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  1. Ok thanks, Now you say I think I read in another thread that us unlucky ones may have to wait for a workable F9 map update at some point.
  2. That’s confusing. So why then is the official F8 map update not being offered to many Mk 4 owners like myself running 3.3.🤔
  3. Unfortunately I don’t know all the changes but the big thing for me is that it runs with the F8 maps. Apparently the F8 map update will not run on sync 3.3 so my point is what’s stopping us Mk 4 owners being offered the sync 3.4 update which obviously does work with the F8 maps.
  4. Yes, that’s the one I use and have found it to be very good.
  5. Will there be an official sync 3.4 downloadable update offered anytime soon for the Mk4 focus ? I have just been around to my mate who has just purchased a brand new Focus Active X and that has sync 3.4 with F8 maps. So why have Mk 4 Focus owners not been offered the sync 3.4 update ? Are there any hardware differences that prevent the Mk 4 Focus from being updated to 3.4 ?
  6. Thanks for the clarification Alex. I should have read your other posts more clearly. 😊
  7. So why can I not get F8 on my car as my sync its already ver 3.3 build 18201 ?
  8. Yes, unfortunately I am still on F7 and like many others are eagerly awaiting an update. 🙄 BTW, are all newly registered MK 4 Focus being shipped with F7 maps ?
  9. PLB

    mudflaps focus

    Yes, I have front and rear fitted to my current Mk4 Focus Titanium X and had them fitted to my previous MK3 Focus Titanium X.
  10. I had the free use (apart from the fuel used) of a courtesy car for the 3 days whilst my car was being fixed.
  11. Ford Etis describes my car as Focus 2018-, 1.5L Dragon (150PS/200PS), Shadow Black (Mica) 200PS, yes please. I wish. BTW, anyone know what the (Mica) stands for?
  12. Hi Alex.S I didn’t realise that my original post back in May 2019 would generate so much interest and unfortunately it appears that lots of other owners are having this problem. The situation with me was that I was also experiencing a long term no Stop Start functionality problem. (See other threads on this topic). After discussing the Stop Start problem with my dealer’s senior mechanic who I’ve know for several years he suggested I book it in for a more thorough investigation and he ended up keeping it for 3 days. He initially fully charged the battery and the Stop Start worked but found that the following day during a test drive that the Stop Start failed to work. This procedure was repeated the following day with the same result. Apparently the automatic diagnostics tests on the battery passed ok but after discussions between my mechanic and Ford and thanks to the perseverance of my mechanic they eventually agreed and gave the go ahead for a new battery. I have to say that my Stop Start now works and I haven’t had the Emergency Message show since. Having said that a replacement battery may not work for everyone but it appears to have worked for me
  13. Update. I finally took my car in yesterday for the 19B36 - FOCUS - ELECTRONIC BRAKE BOOSTER – SOFTWARE update and I’m pleased to say all went without a hitch. Having said that, they still have a customer’s car in that’s still not accepting the update, although apparently Ford has provided him with a replacement car whilst they investigate. As mentioned earlier it only affects autos.
  14. Just contacted my dealer as planned with a view of booking my car in for the ‘19B36 - FOCUS - ELECTRONIC BRAKE BOOSTER – SOFTWARE’ update. However, I was surprised to be told that they were still having problems with a customer’s car not successfully accepting the update. Although they said it may be a one off problem with that car I said I would prefer to contact them in a couple of weeks as I didn’t want to run the risk of “Computer Saying No” to the update on my car.
  15. I took my car in today for a convenience check and whilst I was there I was informed that it also required the following update: 19B36 - FOCUS - ELECTRONIC BRAKE BOOSTER – SOFTWARE However, I was informed by the senior mechanic that they were currently having a problem with a customer’s car not successfully accepting the update and are in contact with ford about the problem. In view of this he suggested that rather than attempting the update today that I arrange for my car to be booked in later in the week. As I didn’t want to risk any problems over the Christmas period we agreed that it would be ok for me to book it in early in the New Year.