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  1. spaceprobe

    Bonnet catch - upright post thing

    Ah! Thanks, Stoney. I'll free it up before refitting. S.
  2. Hi all, Suffered the dreaded broken bonnet lock today. Managed to open the bonnet and remove the lock and now I'm just waiting for my local dealer to get me the little cross-shape section white plastic peice that engages the release mechanism in the actual lock. I had to remoive the lock/catch to open the bonnet and notice there's an aluminium-looking rounded top post sticking out the top of the catch - it seems to be above some electronics and I wondered if it was a microswitch for the security system. Problem is, it doesn't depress - doesn't move at all. My question is, should it move? If not, what's it for? Why does it have electronics?
  3. spaceprobe

    Stone chip protection

    Thanks, Yog. I did manage to find similar stuff to those - I've actually ordered some from an ebay seller, but I doubt I can apply it very well so will probably end up not doing it. I was hoping to find some pre-made/contoured/cut parts, designed for the Focus, that I can just stick on when I get the car back from the body shop. I've been looking around and they are reasonably common on higer end Japanese cars. I guess they're factory fitted. Cheers, Sam.
  4. spaceprobe

    Stone chip protection

    Hi all, I think I have seen clear plastic stone chip prevention / protector thingies on some cars, they seem to be heavy grade (0.5 to 1mm thick??) clear plastic, and stuck on with adhesive. They seem to be designed for the vehicle model and fit the bodywork contours, they go under the sills and up into/onto the wheel arch. Cant find anything like it on line; have I imagined these, where can I get them and what are they called? I'm getting the stone chip damage and rust sorted on my MkII and want to keep it looking good for as long as possible, so any other suggestions welcome (not keen on mud flaps, we're not in the 1990s now ). Thanks, Sam.
  5. spaceprobe

    paper or foam air filter??

    Paper ones disintegrate and papier-mâché coats the inside of your system. Especially if it sucks in a bit of detergent like, for example, wiper washer fluid.
  6. Hi all, Update on this topic in case it helps anyone in future. VERY very loud rattle from rear wheel area was cured by replacing the caliper guide pins and rubber boots/bushes. Bought and fitted a "Brake Accessory Kit" by Pagid (£20-ish, see pics). It comprises 4 off the following: • caliper guide pins • rubber boots/bushes • caps to close up the ends of the rubber boots and 2 off sachets of white high temp grease Quite easy, you need a 7mm Allen key to get the old pins out and a 40T torx to put the new ones in. The old pins were very probably perfectly good, but I replaced them any way. The old rubber boot/bushes were the issue - not doing their jobs because they were hard and powdery. They were a bit difficult to get out but I just went at them with a screwdriver, trying not to damage the bore they sit in. Cleaned up the bores and general area and the new ones popped in quite easily after I lubed them up with a tiny bit of the white grease. Head-turning rattle gone. Replacing the carrier retainer springs (previous post), cured a lot of the rattle, so a combination of good retainer springs and good condition rubber/bushes and guide pins is what it needed.
  7. spaceprobe

    Brake caliper cylinder wind back

    Thanks, Albert27. Thanks for all your help. I've ordered the kit like the one you got to save messing about. This sort of thing has been annoying me lately - you'd think, in this age of information, the info I need wouldn't be too difficult to track down. I think there's a lot of deliberate obfuscation because information is money. This is why we need these formus!
  8. spaceprobe

    Brake caliper cylinder wind back

    Thanks for replying. I've seen those sets and did think about getting one, but it seems like massive overkill for me - I'll only be doing my own repairs. If I could find out the size I can get a tool for about a third of that money. Any chance you can measure the pins on the plate you use for your Focus? Many thanks, Sam. Measure A or B in my diagram...
  9. Hi all, I need to buy a brake piston wind-back tool. Does anyone know the pitch of the holes in the piston? I've seen the tools on ebay for reasonable monies, but they come n a vast array of sizes. Centres of pins I've seen advertised as "suitable for Ford" are 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 35mm. Does anyone know the distance between the centres of the holes for Focus Mk2 (2006)? It would save me from having to take it apart to have a look then fail to get it back together cos I can't wind the piston in. Sam.
  10. Hi all, Focus Mk2, 1.8 TDCi Ghia (How do I know if I might have a Mk2.5?) Got an awful dull metallic rattling from the rear drivers side, seems to go away when I brake, doesn't occur with large bumps - mostly just on rough or uneven surfaces, VERY audible from outside the car (people on the street turn to look - embarrassing!). I've secured the heat sheilding and it's not the exhaust - seems to come from the wheel area. I suspect caliper or brake pad rattle, although I can't move anything with my hand when the wheel is off. Couple of questions... Anyone had and solved something similar? Could it be shock absorber or top mount (ex-Ford tech suggested this)? Should my brake pads have anti-rattle shims? Doesn't have them at the moment (I've disassembled the caliper, cleaned, greased and refitted - no difference, or seems to be getting worse.) Do I need these shims, pic attached (or something similar). The caliper retainer spring/clip thinggies were seized in and I suspect the last time the brake pads were replaced (not by me) it was just bent out of the way and bent back again afterwards. Should I replace the spring clips - could it be that? Any help and advice gratefully received. Sam.
  11. spaceprobe


    Hi all, I'm Sam. Driving a Focus 1.8 TDCi Ghia. It's a lovely car, recently bought it for a snip, very low milage - hardly used. Looking to upgrade a few bits, de-rust the underside and make a few repairs. So I'll be needing the benefit of your experience, help and advice as I go along!