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  1. I would say check the bottom ball joints. If they are a loose as that sounds then that can give you the shaking. You could try by getting someone to shake the steering whilst you grab hold of the ball joint, or raise the wheel off the ground, grab the wheel at 12 and 6 O'clock positions and wiggle it, if there is movement then chances are that it's the bottom ball joint (you've ruled out the track rod ends already). You might also feel movement/knocking shaking at 3 and 9 o'clock too being that loose. (If you have a helper then they can shake/wiggle while you feel the joints.
  2. Haynes manual, can still get from halfords or digital from Haynes directly ( I think) Can get Ford service sheets HERE
  3. Yup, But I knew that before I bought my car 😉
  4. MK3 what? 19's will fit but you'll need 235/40/19 tyres. These are the standard 19's on my Mondeo TXS.
  5. Check your account settings and make sure your email is correct. I just received an email notifying me. You might as well get quotes from Elkins Ford in Westbury and Trowbridge Ford, ask for a courtesy car too if it helps, that's what I did, and see how it compares to the Peugeot quote.
  6. Same spring listed for my diesel TXS, not the most expensive but more than what OP has paid for them, if indeed they were Ford springs (or the correct spring). See here... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393396440523?fits=Car+Make%3AFord&epid=1809769280&hash=item5b98414dcb:g:IrAAAOSw-45gycem&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4H2ONmA8kH6wBxjJZEjNqb2LJs6dZC143mvA1f3raiMn3QRUtFxI4%2BccGgzqrTaiFp0LHynS8cSbEhBVLLivvVqj9%2B6b6GJ8yJBoM0y5mHD%2BZrpg74IuLkl9NzN2t9IvHt9q6nwc5fkaYIMsT5xmT2kuT663uXFAtbNjOfxtIJTeH2ZCLbxjCKsw7mBMfya55ViSQmdOXuONSmfILFFGNvJWGyZ24kBe8PATKwoUF%2FqsLh%2B5bb7qk%2B0PxTZNVsav%2BxUVjTeXBrzyf69xw%2F0tHmtQbVjF5Urcw6TBnx32UYyS|tkp%3ABk9SR5yjzpHlYQ I've been meaning to replace the rear springs on my car but was quite ill last year so haven't yet done so. I bought aftermarket springs which were listed for the "sport" and had different part number to the standard springs. Can't remember how much I paid for them but less than £100 for the pair.
  7. Try Admiral...I have mods declared and it only increased my premium a little (I pay less than £200 in total a year though). One of the younger members of our team at work has his heavily modified imported Mazda RX7 insured with them too and he said they were the best when he was looking for cover.
  8. Maybe by the time I need to replace mine the PS5S will be have been released. I'll see what the reviews say then.
  9. If anything the Mondeo has the odd (uncommon) size of 235/40/19. A few years ago I considered 245 tyres so that I could get some Gooyears as they weren't available in my size, I didn't though and bought Michelin PSS instead. I see they do the Asymmetric 6 in my size now. I might try the Conti's next, although that may not be for a couple of years as I'm not doing the mileage I once was since Covid. Plus I swap to 18" wheels and winter tyres (soon to be all season tyres) for a few months of winter.
  10. That's cheap for 19's...for my car £199 fo SC7 or £245 for PS4S's.
  11. 19's on the RS isn't it? I use Michelin PS4S's on my 19" Mondeo wheels. Again check out TyreReviews website. Michelin are doing £100 cashback if buying 4 x 19" tyres from a participating dealer...https://www.michelin.co.uk/auto/promotions-michelin/auto
  12. Or use the other link for the same thing but cheaper 😉
  13. Well, if your car doesn't have the mounting points then you need the set in the links I metioned. Looks like you have the newer roof (Facelift model?).
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