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  1. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    just an update car will be out of the garage on Wednesday with a reconditioned engine new turbo pipe feeder new glow plugs new clutch, was just wondering if anyone knows how to work the Sony Bluetooth stereo? Thanks
  2. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    Hi to everyone reading and thanks for your comments finally got this sorted and this is the outcome... warrentywise my warrenty provider have agreed to pay £2450 towards the cost of a reconditioned engine as the bill came in at £3550 plus vat so £1150 out of pocket unfortunately but least my focus will be back on the road within 2weeks. As confirmed the big end was the problem thanks again guys
  3. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    Hello sorry guys for the late update reply as information on my car has been nearly 2 weeks since it went in the garage, so like I was reading yes I did own the dreaded DV6 16V PSA ENGINE and the big ends has gone if that makes sense to anyone on here? The pistons are completely ruined and I need a engine rebuild or 2nd option is cheaper is to put a new engine (2nd hand) one in, absolutely devastated about this as I only purchased the car 3months 3weeks, it had full service history from the get go, luckily it had 3 months warrenty and it broke down 2 days before the warrenty ran out luckily for me, although I have to wait on there decision wether they will pay out of not, thanks guys for your help once again I guess the bad reviews on a Ford Focus 1.6 tdci dv6 16v psa engines are realible. Thanks again Adam
  4. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    Thanks for the reply dj Andy m, reading through the forums I've heard not the best of things about these engines, it's my first time with a diesel asevery car I've owned has been a ford but a petrol and I never once experienced a problem hence why I brought a Focus tdci but just an update to everyone on this thread l, my cars been taken to the garage and is being looked at on Thursday Friday so I'll keep everyone updated with the bad news lol thanks guys for your help once again
  5. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    Thanks tdci-peter I managed to drive it to the garage this morning so awaiting there reply hopefully it's not to bad news, will keep everyone updated , as I drove it to the garage I still had ticking/knocking noise like you said the higher the revs the louder it got and as I had to climb a small hill I also noticed the throttle pedal vibrating, but as I went down the hill I put the car in neutral and could only hear a ticking noise, it only seems to make a knocking noise when throttle is used, far as I know the chains never been replaced and it's got full service history with oil changed frequent aswell, thanks for the reply I really appreciate everyone's help will keep everyone updated
  6. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    I need advice would anyone advice me to not drive it or drive 5miles to the garage? As I do not know how bad the problem actually is thanks guys again
  7. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    Thanks focusoap I have videos so you guys could possible get a sense of the noise but I can't upload them for some reason, but I'll try explain so here it goes... when I turn the car over there is a constant ticking/knocking noise and then when I rev the noise gets louder... it started on a drive to Brighton to pick up the misses new car and I dreaded to drive it back to Gatwick, where I live, it made it home just didn't seem to have a lot of power and I was driving in 5th as I noticed the higher the gear the quieter the ticking/knocking would be.. as the oil level goes there's no problem with it what so ever that I can tell from so far nor the oil light on the dashboard, thanks for all the help though I really do appreciate it. Taking it to the local garage tomorrow and see what they say will keep everyone updated thanks again guys
  8. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    Hi isetta thanks for the reply I really appreciate it, I'm sorry but I don't not much about cars I'm afraid I know it has four injectors if I'm right by saying two of them have no leakage but the other two are tricking diesel/oil out, I got told by a mechanic could possible be the cam shaft or big ends, what's the price of a possible fix of this? As my warrenty covers me for £2450, am I in the clear? Or is the car game over thanks a lot again for your help
  9. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    Ok thanks for your help I just tried this out and it's still making the ticking/ knocking noise regardless if I hold the injectors down or not, but it does smell, when you say not cheap how much? It's done 96121 and it's a 09 plate,
  10. Hello I made a post earlier regarding my Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009 but I can't Seem to find it so please I am asking for anyone's help and I'm every so grateful for any replys guys, so my Ford Focus has developed a knocking noise coming from around the engine area, I had a mechanic tell me I need a new engine which I am dreading he is wrong, when I turn the ignition the car starts up and I get a ticking/knocking noise and when I rev the ticking/knocking noise gets louder, also with my foot on the accelerator whilst revving it feels like it's vibrating, I have also noticed two of my injectors I think I have four are leaking to make matters worse, the mechanic told me not to drive it, my warrenty covers me for up to £2450 would this be enough to fix? Somebody please help me out thank you so much, I have tried uploading videos to help but I can't manage to do so, thanks again adam
  11. Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 2009

    Sorry for late reply I have tried to attach 3 videos but I'm finding it difficult to upload, does any one have a email address or phone number / whatsapp I could send to and someone upload it onto this thread? Thanks
  12. Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 2009

    Hello dezwez thanks for the reply I've had a few mechanics look at there saying all sorts of stuff to do with the engine I don't really know what's to believe so I've come on here I know it's hard to understand as the car needs to be seen to, have you ever come across something like this before? Thanks a lot for your help I appreciate it a lot
  13. Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 2009

    Hello everyone I'm new to the owners club so I really do hope I could get some help, I brought a Ford Focus 1.6tdci 3 months ago everything was perfect untill yestidsy my car developed a knocking noise from the engine I got a mechanic out and they said my engine has had it, I need a new engine and somebody to fix it, my warrenty covers me up to £2450 would this be enough? And would anyone do it for me? Or lead me to the right place, thanks everyone
  14. Hello everyone I am new to this forum and i am asking for help please from anyone, So here we go I recently purchased a Ford Focus 2009 tdci titanium and everything was going great untill one morning my engine management light came on my dash, I went and got it checked with a friends diagnostic machine and I was told the code was p2409 fuel cap sensor/switch circuit range/performance and then underneath it said - present. I then went to a ford garage and they told me a ridiculous price to sort this out around 200-300£ I was just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and resolved it with out paying such a high price? Also my injector into my engine I think there is four of them if I'm correct is trickling diesel I have been told it's the copper/brass washer? Maybe that resolve it? And if so is it a cheap fix? Thanks for your help guys I really appreciate it. Adam