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  1. lasthope


    I never checked my car just booked it in and away she went lol only thing I done this years is 2 new wishbones
  2. lasthope


    looks like iam stuck with her for a year again lol
  3. lasthope


    passed today only 2 advisories back 2 tyres close to legal limit good had car 2 years without doing them so that's ok for me lol and got 2 bulbs off fog light and one number plate light
  4. I my mate was well happy,,,goes to show still some honest people about
  5. any one no if there is a fuse for the brake lightts on a mk 4 Mondeo 1.8 tdc just my mates has gone off stuck new blubs in no joy but his top brake light works still all other lights on car work he is getting warning light on dash to say light off
  6. update on mates car all sorted now was down to a snapped drivre shaft he says this lad picked it up from were it broke down,took it to his little back street work shed lol and costed him £140 all in seems cheap deal
  7. full comp 1.6 tdci 2008 only gone up 4quid for the each month and about 25quid on top for the full year one sp 30 3 years ago 9 years nc £258
  8. his mate has been to look at it and he says its the gearbox,,but he has never had any probs when driving it be for this happend so i dont no whats going on untill i see him tomorr
  9. Not like coppers in durham then every one knows them from tv lol
  10. go to show you don't no who is behind the profile pic,, I love watching the police interceptors with the dogs have you been on tv then stoney
  11. cheers tom I pasted it on to him he was says he never had any smell from clutch or slipping gears been ok to
  12. well just been to have look at his car. gears seem to be clicking in ok can see the gear links working ok no noise from gear box or clutch, but still car not move when you let clutch out its a push button start to you need to press clutch in to start all ok that side
  13. posting for a mate he has a Mondeo 1.8 tdci 2008 don't no if its a mk 3 or 4,he was parked up went shopping jump back in reversed out then drove about 20 foot and lost all gears he says gears seem to move ok but car does not clutch peddle ok he say so any ideas I know he had a new engine in about a month back that's all I can tell you until I see him later
  14. lasthope

    PAT fluid

    `does this sound ok for the top up PAT fluid would be £116 including labour.
  15. good one in gateshead