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  1. after i got ford to clear any codes after limp mode they put a new paper filter in i actualy feel it drives good weired but feels easy on pedalanyway some other sucker is comeing to buy it of me the kn one ,not my prob now
  2. hi just got myself a filter for my 2019 awd juga diesel 2ltr , seemd ok , travelled falkirk to edinburgh and back , felt good , but a mile from home it went into limp mode ie 2 k revs and 45 miles an hour, ,parked up had a coffe then it worked ok again , ive been told its a roulette if it works ok or not , obviously not mine , so i have a filter for sale now , felt it easy on the pedal and no effort i dont drive with a lead foot
  3. hi i recently changed bulbs in my 2019 awd i found it odd, as they just twist and pull out far easierthan clips the front drivers side is tights so a small hand suits
  4. hi i have a kuga 180 psi 2019 8 month old bought in january , when i saw it it wouldnt start garage said as people open doors play with tosys it drains it , ,mmm my *****, anyway they said they put a new battery on it and the manager said aswell as i know him so i beleived him anyways with the virus im not driving as much but on sunday i gave it a turn over for 5 mis , wednesday went to start and it wouldnt , AA came out put meter on it and said theres a .6 of a drain on battery , he,s getting a lot of this quite common , . so he jumped me and i took it for a 30 mile run . ill check it friday . see whats what . im going to have to check service sheet sales and see if he did , if so im not happy , so whats going to happen if i go to the airport and leave it for a week or 2 if and when ,virus is over , do i have to buy jump leads and look for someone , pound to a penny airparks have a jumper box and seen it all before , for a car that cost 30 odd k new its not looking good for ford , why if you know it drains would you make them knowing this . and all ford garages are shut .
  5. done that yes its of its mark , i dont mind , i came away from a merc which was super responsive ill get use to it ,sometimes when you have reversed out and someones up your ***** and you put it into d you can feel the folk at the back of you thinking come on move it .
  6. 2019 kuga 180psi auto 4 by 4 on take up theres a slight pause then take up , small lurch is it just the turbo spooling up then drive uptake , or pedal responce talking to engine maybe fly by wire lag , any ideas if anyone has knowlage
  7. im quite happy with my oil burner poluting the air , diesel kuga brand new , notice the fuel cost just driving it less than my last 2.2 merc i would say im down 10mpg , saw what the 1.5 petrol got and said fxxx that for a game of sudgers. its a heavy motor with a mondeo engine and all wheel drive so friction plays a part in mpg,s i would say cut your loses and get rid of it . and adopt a differant driving style , your up high look far enough ahead and make a desition to fether pedal or come of it and coast . other than that dont fill the tank up keep it low for less weight to haul
  8. hi kuga 180 psi 2019 does anyone know of a performance filter ,maybe getting better mpg on a long run , who /where / cost .are they round or panal. has anyone done this and do you got thru more fuel.
  9. no lites , starts first time sweet a s a pee, as I said lost its oomph and seems to be going thru juice , ford says it has an update but they don't say what for ,oh idles ok no misfires pops or bangs , took out maf sensor as it was ontop of air plenum looked ok and sprayed with wd40 for a clean dryed of and put back in , as I said everything is all ok with the car just have to give it wellie up a hill and sometimes drop a gear or 2 , , tempted to get the upgrade to see what happens , thing is on choke /cold it goes like it should do.
  10. yeh mate but see where i said when cars cold all seems well , so its getting more fuel or timeings advanced and car goes up hills ok so rules out fuel filter , and spark plugs .
  11. hi 2012 fiesta 1.25 , 3 k a year but I thrash the odd time , anyway loss of power going down the gears to get up hills , sounds great and sweet as get out on motorway but ooph has gone , checked everything done plugs oil the whole lot , starts stops ok no hesitantsy. on cold start up and I would say on choke it pulls great and goes up hills ok its just when heated up and as I would say chokes off its back to slow on power , obviously its getting extra fuel but that's it , I took of the maf sensor today and wd40 it and stuck it back in to no avail, tried 5 star fuel as well but no good , it use to get on motorway 60 ish down to 40,s because of small journeys the wife does its going thru the fuel now and getting noticeable . any ideas guys
  12. bobr thats not the kind of answer im looking for ,im after serious answers only not wise cracks .
  13. hi i have a 5 to 6 year old fiesta 1.25psi. i have a dash cam but when plugged in cigerette plug is allways live so the dash cam wont go of even in auto switch of mode ,dose anyone know how to remedy this , ie ive heard you can change the fuze over ,not sure on that or would have to change wires over to accesories.has anyone done this , seemingly all fords are live lighterplug , and i dont want to leave cam on all night .
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