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  1. lasthope

    carbon clean

    any one had this done guy doing it for 50 to 60 quid
  2. lasthope

    These Moments Time Stood Still

    any no were I can get program or free templates for making In These Moments Time Stood Still
  3. lasthope

    just bit fun

  4. lasthope


    need one like that for the snow were I live ha ha
  5. mates was doing same warning light would come on then off done this for a week went to a auto place said needed new alternator 160 for recon got it home few hours later prob came back took it to motor world done a battery test with all lights on and heaters said it was alternator not working 100% and that was a day old lol
  6. my mate had this same prob but on his Mondeo Turnier 2008 MK IV 1.8 tdci he got a new alternator on and the next day it done it again it turned out to be a regulator that was faulty on the alternator
  7. lasthope

    brembo discs and pads

    Euro Car Parts have a sale on 45% off brakes code is pat75
  8. lasthope


    i had a car like that years ago pug 806 2.0hdi every time I wiped it clean it would come back drove it for about 2 years np at all
  9. I just took my car to a local motor world do free battery tests
  10. lasthope


    update car sorted now it was the regulator that was faulty on the alternator
  11. lasthope


    he got it on charge going to see tomorr if it works
  12. lasthope


    his battery is Duracell DA80 Advanced Car Battery Type 110 with 5years warrenty
  13. lasthope


    don't no what kind of battery it is mark,he only got it in oct you would think the auto place would pick the prob out had car 2 days told him it was the alternator and billed him £160 to recon was ok till the night time picked car up at 3pm drove it 5 miles home then went out for a 10 min drive back home then on way home dash went dead just got home now not turn just clicks
  14. lasthope


    battery is fine the he had it checked last week at a local car place when he took it to the auto place he broke down half way I had to jump his car with leads and leave them on for 15 mins to give it bit charge to get him to the place