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  1. Thanks for confirming that. 👍 Hopefully my MPG will improve when I’ve done a few more miles.
  2. That’s disappointing regarding the F8 map release. I was hoping for some progress after the 19052 update.
  3. Thanks guys for all your replies. I feel happier now and reassured that all appears to be normal. BTW, I do tend to keep the air con on and that coupled with short runs probably doesn’t help.
  4. My car is 5 months old and I have noticed that the Auto Stop Start feature is disabled (Icon greyed out) more often than not. The reason given according to the information display is that it is due to the car battery charging. For the first couple of months it did appear to work more often than not but for the last couple of months it’s gone the other way. Is this normal. I must admit that the majority of my journeys are short.
  5. Yes, just successfully updated to V3.3 Build 19052 and uploaded the log file.👍 As you say, let hope we get the map update.
  6. Yes, I think i was quoted about £35.00 by the salesman. I think I may call my dealer and talk to the salesman rather than the service department.
  7. Paynes of Hinckley. Watling St.
  8. Yes agreed, I have taken my car over to France several times using the free cover.
  9. Same as you, I am happy with the Sales and Support of my dealer so I always get the servicing and therefore the free breakdown cover.
  10. My car is 4 months old with a 3 year warrantee and I haven’t paid any extra for a service plan. My first service is not due until 18 months or 2 years. However, to retain my breakdown cover I have been advised that after 12 months to book it in for a basic check (not a service as such) This will cost me a small amount but they will extend the free breakdown cover for a further 12 months. From then on I will get the free cover annually after its service. As I have said you do not need to pay for any service plan to take advantage of the free breakdown cover.
  11. I can also recommend this cover. 'You can get 12 months UK and European Roadside Assistance free with each Ford Scheduled Service, at participating Ford dealers.' I have taken my car over to France several times as it includes European Roadside Assistance.
  12. Thanks for that. I have the 1.5 Ltr 150 PS auto but its only done around 3000 miles and still averaging around (28-29 mpg) so hopefully thing may improve. Unfortunately most of my journeys are relatively short but I have noticed that mileage does improve on longer journeys. You have the 1.5 Ltr 150 PS yes ? If so 40 mpg is very good and I would be more than happy with that, are you doing mainly longish journeys.
  13. Just to be clear are you saying that you have just updated to the latest Sync Version 3.3 Build 19052 with no problems. If so that's give me some confidence in attempting my update later.
  14. Just checked and its available for my VIN to. I will check it out later in the week and as you say lets hope it enables us to update our maps to F8. Actually, it may be a few days before I can update due to commitments but hopefully others will report back and confirm if the update goes smoothly for them.
  15. Thanks for the information. Yes, I have just checked and it looks like its available for me to. I will check it out later.