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  1. Ride quality is actually not as bad as I thought it would be , the usual with a bigger wheel you can feel small pot holes and every stone way more then before. Steering feels heavier I don’t know if that’s normal but I like it because it feels like your driving the car if that makes sense. In in regards to the Michelin pilot super sport tires they seem sticky and on pebbley roads you can hear the pebbles flying off the wheel arch it’s like someone wrapped duct tape around the wheel and it’s annoying. Savage grip on corners and pulling off romping on her doesn’t spin half as much with traction control off
  2. Will be looking in to 15 mm spacers per side but it’s already flush with the Mudgard and might look odd sticking out past, top shout on the black center caps, they didn’t come with the wheels so I just threw my old ones on as they looked no good without them
  3. Just had them balanced and I fitted them myself out on the driveway. No need for steering rack limiters as they don’t rub at all! What do yous think, Cheers lads
  4. Just picked up a set of mint condition genuine 2016 focus RS 19 inch wheels wrapped in 235/35 Michelin pilot super sport tires. Got them at a steal of a price from a lad I know who works in ford. Fitting them to my 2011 MK2 zetec s tdci tomorrow. Would yous be interested in a picture to see what they’re like?? No suspension mods.....yet
  5. Thanks guys, was just curious as I stumbled upon the video on YouTube, not doing it to mine as I have it remapped to 148bhp 243lb/ft torque and be afraid of turbo failure. Handy to know though. another thing on my mind which I’m interested in is where to source facelift mk2 focus projector headlights, can’t find any anywhere apart from ford which is a big no no.
  6. Hi guys, anyone know how to make the 1.6tdci make the turbo flutter noise? Posted a link below to give an example. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply Stoney, your the man! I guess I’m goosed now.. will just deal with it unless I find one for a decent price 😂
  8. Hi guys just recently purchased a 2011 Focus mk2.5 Zetec S from the UK, got a good deal and the spec is nice compared to my last focus zetec. I hate the Zetec S rear diffuser and was wondering does anyone know if the one pictured will fit or do yous know anywhere I could get one similar. The black focus is the one I have. Thanks
  9. Sal's Tdci Build Thread

    Any pics of sals car, won't let me see the pics on this thread for some reason thanks
  10. Ford kuga 19'' on ford focus mk2

    Why would I need to do That? Will it catch that much at full lock? Thanks for letting me know! Any idea how to fit ?
  11. I'm getting new wheels for my focus mk2, also dropping it 30mm on eibach pro kit springs. Have a few wheel options in mind including 18 inch 2016 rs rep wheels, 2016 18'' st reps and genuine ford kuga wheels. Has anyone any pictures of a focus mk2 with 19 inch kuga Wheels? I'll attach pic below. Thanks
  12. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Yeah I've suffered with one or two cracked focus wheels in the past, the wheels from fk are a decent quality. I like the rs style because there isn't much room between the spokes like the other one so you won't see the tiny disks and callipers on the front and the hideous drums on the back lol
  13. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Yeah id say their possibly the lowering springs I'm chasing, the eibach pro kit lowering springs are black in colour. Looks sweet!
  14. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Thanks for the post wilto, I would love a facelift mk2!! But I also love my pre facelift and can't part with it. Looks sweet! Is that on standard springs??
  15. Ford focus mk2 with mk3 rs wheels.

    Ok thanks for the reply. Didnt stress that they're reps because i didnt think it mattered. they come with warranty so that sold me. Just hard to decide which ones I want. Never seen a mk2 with mk3 rs wheels so was wondering does anyone have any pictures. Don't really wanna drive to Sligo from Dublin just to see what they will look like on my car. There's two wheel options I'm stuck between. The RS and these..