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  1. Car juddering

    I have just had the fuel filter on today and it's still juddering and sluggish. I also had alternator belt, rubbers and track arm bars put on. Square one still so anyone got anymore advice on what could be causing the problem?
  2. Car juddering

    I can buy one and try it. I just can't bare to feel that sluggish juddering. Thanks.
  3. Car juddering

    I have my first car for 2 years now and still going (2002 Ford Fiesta Freestyle 1.25cc) I would like to keep this car for some more years. Sometime ago, the car went onto red (petrol). Then all of a sudden the car is juddering about 1900 - 2000 revs, you accelerate through gears and at about 1900-200 revs it judders through all 5 gears, jerking. spluttering, no power not wanting to go. If you stay below 1900 revs and gradually gain speed it does not judder, or, if you out rev the car so it's always about 2000 revs it does not judder either. it's only if you increase speed by driving normally it judders. Does anyone know what this could be that's wrong with it? I've dealt with this long enough and would like to get it fixed ASAP. It is definitely not the battery, oil, oil filter or the 4 new tyres it has had on it..These are all brand new with in the last year. I'm about to have a new alternator belt put on on Saturday, some new rubbers to stop it rattling when going over bumps and getting some silver paint for the back wheel arches to sort the rust out so would like to get this juddering done why it's getting these fixes. Thanks in advance.