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  1. Best off getting a diagnostic test done
  2. that's the one I done when I had my boost leak
  3. my pipe went and it was the INTERCOOLER TURBO HOSE down behind the right driver light
  4. i remember years ago when I had my pug 806 hdi oil filler cap was full of white cunk people were saying head gasket was gone but I drove like that for about 2 year never let me down,,lol
  5. was told it was something to do with the boost,, think its goes on one side of the turbo just behind left light
  6. wow a lot of probs Darren,, iam having probs with my dpf at the min clogged dpf but cant sort that until I fix a boost pipe as it leaking
  7. can some one tell me if this is the right pipe in pic,, the pipe is from behind the right from light ebay 273661115424
  8. lasthope


    was thinking that to tom been having alook on ebay seems a few pipes to pick from lol I not no till I pop down garage got a big ford breakers up near us
  9. lasthope


    cheers tom just had lad from garage phones saying cant do regen as I have some boost leak from a pipe and he was saying from main dealer would by 175quid so don't no what pipes until I go back and was says dpf is full of crap but he was saying he can cut it out or somethink along them lines for 350quid and stick pipe back on if I get one
  10. lasthope


    just incase I need a new dpf will this one fit car is 2008 MK II 1.6 tdci ebay ----- 311946155369
  11. lets hope I no when he had quick look said a bit oil on some pipe that was on the left as you stand in front of car just say then drop it off Friday I never had prob with car if boost is leaking I recall few month back I had misfire every time I tryed to stick foot down hard but that was down to diesel filter so iam guesses car ran ok as I don't speed lol car will sit all day on motorway 79 80 no probs
  12. so what can be the out come tom new dpf and turbo
  13. back from diagnostics 4 probs 2 were nout he cleared them says I got a boost prob and dpf is full of crap he says but told me that the boost will effect the car going into limp mode and say loss of power and black smoke but getting no black smoke I had this boost prob for about year now it only misses if iam going up a big hill and stick my foot down hard I told him so car going back in Friday to see dpf is blocked or low on fluid he says a regen might now fix this prob