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  1. Furio101

    WeatherTech mats.... Good deal on

    So they arrived ok and fitted them, pretty impressed. Get all round protection, only gripe was from the wife as the rear one floates around a bit so I had to add a velcro strip on the underside.
  2. Furio101

    F7 maps on Sync 2

    I went from F5 to F6 and don't notice any difference. Has anyone brought an F7 yet from eBay?
  3. Furio101

    Estate load retention net

    It's for when the boot is fully loaded above the parcel shelf, stops items entering the passenger compartment.
  4. Furio101

    Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Go into you navigation preferences and select visual and audio announcements on hazard spot warning option. Mine now alerts me all the time even when not using satnav, I get a CAUTION! When getting close to one.
  5. Furio101

    Estate load retention net

    Hi Does anyone have the Ford load retention net, thinking of getting one but seems a high price for what it actually is.
  6. Furio101

    WeatherTech mats.... Good deal on

    According to the website yes has the fixings.
  7. So been thinking about getting these for ages the normal RRP for front and back was £159... However Carpartsforless have discounted them and also get another 12% off bringing them to £104 delivered !!!! So I ordered 😁, not a bad deal ...
  8. Furio101

    Towbar or not towbar ;-)

    Spotted this connection under the rear drivers side, thought it could be part of the tow bar electrical connection?
  9. Update completed in 25min, no issues with car afterwards. Dealer didn't really know what it changed/was for, apparently just a background software update for the DPF.
  10. Furio101

    I just found this out

    Didn't know this until I read your post, thanks! Now I just need to work out where I like it...
  11. Furio101

    Towbar or not towbar ;-)

    I am also considering the electronic retractable tow bar. Had a look under my 2016 3.5mk and it looks like it has the connection on the driver's side next to the exhaust mount. Going to get a quote on Thursday for ford to fit.
  12. Furio101

    Mission Darkness bag

    So today my Mission darkness Faraday bag arrived, im really pleased with it. Tested getting into car, trying to start it and all attempts failed to recognise the key in the pouch. Not exactly cheap but a good peice of mind having it.
  13. Furio101

    Rear brake squeak

    Thanks, I have a set of Pagid and a set of Motor croft ( 1809259 ford) pads. Both with a chamfered edge. will get them to try the Ford ones first. My local garage is doing for free so saves me having to do it. The local dealer just realigned and put a load of anti squeak paste, 2k later noise is back so decided to change pads. Could be a coincidence but I used to use Bilt Hamber auto-wheel cleaner and they were fine before using that brand, It was left on the back wheels a little longer than prescribed <5min and I think that has contaminated the pads.....only a thought though..
  14. Due to go in on 17th now, I'll ask what it's for but probably know the answer.... ..anyone else had it yet?
  15. Furio101

    Gear Change Noises - Mk3 TDCI

    When sat at traffic lights in natural, when putting into first gear I feel a clunk from the engine as if it is engaging a gear in the gear box, it' quite weird but only happens at a slight incline other times never notice it. (2.0d)