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  1. Thanks for the update. Fortunately, or may be luckily I haven’t had the problem with the 'Emergency Call System' error message showing for a while now. I am taking my car in next week so my dealer can investigate my 'Keyless Entry' problem and the 'Auto Stop Start' not working but I am expecting them to say it’s down to the battery. I may question them regarding the intermittent ‘Emergency Call System’ error message and if they are aware of a possible telematics sensor problem.👍
  2. I started a thread back in April and although it specifically refers to the ECO mode setting you may find it of interest to you.
  3. PLB

    2019 Focus

    Or you could consider purchasing a pair of good quality Faraday key pouches. They achieve the same result as the new sleeping key fobs at a fraction of the cost. A Sleeping Key fob will not transmit a signal until physically moved. However, although a Standard Key Fob transmits continually its signal will be blocked when enclosed in a good quality Faraday pouch.
  4. PLB

    2019 Focus

    Thanks guys for all the interesting information. So it appears that for those of us who only make short journeys and say use air con etc. that we may have to accept the situation as is. As said earlier my car is booked in for my dealer to investigate, so I will be interested to see what they say. I understand that the batteries fitted are already heavy duty types because of the auto stop start function so I would have hoped they would be able to cope with the extra demand/drain. I suppose ideally I would like them to replace the battery to prove the point but I will have to see if they would be prepared to do that. BTW, I have a voltage monitor plugged into the 12v socket and have noticed that when driving (charging) the voltage can vary say 13.9 – 14.7 V but when stationary (engine off) and left overnight the voltage can be 11.8 – 12.1 V which is probably borderline.
  5. PLB

    2019 Focus

    Apologies. 👍
  6. PLB

    2019 Focus

    It’s a little worrying that your dealer doesn’t want to know. Batteries can develop problems like a faulty cell so how come the dealer isn’t prepared to investigate that possibility. I also do relatively short journeys but so does a friend of mine with the same MK4 focus and he has no problems with his keyless door locks and his auto stop start works more often than not. As said previously, I also get a low battery warning on my Sync 3 screen.
  7. PLB

    2019 Focus

    Yes, I also get a low battery warning on my Sync 3 screen.
  8. PLB

    2019 Focus

    Jim, thanks for the information but unfortunately that’s only relevant to the remote control key fob. The problem that we have is with the keyless entry door handle touch sensors not working.
  9. PLB

    2019 Focus

    Thanks for updating us Dave. I have spoken to my dealer today and coincidentally they are saying the same. This could also explain (if a battery problem) why my auto stop start very rarely works. They have asked me to take it in for them to carry out some checks a week next Monday. I will keep you updated on how things go. So what does your dealer propose to do to fix the problem? Are they suggesting that it may be a faulty battery because it’s not holding its charge, or are they passing the book by saying that its low charge is due to your driving style, say short journeys etc.?
  10. PLB

    2019 Focus

    I normally only use my drivers door when locking and unlocking my car but having read this thread I thought I would check out my other doors locks. To my surprise like you I have found that now the passenger and rear door lock sensors do not work. I am sure from new all four door worked fine so something has obviously changed.
  11. So it appears that Ford is shipping newly registered MK4 cars with F8 maps. So why can’t they provide us with the F8 maps. I understand they say it’s due to an incompatibility problem but as far as I am aware the Sync 3.3 hardware as fitted to our MK4 cars is the same as fitted to newly shipped cars. So whats the problem.
  12. Yes, Sync 3.3 Build 19052 is the latest version. However, I do agree with you regarding the non-availability of the F8 map update. Out of interest does anyone know if newly registered vehicles are being delivered with F7 or F8 maps?
  13. I agree, unless things have recently changed that's how I understand the situation to be regarding the rear suspension options. I have the Multi link set up as confirmed in my thread on the subject back in April.
  14. That’s OK and thanks for the clarification. I understand now how you were able to obtain your F8 map update. 👍 As you probably know those of us with the new style late 2018/2019 vehicles have not been offered the F8 map update due to apparently compatibility issues and we may have to wait for the F9 update in Jan 2020.
  15. Thanks for your thoughts regarding the auto box and the confirmation that it takes a little time to engage reverse.(not just me then) 👍 Interesting you say you feel the need to look down when changing gear and I also find myself doing that.!! Having said that, I am glad I went with the auto option and wouldn't want to go back to manual. I have to agree, although I have the Titanium X I am very pleased with the car.