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  1. Evening, Are you looking for a manual or automatic. I ask this as my friend has an automatic titanium 2017 and is currently getting 26.4mpg but car doesn't go very far, in fact it has done just 50 miles in one year. it is on motability and he is thinking of giving it back as he thinks he will not get his licence back so i have done all those miles in the last year. Hope this helps
  2. Hello What fuel economy are you getting out of it at the moment? Just asking as a friend of mine has the same model but 2017 and currently averaging 26.4mpg Thanks
  3. I have the Titanium X Ecoboost 125 2014/64 plate, 16,200 miles, currently average 31.5mpg but that is on a 2 mile commute to work and back in heavy traffic and sometimes driving like a hooligan.
  4. Hello I got the service done last Wednesday as that was the cut off date for it to be done as any later if anything was warrantable it wouldn't be covered. The vehicle hasn't moved since but both Ford and Motability are having to cover their backs I guess.
  5. Evening Yes a taxi would be more convenient because my friend has the car parked outside his house costing him his mobility allowance and he is not getting any enjoyment out of it. He is thinking of giving it back anyway because he had a stroke March 2018 and he was asked to take a driving assessment but i think it was done too quickly (July/August 2018) and he was told to voluntarily give up his licence but he has been back and forth to DVLA to try and get it back. Thanks
  6. Evening The dealer did provide collection and delivery but they couldn't do it until 24th June and i was told if any was warrantable it wouldn't be covered as the service had been done too late. Also couldn't have a courtesy car at that last minute. Cheers
  7. Yes Motability are paying for it but if the car hardly moves in my opinion the oil wouldn't need changing, the vehicle would need it checked and replaced if required. Another friend of mine has been to her mechanic many years ago and he said the oil is so thin it doesn't need changing but that car was out of warranty.
  8. Evening My friends Kuga has only done 50 miles in 1 year, would anybody have it serviced when it is only 2 years old? It is a motability vehicle and I have been told that you have to have it done. Me personally wouldn't it would only need a check over and the book stamped. Also been told that if I didn't have it done soon the warranty would no longer be valid. Does anyone have any thoughts about all this? Thanks
  9. Evening Are you looking at petrol or diesel? I only ask this as my friend has a petrol titanium and is only averaging 26.4mpg. I personally wouldn't go for a Land Rover as I have heard horror stories about reliability but Volvo's reliability record is good as far as I know. Hope this helps
  10. Evening I have the same issues as you. my stop/start doesn't work all the time even though when i start it up it lights up green in the middle of the dash, strangely though, it hasn't worked from December last year up until earlier on this week, i was shocked because i have got into the routine everytime i stop in traffic I put the car in neutral, take my foot off the clutch so it should kick in but it doesn't. my commute is only 2 miles there and back so i know the engine doesn't get up to operating temperature but it might be down to the warmer weather we have been having so that it works. hope this helps
  11. Hello My fiesta had to have a new passenger side door mirror, got it replaced by the main dealers (Pye Motors, Morecambe) cost just sort of £300 but mine is powerfolding and got the puddle light. Had to have it done at dealers as other persons insurance was paying for it. Has your car got parking sensors because if it has it would have the powerfolding mirrors as part of the pack? Have you looked at a place online called wing mirror man? They might be able to offer what you need for a fraction of the price and they are genuine people, My grandad got a mirror off them and it arrived in a couple of days. Main dealers wanted over £200 but he got one for £30 brand new. Hope this helps
  12. Hi I had to have a new sensor on mine ( Had Arnold Clark do a refurb on wheels, didn't put the sensor back in) total cost for new sensor £112.00 by Pye Motors, Morecambe. Luckily i wasn't paying for it but apparently I was talking to a tyre fitter and they are generally easy to maintain and easy to fit because it sits on the alloy wheel and resets itself after only a couple of miles. Other manufacturers I.e. Chrysler are the hardest as the valve stem is made of poor quality and breaks very easily and a new sensor is not cheap. Put it this way a few years ago i was on Ebay and a set of 4 sensors were cheaper for a Rolls Royce than it was for 1 sensor on a Dodge Caliber. Hope this is good information for you.
  13. I have a 2014 1.0 ecoboost 125 having previously had a 2011 1.2 (70bhp) skoda fabia and find the ecoboost qucker, more refined and when the start/stop kicks in after being used it comes in very smooth. the one thing about ecoboost engines are they are not as economical as the figures suggest. mines averaging 31.4mpg and i think the fabia was averaging 40mpg over the same distance. as others have said you can turn off start/stop but you have to do it everytime you start it up even if you stall it. i love my fiesta apart from its fuel economy, a friend of mine has a kuga ecoboost awd auto and he likes his but not the fuel economy (26.4mpg currently over 2 years and 3700 miles). i hope this gives you some comparison between a 1.25/1.1 or an ecoboost because i was in the same position have had a 1.2 fabia and now an ecoboost thanks
  14. Hello my fiesta is averaging 31.3mpg but mines a manual gearbox, air con not used, trying to use stop/start all the time but doesn't kick in. its coming up 4 1/2 year old but only done 15,800 miles so its not often used. hope this helps thanks
  15. not sure without looking at the specs. is yours the newer shape or the same as my nannas because you should be getting more than that