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  1. lasthope

    28 sec oil

    I loved that car tried to find one last year but wanting to much lol then got the 406 then 806 never had any probs with them pugs
  2. lasthope

    28 sec oil

    I used red many years ago in my old pug 405 well 50, 50,,, 50 red 50 white ran ok for many years few places still sell red on the garage forecourts near me
  3. lasthope

    28 sec oil

    mate tried this years ago in his lgv van lets just say it nearly went bank it fu-cked his diesel pump and a bit more went wrong
  4. lasthope

    May need a new battery ???

    have you not tried euro parts and adding code in
  5. lasthope

    hope batterys right.

    I had this prob on my 2008 tdci 1.6 battery was new last year when I got car started all day ever day until winter came in as soon as the warning light came on for the cold car would not turn over just click,so I nicked my mates battery which turned out a lot bigger, and the one I had on my car so now when the red warning light comes on car starts 1st turn
  6. lasthope


    Its half full still
  7. lasthope

    black plug

    any one no were I can black plug that clips onto bulb in the front light that holds bulb in been to scrap yards no joy can only find one ebay wanting 25quid
  8. lasthope

    front light

    job done got one from scrap yard
  9. lasthope


    I its power steering bottle its got the symbol on the top of lid but few people says it was electric steering on this model never mind lol
  10. lasthope


    I have a look tomorr when I take light out again I no its next to the air con at the bottom
  11. lasthope


    no not that its about just bit bigger then a coke tin,,dont no if its some kind off bottle were you add somethink power steering fluid but some one said I had electric steering car is mk2 2008 1.6 tdci
  12. lasthope


    can any tell me what the bottle is down on the right noticed it today when I had light out
  13. lasthope

    front light

    I be thinking doing that but hope I can get it as its build into light and scrap yard might say you need to buy full light lol unless I find a fu-cked one
  14. lasthope

    front light

    found a melted wirer on the plug that goes on main bulb stuck new blub in but when turn lights on right hand lights go dim so iam thinking the plug is fu-cked can you buy new plug and how do you take hole lens of unit if you can
  15. lasthope


    I sorted now just for a mate who into jack the ripper mad on him the old ripper he been to London to see all about it and doing the walks lol was just to dl some doc about him as he has no pc