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  1. lasthope

    diagnostic test

    I so true lol
  2. lasthope

    diagnostic test

    Ha ha was quick 15 mims all in car running sweet now
  3. lasthope

    Bleeding car

    my mate just done my filter and used this tool worked spot on can buy kit for 10.49 on ebay|parentrq%3A7afcee611650aa15b39fecb4ffffd7ab|iid%3A1
  4. lasthope

    diagnostic test

    job sorted took him about 15mins cars works better lol he used this brake kit
  5. lasthope

    diagnostic test

    I cheers mate will that code thing read how much dpf fluid
  6. lasthope

    diagnostic test

    going to bite the bullet and go get the filter mate going to change it over on Monday he has got the hand pump so why not,,cheers
  7. lasthope

    diagnostic test

    was thinking that to 30quid for the test and can get filter bosh one 71quid but have sale on so that make it 35.99 its never had filter since I had car 14 month
  8. lasthope

    diagnostic test

    will a diagnostic test pick up a faulty fuel filter getting no lights on dash car stopped 3 times dead on a 80 mile drive home today,,as soon as I turn car off and back on it would start again when I tried just sitting reving it was ok until it went over 4000 revs then it cut out again then again it would start lol,, got it booked in for diagnostic test on tuesday
  9. lasthope


    Ok thanks iam on hoils so when i get back i get ot on a computer see what pops up
  10. lasthope


    Had the car 13 month now i never had a fuel filter on yet just before i got car it had its serive so dont no if that part got changed come to re think ot done this few month back to but seems its back
  11. lasthope


    any idea why me car keeps misfire foucs 1.6 dtci 2008 it statrs and drive ok till i bang my foot down it seems miss and stop got to turn car off and on to start again and if iam driving 65 np then go up hill and try to over take some one it will miss gain as i stick me foot down just drove about 70 mile none stop today doing 60 and 70 as soon as i go up hill and stick foot down to over take its back again
  12. lasthope

    oil filter size

    hi doing oil tomorr car is ford focus 1.6 tdci 2008 just want to no what size is the nut on the oil filter cheers
  13. lasthope

    carbon clean

    any one had this done guy doing it for 50 to 60 quid
  14. lasthope

    These Moments Time Stood Still

    any no were I can get program or free templates for making In These Moments Time Stood Still
  15. lasthope

    just bit fun