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  1. lasthope

    Will I Keep My Mileage If I Replace Dashboard?

    or get it rebuilt
  2. lasthope

    Erratic electrical problem.

    might be your instrument cluster
  3. lasthope

    Google Home

    thinking of getting me daughter a google home or a amazon dot or echo 2nd generation so who has any of them and if so which is best cheers
  4. lasthope

    Diesel pump problem

    I would get car on a diagnostic machine be about 30quid + to test your car iam sure some lads would tell you better does the car just die on you and does it start back up
  5. lasthope

    Diesel pump problem

    might be fuel filter when was it chaged last
  6. lasthope


    any one fixs mondeo,s asking for a mate in the north east he lives in stanley dh9,,car is 1.8 tdci 2008 some one said his timming belt has gone bottom puller moving not the top or any one selling a 2nd hand one and fit it,
  7. lasthope

    Car not start

    Little update car started 1st click this morning at 7am and it very cold most of been raining and windscreen was vell fronze
  8. lasthope

    Car not start

    I cheers albert yes time will tell lad who done check today says if it does it again take live off at nite and if ok next day you have a drain some place
  9. lasthope

    Car not start

    Car runs ok so can't be seized engine started motor turns ok all the time just stuck battery back on car this morning after a charge 1st turn starts up been about 30 mile run start and stopping car working ok unless i have some prob with drain on battery at nite
  10. lasthope

    Car not start

    Just got both checked battery and alternator both ok
  11. lasthope

    Car not start

    no it did crank but slow then it would click battery was new last new so was alternative I was just going off what the lad said when he done the diagnostics test that the clocks were duff but that was 2 weeks back car been ok till we had that bit snow off to get them checked now
  12. lasthope

    Car not start

    Update just stuck battery back on 1st click started clocks ok so off to get battery and alternative checked
  13. lasthope

    Car not start

    I just waiting till tomorrow but would you not think if this happend last week the starter would be still doing it was last sunday car would not start took about 15 goes or more then started drove all week done about 100 miles or more stop and starting np all week untill the morning
  14. lasthope

    Car not start

    hope not lol I wait till tomorr and stick battery back on,,i have never had and probs with clocks speedo revs lights flashing or any other listed just until now as car not start and display would go off after 10 mins to
  15. lasthope

    Car not start

    Alternator is new about 8 month old