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  1. Hi and welcome. I'm looking to get a Transit or Tourneo Custom and have been researching for a while now. From what I've read the drivers door lock is a weak point and can be upgraded for a better shielded unit. There are also additional locks available to better secure the sliding door and rear barn doors, not sure on what is available of a tailgate. Have a look here Another thing to note is that the spare wheel seems to be vulnerable to theft too, thieves just cut the wire that holds it up. The advice is to remove it and store it in the van if you can. Other things are pedal locks, Disklok for steering wheel and relocating the ODBII port elsewhare to make it harder to Steal the van. There's a Facebook page called COG (Custom Owners Group), have a look there too...COG link ... for more info, but just be wary that there can be a bit of banter and sarcasm on there, though someone will always be able to answer the question or offer suggestions. Good luck with it.
  2. Can you not get a screwdriver in there to put a bit of pressure on it and then press the unlock button?
  3. Get a decent brand as cheaper brands don't tend to last too long. I've just ordered Duracell batteries for mine.
  4. I assume you don't have a smart TV, smart bluray player or smart DVR etc? I'll be watching some of those highlights.
  5. I might have missed a previous suggestion but I use caravan levelling ramps like these (clicky click) I use it mainly to raise the car up to enable the trolley jack to fit under without it catching the side skirt, or having to lift the car by hand from the wheel arch and then kick the jack under the car. (Note: I use a 3 ton trolley jack with a large diameter lifting pad) The ramps give enough height to do minor things but not high enough to get fully under the car, I can remove the under tray to drain the oil or get partially under the rear to check things.
  6. Ah, you're right...guess I've never had to look for a relay Have you checked the fuse? I wouldn't have thought a horn would be on a relay.
  7. That sounds like the negative pole (that connects to the negative on the battery, it's used for attaching jumps leads, you should be able to use a deep socket to remove it.
  8. What does it say in the handbook? Download from HERE if you don't have one.
  9. Sounds like towbar carrier or roof carriers are your options. I use roof bars and cycle carriers on my Mondeo.
  10. I took on a 3 year plan from the Trust Ford dealer when I bought my car (2.5 years old at the time), gave me the servicing, MOT's and discount off parts and accessories. You pay extra for anything required that's not part of the service, eg: discs and pads. And because it's service by Ford I got the free breakdown cover every year. I paid for the Major service after the plan ended (should have done 4 years, nevermind) and now service it myself and get my own breakdown cover with Autoaid.
  11. Might be worth posting in the Mondeo section...I have no idea though, the only thing I've considered is a Bluefin. I would suggest you look for bigger brakes though. I have S-Max 2.5T discs (316mm) and calipers on my otherwise standard car (200ps model).
  12. It's a Star head from memory, they don;t look that worn, don't know what size though but looks like you can use a flat screwdriver to remove them.
  13. I bought a dual action polisher from Argos when it was on offer a couple of years ago, but still had to buy better backing plates and decent pads so the costs add up. Spent approx. £130 for polisher, backing plates, selection of Scholl Spider pads and Scholl S20 Black polish.
  14. How much does it not reach the edge of the disc? what about the pad contact near the centre/hub of the disc, what that like? I did the conversion on my old ST24 but I used ST170 calipers, no issues at all. Maybe the mounting on the hub for the caliper carrier is too far in on the Escort for this to work.