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  1. HappyJam

    Focus ST-Line MPG

    Hi all, Wasn't sure which section to post this in...but thinking about it, my question is really all about the Focus. Just wondering if anyone who has a focus st-line could tell me what configuration they have and what sort of MPG they get and what sort of journeys they do? Reason I ask is I currently have a 2017 Fiesta ST-Line, which is great. However I've always really wanted a focus and still do. I'm looking potentially at a brand new Focus ST-Line but I'm wanting to know what sort of MPG I could be getting with it, compared to my current car. I do a lot of driving up and down the country so MPG can become quite important to me. Driving up north, really economically, I can get around 52mpg in my fiesta at the moment, and about 39-40 round town. Thanks
  2. HappyJam

    Fiesta fuel tank baffle?

    I haven't got a solution for your issue, but just a note more than anything. I drive an awful lot of ford focus's, and I've noticed on a few now that I can hear the 'swooshing' of the fuel in the tank at times. Usually when coming to a stop. These are 13 and 15 plate focus's. Reason I'm saying is because i'm not sure it's anything to worry about perhaps?
  3. So out if interest...I may have done some digging online just to find out what I type it is. First thing I'd say is @LJAM - if you're driving it..get your car taxed buddy! ;) The car is also the 120PS/125PS ecoboost version. Again...sorry for prying but I was just very interested! Still...get your car taxed ;)
  4. Out of interest, what version of the 1.0l ecoboost is the car? Is it the 125ps?
  5. Honestly I'd leave your brake calipers. As they saying sometimes goes..less is more! I think with some black alloys on the car contrasting with the white body paint, you'll love the finish. Can always just do that I suppose and then look at the calipers and decide if they need a colour change. I think once you have the black alloys on though, you'll want to leave them. On an unrelated side note, have you thought about upgrading the lights on it, seeing as the headlights on the fiesta's are pretty poor in my opinion. I'm currently looking at the moment myself at getting an autobeam LED full upgrade kit: https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/fiesta-mk7-5-2013-2017/products/full-upgrade-kit-premium-3?variant=31118009169
  6. To be honest, only reason I went for the red edition over the white version is because the garage were able to offer me a much better deal including the city pack, for some reason. I dont mind too much to be fair..at least with the red edition you don't notice dirt quite as much as if it were white...(albeit I still wash my car like every other weekend...)
  7. HappyJam

    125PS on German Autobahn

    That's interesting as it's only the 125PS version from the title of this topic. Top speed of the 140ps version is supposed to be 124.9mph according to ford. Reckon the 140ps version could actually exceed the top speed of 124.9mph if the 125ps version is hitting 125mph?
  8. HappyJam

    Fiesta ST-Line Mountune

    Hello all, Not something I'm definitely interested in doing, just wondering really whether it's possible. I have Mk7.5 Fiesta ST-Line since brand new from January 2017. Having a look on the ford website at accessories, it seems they offer a mountune upgrade for the 1.0l ecoboost engines, but only for the 125ps version, which takes it up to 135ps. I would assume that as this is on the ford website, this would also keep your warranty on the vehicle in tact. My question is, as I can't seem to find anything, does anybody know if there is a moutnune upgrade for the 140ps version that also keeps the warranty on the vehicle in tact? I also really love the mountune grill badge and kind of want it on my car, although it would be silly to have that without actually having a mountune upgrade!
  9. I really admire the white fiesta's, they always look nice, especially with dark alloys. What I would say about your list is in regards to the black tinted headlights. I personally can't stand seeing it on cars (personally), I think it just screams cheap/chaviness to me. But it's not about what I prefer of course, I thought I'd just throw that in there. More importantly, just be careful about doing it. If you go to dark, you could potentially be breaking the law if it's deemed as not safe. If stopped by the police, they could potentially seize your car if they really wanted to, on the basis that it isn't roadsafe. So if you do it, just ensure it's not too much and actually emits a good level of light still. Plus you want your car to be safe still and avoid any accidents. Other than that, as I say white fiesta's in general I really desire. I have a red edition ST-Line Mk7.5...I'm still undecided between whether I prefer mine or a pure white st-line
  10. HappyJam

    [Advice] Fiesta ST-Line Rust?

    Thanks for the comments all, put my mind at rest. However, its under warranty so Ive put it in with ford anyway just to confirm...hasnt cost me anything :)
  11. Hi all, First off my knowledge of cars isnt the greatest...although I know what I like. Besides that, basically Ive had mt Mk7.5 fiesta st-line since January 2017 (Love it, its awesome) Today I noticed under the bonnet, what appears to be some rust appear. I think it's attached to the turbo (again not really knowing what Im talking about). Ive seen people have rust issues with the tubes connecting, however mine appear fine. It seems to be a different part. Well..takes a look at the pictures and see for yourself. Is it worth me taking it into ford to have a look at? Or is this something that is expected/nothing to worry about? Thanks for any help
  12. HappyJam

    Low fuel level constantly illuminated

    Maybe completely pointless me posting this as my fiesta is one of the latest models...however whenever my fuel gets to a quarter tank, the moment it goes anything under that (literally anything under that at all), the fuel light comes on. Could this be the same with all fiesta's? Did you notice at what point it would come on before you replaced your battery?
  13. HappyJam

    New Fiesta, whos got one?

    I just can't get round the look of it from the outside, it actually hurts me to see it Especially the ST-Line, it's supposed to look nice and sporty. I mean the front of it looks nice enough, but then you look at the back and it's just ruined :(
  14. Strange...I literally noticed this the other day on my car on the driver's front wheel too. I could hear it for a couple days and it was baffling me as I couldn't see anything. Eventually I realised that, as people above have said, it was stones. I had recently driven through a skid risk section of road (whilst screaming at stones being flicked up of course). I must have gone other some sort of sticky substance in the road as I had a cluster of small stones stuck to my tyre. I cleaned them all off and I haven't noticed the noise since. Hopefully yours is the same, I was relieved to figure out nothing was broken!
  15. HappyJam

    Minimum litre engine for motorways

    I can just about sit in mine at around 35 in 5th gear, however you can feel it beginning to choke. I must admit I will usually sit at 4th at this speed though. I'm happy with the gear ratios on mine to be honest with you, it is just that missing 6th gear for me. Slightly unrelated, but for me...the ONLY improvement on the all new fiesta they are releasing is the 6th gear. Everything else is a disappointment to me! :(