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  1. H15 LED bulbs for Mk7.5 Fiesta

    Have you used these then? Are they straight plug and play?
  2. Phone Holders

    I have I magnetic one and a h have done for years. Never caused any damage or issues to the various phones I've had. I just stick the magnetic ring to the phone case and the main small holder on the radio works for me
  3. Windscreen stone chip repair

    It's worth getting fixed before it spreads, it's usually guaranteed and your insurance will usually recommend this
  4. MK7 Front Badge Removal

    You could just cover it with a gel badge as sold on eBay.. Then even chose a new colour..
  5. Where is your dash cam located.

    Forgot to say from the drivers seat the camera isn't visible. Hard wired in cable runs straight up along the inside the windscreen covering then down the inside of the a pillar
  6. Where is your dash cam located.

    I also have the a119, located centre of the windscreen behind the mirror so as not to affect my vision in anyway. Work a treat for me. If u want any pics pm me your email and I can send u some direct from my phone as I'm on holiday at the mo without my laptop
  7. Stop Start Not Working

    Try this first.. It worked for me perfectly.. Once the battery was topped up
  8. Honeycomb grill for Ford Fiesta style 63 plate

    yeap..it is , I fitted one myself, had the standard chrome slate one and replaced it with the honeycomb one with the red surround.
  9. Headlights

    That it may be but the light output is incredible
  10. Headlights

    Phillip's race vision
  11. Headlight Brows Legal?

    As long as they don't imped the light output you will be fine
  12. Ford fiesta day time running lights.

    Highly unlikely....