard consumers warranty? or something like that? where would i stand?
  8. EAC Fail!!

    I have a 2003 1.4 Fiesta Zetec, when i started the car tonight the EAC FAIL started flashing on the dash. I managed to drive home but it was very sluggish and often felt like it was going to stall. Any clues as to what the problem is and how much i would be looking at to get it fixed??? Thanks
  9. Hi, i have just bought 53 reg Fiesta zetec and it as central locking but not remote central locking. I would like to get it upgraded and rang my local Ford dealer but they told me my car would not 'take' a remote key. They didnt give an explanation just said it wouldnt be possible. Does anyone know why? And also what other options i have? Thanks