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  1. I know it's unusually chilly in the U.K. at the moment, but my Edge is telling me it's -40C outside. Therefore, even on its lowest setting, the aircon is blowing warm air. I'm guessing something has developed a fault? TC
  2. Had a surprise this morning. Plugged in my iPhone as usual, received a message asking to allow Sync to access my device. Why, I wondered - then when I accepted new T&Cs saw that the Ford logo on the Sync app had updated. It seems that my Sync 3 2.3 had updated to v3.0 via my house WiFi over night. What a bonus! Not seen any other changes though... Anyone else had this update? TC
  3. Yes, success here as well! EH at Old Trafford did a great job. No issues. Phew! TC
  4. I thought that's what you folks were here for
  5. Here's a new one! I lent on my keys which were in my front pocket of my jeans while gardening and all the windows of my Edge opened at the same time! How did that happen? TC
  6. I'm dreading taking mine in next week... TC
  7. Hi folks Over the last few weeks I've been reading lots of depressing stories about the curtain airbag recalls and the shoddy work being done by the dealers. Has anyone had any positive experiences with this job? I'm asking because mine is going in next week for the work... dun dun duh!!! I'm praying to the Evans Halshaw Garage God right now TC
  8. Geez! I never knew that :-) Thanks for that. TC
  9. Hi folks Picked up my Edge Titanium yesterday - really pleased. I noticed that the headlights are always on, regardless of the settings I've put them on e.g Auto etc. Ive followed the online video instruction to switch off the Daytime Lights, but that option doesn't appear on my Edge (the image is from the online video). Thoughts? TC
  10. Hi folks I'm looking at buying some seat covers for my Edge (kids+drinks=nightmare) Can anyone recommend any? There's a fair few on EBay. Cheers TC
  11. Many thanks to everyone for their responses. I'm glad I came onto this forum, as I foolishly believed the online descriptions were accurate!
  12. Hi folks I'm looking at buying a nearly new Edge. I want one with Sync 3. Many online dealers (including Trusted Dealers.co.uk and Buyacar.co.uk) are stating that their Edge cars have Sync 3 installed, but if I look up their number plates on Ford Etis they state that they have Sync II. What's going on? Are they all clueless, lying or have I misunderstood what Sync II means?? Ta in advance TC