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  1. Welcome. I dread to find out how much mine is worth now after 6 years of ownership.
  2. I'm pretty sure I used to have the same problem and i believe a firmware update fixes it. More info HERE
  3. Hi, not sure about the bluetooth other than to make sure any old devices are deleted and try again. The sat nav is the MCA type and there is a 2015 firmware update...more info HERE Don't think you can get just UK maps...normally 'Europe + Turkey'. The SD cards can be found on Ebay for about £25. Ebay link
  4. I would say that's about right considering the colder temps and longer nights and heavy vehicle and depending on how bad the town traffic is. My 2.2 diesel Mondeo normally averages 40mpg for my commute on B and A roads and a bit of town (but not much stop/start), last week I drove in to and across Bristol and it dropped down to 30mpg. My old ST24 (2.5 V6) used to average 28mpg but in town it was anything from 18-22mpg
  5. There was an issue for a couple of weeks recently but it seems to have be resolved from what I've experienced.
  6. Best to find the radio code first, just in case. I've removed my battery numerous times and it doesn't always ask for the radio code (I have sat nav unit). There is a setting for Battery age that could be reset but not sure if its do this you'll need Forscan software (free), a ELM327 USB lead and a laptop. Forscan software Here ELM327 lead Here I've had my car since it was 2 1/2 years old and it's always given the low battery message, but always starts. The most annoying thing is that the radio doesn't stay on for long when the engine is not running. I can drive hundreds of miles and the message still appears. I did have the battery replaced under warranty in Jan 2015 and the message stopped appearing for about 1 1/2 years. Tried charging it but the message appears again after a month. I was tempted to buy a replacement recently but decided not to in the end. Was going to get a Yuasa 110 from Halfords. What battery have you bought?
  7. I may not be able to help but is your car keyless start (so has a push button to start) or do you insert a key in to an ignition barrel?
  8. Loads of info over at Talkford It used to be a specific Mondeo forum many years ago and there are still a lot of Mondeo owners there.
  9. When you say you "thought it was the battery"...have yo confirmed it is actually ok? When batteries fail on modern cars, you do see weird things happen like the clocks going mad, or the wipers working on their own. I would say it's probably coinciding with the cold temps/weather.
  10. As above.... My priorities are dry/wet grip and least is cost (although I try to get the best deal I can of course), so I normally end up spending £180 per tyre which last about 15K miles...need 4 next year 😂 when I swap back to them from Winter wheels/Tyres.
  11. no, but from what I was reading, there were very few facelifted models with steering rack problems. I've had my car 6 years and done over 80K miles without any steering rack issues (Changed the fluid last year though)
  12. So, with the headlights 'on', your Static cornering light/bulb are not coming on when you turn the steering wheel? both sides? Any messages in the Information-messages section of the display?
  13. ok, those will most likely be the pre-facelift models, but check out the 2011 models to to compare...might not be much difference in price. I have an early facelift with the sat nav but without DAB, I think the late 2011 models with nav had DAB. Otherwise they come with the Sony stereo with DAB.
  14. Have a look here at the 2011 Mondeo Brochure What year car are you looking at? The facelift came out in 2011 (MK4.5). Some ( a lot possibly) of the pre-facelift cars suffered with power steering issues which normally ended up with needing the rack and reservoir to be replaced. I didn't want to chance it and hence I got a MK4.5, plus it looks better inside and out IMO.