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  1. Focus MK3 Shorter antenna with dab

    I can confirm that it does not fit my MK3.5 2016, the diameter of the screw thread is smaller.
  2. Focus MK3 Shorter antenna with dab

    Here we go !! 405mm 1695471 275mm 1695481 2017 short mast 2002542
  3. LED bulbs in mk3.5 Focus.

    I replaced my side lights to led and rear marker lights but when I did the rear light/brake light they would still draw power and glow faint red all the time so swapped them back
  4. Car Mats

    These look good but pretty expensive, would be good to get a review someone that has them.
  5. Focus MK3 Shorter antenna with dab

    it arrived at dealer yesterday but tying in my visit with a recall fix (software update), didn't want to do a wasted journey. !
  6. Focus MK3 Shorter antenna with dab

    Picking it up Tuesday, so if no one beats me to it I will post the info .... and test on drive on way home!
  7. Opinions please

    Top ones
  8. PAINTMODZ Shark Fin for Mk3

    I tried the stubby, certain parts of my journey DAB did not work. Swapped back to original and it works perfectly. I have now ordered the 2017 aerial to see what that one is like.
  9. Focus MK3 Shorter antenna with dab

    No problem...
  10. Thanks , got it booked in on Tuesday.
  11. Focus MK3 Shorter antenna with dab

    I have got the dealer to order me one, comes in on Tuesday for £12 so will see if it works ok with my 2016.
  12. damp carpets

    Heater matrix? Pull out the pollen filter and see if that is wet.
  13. Looked on Etis just now and have this outstanding, anyone else had this done yet. I assume its a software update? 17E09 - 1.5L AND 2.0L DURATORQ DE-SULPHURISATION
  14. Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Upgraded from F5 to F6 today, £41 works fine.
  15. Focus MK3 Shorter antenna with dab

    Thanks, popping into Ford today to pick up replacement badge, will see if they can provide me with part number or order me one