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  1. Thanks for your replys. The car was in at a mechanic last week for some new brake pads. We asked him to check the tyres/wheels whilst it was their. He said he re-sealed them as they hadn't been sealed. That was last monday, exactly a week ago and the tyre pressure came on again this morning. We do have a tyre inflator but it's just a pain in the backside having to pump them all up every couple of week
  2. Hi guys, we have a 14 plate fiesta ecoboost 1.0L, we've had the car nearly 2 years now, it's been a great little car, but for the last year or so the tyre pressure light comes on every 2 weeks, sometimes sooner. We've had new tyres, new valves fitted, had the tyres resealed you name it but the light is constantly coming up. It's a complete pain in the back side. When we pump the tyres up, they have all gone down in PSI too but more so the passenger rear which drops down to around 18 PSI every couple of weeks. We've had mechanics look at it and we're all completely baffled. Does anybody know why this could be or have a solution for it? TIA
  3. Yes what that other guy said, think it's aanything over 32GB you need a specific program to convert them to FAT32. Anyway, I did this and it still didn't work, so I will buy something a little smaller and see where we go from their.
  4. I thought That, I managed to use a program called Ease us to format it to fat32. Now it just says unknown artist and doesn't play.
  5. Hi guys, just recently bought my fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost. I have tried connecting my USB stick to the port for music etc, but it keeps saying USB device not detected, please insert USB drive, or something along thise lines. I have read you have to format the drive to FAT32 format? As i have a 116GB sandisk drive, it won't let me format to FAT32, only exFAT or NTFS which apparantly aren't compatible with Ford SYNC? Any help would be appreciated :-)
  6. Is the clutch quite stiff on anybody elses Fiesta? I didn't notice it when we test drove it but now I've driven it around my left leg starts to hurt a bit as the clutch is quite stiff.
  7. Thank you guys for your helpful replies. From what I've read the average mpg is around 45-50? We're getting between 25-30 with the Audi we currently have so I'm hoping it will make much more of a difference. We get the car delivered tomorrow morning so I'm looking forward to giving it a good spin tomorrow evening after work. Will add some pictures too if I can :)
  8. My partner has 2 jobs, 1 of her jobs she goes to twice a day, so all in all she does 6 trips including their and back, at the moment we have an Audi A3 (we get the fiesta on thursday) and we're spending £120 a month on petrol. I am praying this 1.0 ecoboost is a lot more economical than the Audi lol.
  9. That's incredible technology. Do you set the limit on the actual key? Or you have the key in the ignition to set the limit? We don't have any children as of yet but it's a great feature to know of for future reference.
  10. Yes when we test drove it I did notice them, the arrows do appear at low revs but it's not very often we're racing people anymore, so that's not a problem those days are long gone ;-) Is that the menu on the trip computer on the Indicator lever? I flicked through it and saw you could see your average MPG and speed etc. Also what's the MYKEY function? I read about it that you could set a certain limit or something? The salesman never told or showed us anything though. As for the start/stop function, you can turn that off by a little button on the dash, which I think may come in handy as I'm not too keen on it.
  11. Thank you guys for the useful information, we do always service our cars when we MOT them every year so that won't be a problem. I've heard about the reverse gear on the Fiesta, that it can grind due to some syncro....thing? Not very useful with cars so please bear with me, but the salesman where we bought the car told us to stick to changing gears when it tells us to (by the arrows) and it will be much more economical that way.
  12. Not sure if anyone saw my thread for the past week but I was thinking of buying a Fiesta, 1.4TDCi due to been much more economical than the Audi i have now. Well after much deliberation we decided to up our price range and we've gone for the 1.0 Ecoboost Zetece model. Paying a few grand more than I first wanted but with only 44,000 mile on the clock and a 14 plate, I am hoping it will last us a very long time. Anyone else got an ecoboost with any pros and cons about it? I took it for a drive and it was beautiful to drive, seemed quite nippy for a 1.0l too.
  13. Yes i have kept that in mind about the bhp. My partner drives it more than me for work, she's a fairly new driver so bhp doesn't affect her. The reason we are looking at a 1.4 is because their cheaper on the insurance and have more mpg than the 1.2 and 1.25's, accodring to the auto trader details anyway. I'm guessing the 1.2 has a turbo?
  14. Thank you for the recommendation but i wouldn't be seen dead in one of them lol, their horrible.
  15. We have looked at the focus but the newer models are out of our price range and not keen on the older models. My friend has twins, and has the same fiesta we are looking at. She says she manages perfectly fine with it having a big boot etc. I suppose women are miracle workers when it comes to kids though :D