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    Fuse ok, there is a spark, what is the best way of checking fuel at the rail? If the pump has gone would there still be enough pressure for injectors to inject fuel? Plugs are bone dry.
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    Ordered 2nd hand one £42 so no great expense if not the pump. Question - can i hook up replacement before installing to see if it runs, thus ensuring its not a wiring fault. Dont want to do any damage. Power is getting to pump, meter reads when ignition turned on. cheers
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    Mondeo Mk3 1.8lx 2002. She turns over but fails to start. Spark at plugs, fuel cut off switch is depressed, no blown fuses, cannot hear fuel pump priming itself. Is there any other checks I can do before replacing the fuel pump? Most times it would start straight away sometimes after a few turns, now not at all.
  4. Just had mot done failed on emmisions as it starts to smoke after a few secs at revs. Does this point to valve stem seals? Is there any easy test to check without the exspense of of removing the head? Got sore eyes from looking through forums, another possibility is the pcv valve? any views on either? Ok no answers yet so here's an update :- removed inlet manifold (old type so will need upgrading to 2002> model as flaps are a little loose) flaps covered in oil and can see oil inside the head sitting there. So pcv valve or seals on valves? Will give further updates but would like some opinions guys/girls Update:- replaced inlet manifold, oil seperator and pipes. Removed o2 sensor and lamda sensor they looked a little sooted nothing else so looks like they are ok. Spark plugs lokk a little oily gave a clean put all back and still smoking! There is no smoke on start up or while auto choke is warming engine, it doesn't start to smoke till it's warmed up - so any ideas? oil residue in exhaust burning off when hot? yet no oil on sensors! Would expect smoke on initial start up if it were stem seals gone as it has been sat for a couple of weeks yet its clear till it's hotted up??
  5. Central locking

    Thanks will give that a go. Had another look and it seems to point to the boot latch, sometimes when closing the boot it gives a roll over sound and does not engage the lock as it opens with a pull up. Might be a loose component in there somewhere so I will have a look there.
  6. Another little job! button on key fob operates the locking (sound) but does not lock or open (get double locking sound as if a door is open) works fine when using the key in lock any ideas?
  7. p0400 egr flow malfunction

    Thanks for reply but on the petrol 1.8 it is fitted on th side of the head so there are no additional pipes only a water one that flows through the egr valve from the head. The exhaust flows into the valve then back into head (when open). Not sure how it then re enters the inlet manifold. Uploaded a pic for the 1.8 and 2.0 versions. The solinoid is on top held on by 4 screws, once removed you can depress the valve manually to check its operation. Mine was stcking very slightly which is why i have removed and cleaned (you do lose about a litre of water) it could be the soinoid is at fault? or would that throw up a different fault number?
  8. Ok, just purchased a mondeo 1.8lx petrol 2002 and has a known mot failure on emmissions (don't know the numbers on latest but previous was failed on 2nd fast idle excessive on all 3 carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and lamda). I did an error check and it showed up the egr fault p0400. I assume as there is no other errors and the engine running fine that this is probably the cause. I have removed the valve and am in the process of cleaning (not too bad) Question is would this suffice or is it a replacement job? Thanks