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  1. nope she,s not critical worker shes at collage doing vet stuff lol
  2. my daughter wants to learn to drive now as she just turned 17 I no she cant yet but can she still take her theory test or is that on lockdown to
  3. lasthope

    Dpf Ash

    heres a bit info don't no if any good for you
  4. lasthope


    just got my mot extended today
  5. lasthope

  6. I done that mate works a treat going to take a lot to fill up now lol
  7. hi bit info on a expansion desktop drive its a seagate 3tb works by the mains,,been using it on my xbox one but now I want to use it on tv to add films and stuff prob is when I add it to my pc nout comes up so I can format it iam running windows 10 so iam thinking I need some kind of prog to use so pc can pick this u
  8. Wetherspoons trials reopening...
  9. mate I no has just got the full pip and was thinking what car can he get and cons he was told if he got a motability car he can only do so many miles a year don't no if that's true
  10. I had same on my car no boost car was ok till I tried to over take people car would just die for a spit 2nd it was down to this pipe
  11. lasthope


    just found this is this the right part £7.99 ebay
  12. lasthope


    just done oil change and found it lol just stuck some heat glue around it for the time being