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  1. engine oil

    cheers tom I think I go for the ford one
  2. engine oil

    same one on euro parts when I stick me car reg that comes up with that and a few more
  3. engine oil

    be doing oil change before long is this oil ok for my focus 1.6 tdci 2008 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triple-QX-SynPlus-SAE-5W30-Fully-Synthetic-Car-Engine-Oil-5L-GM-Spec-5-Litre/232567480237?hash=item36261a1fad:g:VdcAAOSw-wJaEXHK
  4. Wheel drum

    all good dudes bit wd40 around them 2 bolt holes used 2 bolts come off easy most be because no meat on shoes lol so order some
  5. Wheel drum

    Going to take back drums of tomorrow seen that you can use 2 bolts to pop them off any idea what size bolts do i need
  6. handbrake cable

    is it this one mate 252770279139 then it most join in middle to the one that you just up
  7. handbrake cable

    cheers will it be this one https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Focus_1.6_2008/p/car-parts/cables/car-body-parts-and-car-exhaust/handbrake-cables/?108591398&1&65d0c8051da6a2a349a384bc02c0af66938b44b7&000168
  8. handbrake cable

    cheers tom if its stretched will it need full cable or is just the middle bit or is it all in one
  9. handbrake cable

    just been looking in car at the handbrake to adjust handbrake but its already been done the nut is all the way down,,so do I need new cable if so what one would I need is it in 3 bits or can I just adjust it from hub
  10. handbrake

    have all focus got this on back wheels

    posted few month back about this so iam looking to get a st nav card what one do I need when I got car it never had one in so don't no if it works I no it comes up saying needs card in,so cheaper the better lol
  12. steeringy

    cheers clive
  13. steeringy

    just looking on display setting for the steering 3 settings normal sport and cant remember other one lol,,bottom line it was on sport so I stuck it back on normal,is there any difference at all in picking one or other
  14. 200 round trip

    cheers people looks like we have a winner Redex it is now,, just hope I get no snow in sunny durham lol
  15. 200 round trip

    off on a 200 mile round trip in a few days what can I stick in tank to give car a bit clean out 1.6 tdci