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  1. After 15 months of owning my edge st line iv traded it in for a new facelift Edge st line,get it Wednesday,got a great deal on my car and new one,it’s a demonstrator I’m getting 4 month old with every extra possible I think,my old car I’m trading in was a decent enough car,had to get rear lights replaced because of steaming up and got rear discs and pads replaced too,all done under warranty,only thing I will say about the car I’m getting rid of is the front headlights,they are not great at all,they are Such rubbish lights on a car that cost so much the lights are very poor in my opinion,wish I took it with LED lights to start with but this ones should be good LED matrix headlights so can’t wait to see how good they are going to be,as I say the edge is without doubt the best car iv ever driven no questions apart from the poor headlights.
  2. Lovely looking car,I love that colour,great photos too.
  3. I got my money back for the alloy I bought weeks ago,it was a lighter colour than my ones yet was exact same code and everything,the ford dealer were at a loss as to why it was like that,they even ordered another one and it was the same,lighter colour,ford opened an investigation but came back a couple weeks later after checking stock to say they are happy the alloys are all the correct colour yet they were lighter colour than what’s on my car,so why they came back and said that I don’t know,even the place I bought alloy said there was a clear difference in colour but ford said they were happy so I just got my money back,strange one but I don’t care,it was just a tiny chip on my one and hardly noticeable so I can live with it,my OCD was kicking in,they prob get kerbed soon anyway so past careing.
  4. Got door sorted today,it dropped slightly for some reason,all sorted now though so hope it stays fine now.
  5. Yes it’s a strange one,it just started doing it this morning when I went to open passenger door,the top black plastic bit is hitting top of rear door,never mind the garage gona have look at it,I thought maybe front door has dropped a wee bit and needs re aligned but I’m no expert that’s why I thought I’d ask on here,the car is only a month old so god knows what it is.
  6. It’s a 2018 model,I’m getting it looked at but I was just wondering if anyone has had the same issues as I am with there door
  7. Hi there,does anyone know why my front and rear doors are hitting at the top,it’s front passenger and rear passenger doors hitting on black plastic,it’s the edge of the front door hitting start of rear door at very top,is it just a case of door needs bolts slackened and adjusted or something else if anyone knows.
  8. Thanks again Wizzo for the pic,my wheels look darker than your one for some reason,just looked and my original wheel and new wheel have same codes on spokes of the wheel on inside,only difference is on top of wheel where tyre sits is a black stamped code but both wheels have different black stamped codes,not sure if that makes a difference or not but there is a fair difference in colour on both wheels,the place I bought it from are at a loss too why it’s a lighter colour,hopefully get this sorted soon.
  9. Thanks Wizzo,that’s what I thought,iv looked everywhere but I can’t see any alloys darker than the code I got,that’s why I can’t understand why the wheel I received is a bit lighter than what’s on the car,a mystery.
  10. Bought a new alloy wheel for my edge as I got a chip on my one,asked around a few places for codes gave reg number etc etc before I bought the alloy,5358302 is code I was told,20” tarnished dark alloy wheel,got alloy home and it’s a lighter colour,anyone know why that is,it’s more silvery,not that much but it’s definitely noticeable,I thought there was just the one colour of wheel for the sport/st line,a bit baffled now why it’s lighter.
  11. Thanks for the reply GrumpyJohn,was just wondering if there is different colours/shades of alloy for the edge sport/st line or is it just the one dark colour,I think it is just one but was just wondering if more than one shade or not.
  12. Hi,does anyone know what the code for a dark coloured 20” alloy wheel like on sport/st line is,I’m told it’s 5358302 but I’m not sure,any info be good.
  13. Got my edge st line this morning,very happy with it,looks good in white imo,get it washed tomorrow as it's rotten after journey home.
  14. Pick it up tomorrow morning 😀
  15. my new st line will be £500 road tax first year and £450 then after,same as my sport is,after April 2018 it be £800 first year then £450 onwards.so I was told by the salesman.
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