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  1. Poor cold wether heating

    As winter has finally desended on us well it has in Stockport I’m not very impressed with the Ford Edges Heating. 1. As there’s no auxiliary heater to warm up the engine cooling system it takes miles ( most people in ice weather take it easy when driving) before the heater becomes a heater. 2 The heated leather seats take along time to warm up they never get comfortably warm/ hot. 3 The front screen even though heated via elements embedded in the glass are very slow in raising the temperature to melt a covering of frost, suspect it would never melt snow. 4 Doesn’t appear to have heated washer nozzles so even with a higher concentrate of washer fluid in the washer tank it fails to spray. After owning a 51 plate Ford Galaxy that didn’t have these problems I’m a little disappointed, I’m sure it must get colder in Canada the home of the Ford Edge. Next time it’s cold put your heated rear screen on and if you’ve got heated mirrors after a few minutes have a feel of them lovely and warm, the ice /snow just falls off! COME ON FORD SHAPE YOUR SELVES!!

    Hello These are the LED puddle lights I fitted the only mod you have to do is the connection between the LED light and the original supply to the “candles”. So much better value than others advertised but the same!
  3. Speed limiter!

    Have you tried the speed limiter? Tried it today in Norfolk it works well with the speed limit camera. Just press the limit button set a speed and as you pass the speed limit signs it resets the max speed you can drive at, also good for fuel consumption. But I suspect rather frustrating for any body following you in a hurry!
  4. Puddle and edge light

    If you have MANUAL transmission the hand brake needs to be ON before the puddle lights come on. It cidded me for a while. It's a shame the hand brake doesn't come on automatically when you stop the engine on the button. Now if you want some really bright puddle light try these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311933700878
  5. Remote car keys

    If you keep your car near your house and lock it up where do you keep your keys? We keep are Edge by the side of the house behind locked gates and use to put the keys in a cupboard in the kitchen about 4/5 feet away from the car, the problem was that you could still open the locked car by just touching the door handle. A new key storage location has now been found out of range of the car! All we've got to do now is remember where the keys now live!!
  6. LED build change over.

    Please look at my earlier post for Bulb type and link to eBay
  7. LED build change over.

    The bulbs are a straight forward replacement , just remove the old ones and .fit the new. No warning light have come on indicating build failure, that's if the Edge has this feature!!
  8. LED build change over.

    Main Beam bulbs now changed to LED Now have white day light running lights! here's the link to the bulbs I fitted I choose the 100w variety. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=122453441063&globalID=EBAY-GB Photos of the original and the new bulb.
  9. LED build change over.

    These are the led puddle lights, after searching on eBay I found some that are intended for a Lincoln car! They looked the same as the one advertised for the Ford Edge but better value. Here are the links from EBay along with a photograph of the original and the led replacement, Even though I ordered Lincoln light the came on a box marked up Mondeo 2015- http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=322423105913&globalID=EBAY-GB Lincoln lights. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=322528683568&globalID=EBAY-GB Edge lights.
  10. LED build change over.

    Ive stated the LED change over! Will post details of bulbs etc later on. Here are the results so far!
  11. H15 Main/DLR bulbs

    It's much easier to remove the whole headlight assembly, it's only 2 bolts and a plastic screw and a wiring plug. Then you can see what your doing and don't end up cutting yourself on all the sharp 'EDGE's". etc!
  12. Air Filter Box

    Just purchased a Edge with 9500 miles on the clock ex Ford demonstrator car. Had a look at the air filter to check its condition on removal of the filter element there's was about 6 large leaves in the bottom of the air filter box. That is the dirty side of the filter. I can just emagine when you put your foot down and the turbo gets up to speed these leaves getting sucked up to the under side of the filter so reducing air flow and engine performance! As this car is normally sold in the States/Canada with only petrol engines and the European ones with the diesel only perhaps the air intake is different and might require a 'Ford' mod to stop leaves getting sucked in. When Autumn is over I'll have another look in the air box. Apart from that happy so far with the car apart from today when we couldn't get out of the car as it wouldn't unlock until you stopped the engine!