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  1. Ok thanks for the information. 👍
  2. Just checked again on the ford website and I am still getting the following message. "You'll be pleased to hear your Maps software is already up-to-date" No, I am not pleased because I am still on F7 😒
  3. I stand to be corrected but I think sync version 3.0 is correct and the latest for the Mk 3.5 focus. It’s the Mk 4 Focus that is version 3.3. For the map update you have to enter your VIN number on the ford site and hopefully you will be offered the latest map update which is F8. I say hopefully because if you read this thread there are many of us including me that have yet to be offered the correct F8 map update file.
  4. Yes, I have the Ford’s Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert in my car (see attached info) and its a definite useful addition in my opinion. BLIS.pdf
  5. Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centring Assist and Stop and Go which requires Auto Transmission is part of the Driver Assistance Pack. Also, apart from the front mounted camera there is a radar unit fitted behind the front bumper. Interestingly the only differences that I can see is that the Lane Keeping System says that it works at speeds above 40 mph whereas there is no mention of a minimum speed for the Lane Centring system.
  6. After being offered the invalid 0.0Mb file update for several weeks I have just checked and I am also getting the “my maps are up to date” message. This is incorrect as I am still on F7. So, the fiasco continues.
  7. The one on the drivers side is the rear fog light and the one on the passengers side is the reversing light. I am sure there were two reversing lights on my previous MK3 focus.
  8. Thanks Rhyds,I was hoping you would confirm that.👍 Happy now.☺️
  9. Thanks for all the interesting replies guys. Just had a look under the car, and yes as you can hopefully confirm from the photos it looks like I have indeed got the independent suspension set up. Looks to me similar to the MK3 set up with independent pivot points either side of the exhaust pipe.
  10. The following is an extract from a TopGear Review on the new Mk4 Ford Focus Hatch. The hatches with the smallest, lowest-power now have a torsion-beam setup. Sounds like a retrograde step given it’s the first time we’ve had one of those on a mid-size Ford since the Escort. But the engineers swear it’s actually well-enough refined that it rides as well as the current Focus, and it’s closely related to the Fiesta ST design. Meanwhile, more powerful hatches get a short-and-long arm setup. This one, they say is better developed and gives a quieter ride than the torsion beam, and more precise steering response. Is the above correct as the dealers I spoke to before I took delivery of my car didn’t appear to know. This is the Email reply from Ford Customer Relationship Centre to my enquiry. "I have spoken to our technical team who have advised me that the 1.5l ecoboost/1.5l petrol will be standard fitted with the short - and – long arm suspension, however the continuously controlled damping option is an option you can opt out or in for." I have a Focus Titanium X 1.5 EcoBoost so therefore if the above is correct it should have the short-and-long arm setup. I have had a look underneath but to be honest I don’t really know what the differences would look like.
  11. Check your Sync 3.3 build version. I had a small update like you offered me a couple of weeks ago which just updated the build version from 18201 to 18351. It created a log file which I successfully uploaded via the ford website. Having said that like you and many others we are still awaiting the F8 map update.
  12. Just tried and I am now being offered the 0.0mb (actualy 52.65kb) file. Therefore, unfortunately still waiting for the correct file.
  13. I think you are probably right about altering the auto gear changing shifts. Anyway, I will now leave it on Standard and occasionally use Sports mode as they appear to give me a better drive experience.
  14. I have a 2019 mk4 1.5 EcoBoost Auto Focus with the normal options of ECO, Standard and Sports mode. I have been running in ECO mode for a while but can’t say I have seen any fuel savings so I have gone back to the standard driving mode. Does anyone know what changes are made when running in ECO mode?