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  1. statts

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    Hello I have the 125bhp ecoboost in titanium x spec, had it for 19 months and love it. it has all the extras on it apart from nav. bought it to replace a 6 year old skoda fabia 1.2 (70) NA. the fiesta is saving me money on road tax (£0 vs £120 per year), insurance, etc. not sure about fuel because i am only averaging 32.6mpg doing a 2 mile commute to work and back. it is comfortable, reliable, just had it tested and only needed 2 tyres, mileage 14920 in 4 years. it has full leather, 17" alloy wheels, spare wheel, variable boot floor as optional extras and the metallic deep impact blue paint. my friend has a kuga titanium 1.5 ecoboost awd auto and i only bought mine on recommendation. the ecoboost engine did have a recall but it only affected early focus models from 2012-2014 i think so anything registered after this will be unaffected but i am going to get mine checked out for the coolant degas hose as i think it should be modified after reading reviews about it.
  2. HELLO A friend of mine has just bought said vehicle and i was wondering whether it had a DPF fitted or not? I have been on Ford ETIS and it doesn't tell me. Thank you
  3. statts

    Mk7.5 125 vs 140?

    Hi I have a titanium x 125 like Ian318, i also drove a 100bhp ecoboost and there is not a lot of difference IMO but i haven't driven a 140bhp ecoboost but i don't think it would be much quicker. Me personally would do what Ian318 says go for a 125bhp loaded with extras and be very happy with that. just watch the fuel consumption, mine is only averaging 31.7mpg doing a 2 mile commute to work and back!!!!!!
  4. statts

    Replacement driver side wing mirror front trim

    Hello It looks like you might need just the case replaced. you might be able to get one from a breakers yard. Just to warn you a whole new mirror from main dealers is going to be expensive. i have just had mine replaced (titanium x spec with power fold mirror) cost £292 all in. have a look on ebay or search wingmirrorman on google it will probably be cheaper this way if you don't want to go to a breakers yard.
  5. statts

    Stop Start on Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2012

    Evening stop/start works on my car even on a 2 mile commute to work. sometimes it doesn't work but as said above it could be down to engine temp, outside temp, heater blowing hot or cold at full blast. i can be sat in traffic with the stop/start activated thinking to myself 'i'm not damaging the planet because my engine is off and think how much money i'm saving.'
  6. statts

    What's your MPG?

    My mates got a 1.5 ecoboost awd auto titanium currently averaging 26.6mpg but doesn't go far when used. official figure is 37.7mpg. ford have recently annouced in new price guide that with the new economy figures (wltp) that same car averages now 30.1mpg but round town it is 23.3mpg which frompersonal experience is about right.
  7. statts

    1.0 ecoboost

    Evening everybody I think they have as it only affects ecoboost engines from 2011-2013 in 1.0 form and 1.6 ecoboosts. don't think courier was built between these dates.
  8. statts

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Yes 1979Damien I agree but stop/start does activate with my car as it is used daily. just thought we would both get closer to the official urban mpg figures quoted which i think were 52.3 for my car and 32.5mpg for my friends car.
  9. statts

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Evening everybody had my fiesta ecoboost 125 titanium x for 16 months currently averaging 31.7mpg. car is used for a 2 mile commute to work and back, start/stop used when possible in traffic. Friend of mine has a kuga ecoboost 182 auto currently averaging 26.6mpg. car not used often and only roubd town when is used. start/stop doesn't activate as engine to temp before getting to destination. both of us disappointed with figures but as people say on other forums you can have 'eco' or 'boost' but not both.
  10. Hi I am only going to work and back which is about 2 miles and stop-start traffic most of the way. i do try and use stop-start system as much as i can but on the kuga i dont think the engine gets up to temperature that quickly as stop-start hardly ever engages. love the new fiesta st by the way wish i could afford one!!!!!! how old is your parents kuga ( my mates is a 2017 model, titanium spec)
  11. Evening everybody Just a quick update, my mates kuga is averaging 26.6mpg which isnt much less than my fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 125 which is averaging 31.8mpg. we are both disappointed with these figures but we just have to put up with them.
  12. Hi I have an ecoboost 125 and currently i am getting 31.5 mpg around town with 15 mph average speed. stop/start cuts in most of the time and on my last fill up got about 240 miles out of 3/4 of a tank. i thought i would get more mpg than i am but as everyone says you cant have 'eco' and 'boost' at the same time.
  13. Hi My mate has a kuga ecoboost 182 awd auto petrol and that is averaging 25 mpg but thats kind of what we figured he would get anyway looking at review sites and talking to people. Ford has just announced they are tweaking the kuga's engines and the fuel economy and emissions are on par now with what people are getting out of there current versions
  14. statts

    Fiesta Adjustable Load Floor Question

    Hi New to the forum as i just bought a new titanium x fiesta 6 weeks ago. Just had adjustable load floor fitted at Pye Motors Morecambe and cost of supplied and fitted was £296.00. But did take 3 and 1/2 hours to fit. hope this is useful for people.