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  1. Thats ace, I managed to get my old one (which is managed to break a bit) back together so ill just try the coolant valve first and go from there as I can these heater controls in and out. Another question I had which is an unrelated issue is the dash lights, I seem to have an illuminated mileage clock however the actual speedometer and petrol indicator do not light up. I have checked fuses and they are fine so I am assuming the bulbs are dead, how can I get to the back of the panel to check?
  2. I recently bought a second hand KA which runs great but and in this weather its a big but. The Heater is constantly pumping out hot air. I have ordered a temperature control valve but I was going to replace the heater controls also. The part number I have for my heater controls is VP97KP19A522AB, Ive had a look all over ebay and I can find plenty of replacements from the same model and year but they have different serial numbers, will this matter at all as all the controls on the front of the unit are the same? Thanks