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  1. The new locks arrived yesterday and I've just fitted them...the 2 rivets did need drilling out to access the lock and there was some sealant that needed cutting through as well but the job, although a bit fiddly, was relatively straight forward. The new key does NOT haver a transponder but operated the central locking ok.
  2. A friend has a 2008 Mark 1 Ka and the outside driver's door lock has stopped working - a common fault I believe ? As our local Fraud dealer wanted £106+vat for a new one, I've ordered a new barrel and key off Ebay for £8 instead and will be fitting it in around 10 days when it arrives, but looking on Youtube it says that a plate which is held on with 2 rivets has to be drilled off first which allows access to the barrel inside the door. Is this correct or can it be accessed without ?? Also, I am assuming that the new key does NOT have a transponder inside and will merely manually open the door and operate the central locking ??
  3. You ARE being old.....I thought the same until I tried, then ultimately bought one...take your dad to your local car supermarket and find a 124bhp (the 99bhp one is under-powered) one and take it for a's no Jag by any means but by the sound of it, he wants something a bit more sedate these days ?? I've had my '63 plate 1.0 Ecoboost for just over a year and it was initially just a stop-gap set of wheels until I retire in the New Year, but I am now looking at getting a newer 1.0 Ecoboost will not be disappointed !!
  4. Originally had mine booked in for yesterday, as it was a day off, but I called in last week to see how long they would need it for, only to be told that "it depends on the internet speed on the day"and that if it was running slow, then it could take all day and I would just have to leave it with them !!!! When I told them I wasn't prepared to wait all day, the only option they gave me was to cancel I did, and won't be going back any time soon !! How come they have to download it from the internet...surely they could just have it stored on a laptop or memory stick or something ???? I HATE MAIN DEALERS !!!
  5. I have a similar youngest daughter has just bought a Ka 2 which only came with a manual door key (no buttons on it ). I tried our local Timpsons but even they said they will have to order one from Ford and then programme it and it will be around £240
  6. Cheers Stoney....we don't know if it was originally specced with do we find out ?? Also..been back in to Timpsons and the guy has now checked his data and found that a RCL key will be £240 as they have to order them from Ford and then code them so daughter is now just looking at getting a manual spare key but they still want £60 for one of those depending on the chip !!!
  7. Been in to Timpsons and they will supply and code one for £140 We picked the car up yesterday and I gave it a quick once over and it appears as though the central locking is a bit intermittent as when I turn the lock in the drivers door, it doesn't always unlock. I've googled it but can't see any other posts about central locking/remote key there an issue with these cars or not ?? Also, I see there's no spare wheel but am wanting to get one for her...has anyone got one for sale local to West Yorkshire ??
  8. We are just in the process of buying our daughter a '60 plate Ka 2 but it does not have a remote locking key, it just has the manual one that has to be inserted into the door lock to unlock the car. I have just read that Ford charge around £230 to buy and programme one...are there any cheaper alternatives ??
  9. Okay, so I bit the bullet and forked out £75 for a genuine Ford sensor and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever , I've been told the fault could be anything from a dodgy connection in the wiring loom to an ECU fault, so have decided to cut our losses and have just part-exchanged the car against another one !!
  10. I managed to change the sensor yesterday, put it all back together and the car ran fine for about 20 miles but then started coughing and spluttering again and the engine management light came back on . Fault code P0335 is also back. My bro in law, who runs his own garage, has suggested that I should try a genuine Ford sensor as he has had issues with aftermarket ones before, as the battery and wiring loom both look in good order. Has anyone else had this issue ??
  11. My daughter has a 57 plate Ka Zetec and the engine management light came on the other day and it is showing as a crankshaft sensor fault. I have got a new sensor from Andrew Pages and am hoping to fit it on Saturday. I've googled it but there doesn't seem to be too much information on how to get to it a difficult job ??
  12. A friend of mine broke down close to our local Halfrauds a few years ago in her '02 plate Yaris. They pushed the car in there for them to investigate and they said that she needed a new battery, alternator and starter motor and that it would be around £350. It was at this point that I got a phone call from her asking for help. I directed her to my bro-in -laws garage. He found that it was just the earth lead from the battery that had corroded through and the cost to replace it was about £4 for the part !!!!!