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  1. Frembrit


    Are you doing it with the ignition 'on' ?
  2. Frembrit

    Missing part in xenon headlights

    So the previous owners removed the bulbs and kept the metal they still have them? Dont think you can get them separately, but I would suggest contacting the Ford parts department. Alternatively, you'll have to try and find some from a smashed up headlight at a breakers or contact a manufacturer like Hella (dont know who makes them for Ford without looking)
  3. Frembrit

    Advice Buying: Amazon Echo

    Being a Prime member for £80 per year (£40 for students) allows you to play most songs for free. However there is the Amazon Music Unlimited option for another £7.99 per month (I don't pay for that) which gives you access to everything they have I think, even new releases. As you have Prime already, download the app to your phone/tablet/laptop and have a look at what you get already. Bear in mind though, if you stay with just the Prime account, you will only be able to play music to one Echo at a time. So if your mum is playing something and then you want to on your Echo, it will ask if you want to stop playing on your mums Echo first. But I'm not sure if the Unlimited account lets you play music to more than one device at a time, you'll have to check.
  4. Frembrit

    What's Your Next Car Going To Be?

    Yes, that does make sense. Don't get me wrong, I do like the MK5 Mondeo, just that I'll have to see whats about in a few years time.
  5. Frembrit

    What's Your Next Car Going To Be?

    Naturally, when the time comes (probably at least 4-5 years time)I would replace my current Mondeo with the MK5....but the build quality doesn't seem as good as the MK4. My friend had a 210ps powershift Titanium with x pack and bodykit and the finish wasn't as good. And the Sync 2 was not great to use at all. (Another) But, it depends on how the upcoming facelift and new gearboxes turn out, otherwise I may be going to a BMW 5 series estate. It would be my first non Ford but back to rear wheel drive 😎
  6. Frembrit

    Advice Buying: Amazon Echo

    I will need to use a tablet or laptop in order to setup the device on to her wifi network, But will it work on its own after the initial setup? yes it will. Just use her tablet, download the Alexa app and follow the instructions. In the app, you can disable the function where you can place an order by speaking to Alexa, I did this I suppose it needs to be linked with an Amazon account, so I'll need to setup an email address and Amazon account for her? I believe so, should be straight forward enough. Will the reminders work independently by just asking alexa to remind or Set alarm, Yes (from memory) only tried it once myself. Will music requests work without having to set up a playlist Not sure what music will be available if you just have a basic (non Prime) account, but there should be "stations" that play all sorts. Download the Amazon Music app to see whats available, though you don't necessarily need it to play music, just easy to see what you can get for free.......Update: just tried Amazon music with my non prime account and I couldn't play anything...kept asking me to join up. I could only play music that I had bought previously.
  7. Frembrit

    What Tyre Brand Would You Choose?

    The Bridgestone Pontenza RE050's were horrible on my car (19") as OEM tyres. Noisy and got noisier as they worn down, not that great on grip and then worse in the wet, but good direction change as they had hard sidewalls. Replaced those with Michelin Pilot Supersports and they grip better in dry and wet though direction change wasn't as good as Bridgestone's due to a softer sidewall, still good though. Wore out the fronts in 10K miles 😀, but it was fun. Replaced those with Pilot sport 4S now, again great in dry and wet, though I feel that they move a bit more than the PSS when tight cornering at speed, doesn't lose grip, just feels theres more lateral movement (sidewalls?)...probably becasue I have a heavy car. Got 182 winter tyres on now and things are getting soft now, but that means a more comfortable ride generally.
  8. Frembrit

    Brake pads recommendation

    Just push the piston back gently and it will be fine. Think you'd struggle to push it back with massive force by hand anyway.
  9. Frembrit

    Aftermarket alloy wheels

    No, that size wont be suitable as the overall diameter is different, you need to keep this the same. Generally if the wheel goes down a size then the profile will need to go up to compensate for the wheel being smaller and vice versa. Try comparing sizes on some online calculator tools like this one... Personally, I would go for another set of Ford alloys and try to keep the same width tyre. My summer wheels/tyres are 235/40/19 and my winters are 235/45/18 on Focus ST250 alloys. I've declared my car as modified with winter tyres but the insurance wasn't bothered about the wheels as they are Ford branded. Not sure on this but you may need to declare those wheels as a modification as well as the winter tyres.
  10. If you're not going to clean it yourself then you might as well get a new vaporiser fitted rather than paying for labour charges, depending on their charge of course. If you are going to clean it yourself then be prepared to spend some time on it depending on what tools you have. I started by spraying Carb cleaner in to the injector hole and scrapping the carbon away but it was soon apparent the the whole tube was caked in soot/carbon and there was no way to clean it through that hole. The next step was to remove the glow plug, but as you unwind it, it would twist the electrical feed wire, which I probably damaged and hence cleaning didn't work for me (I still have it but still not tested it), so I would recomend cutting the wire and then solder back together when you've finished. Once back in the car you may/will need to rest the DPF learned values and error codes by using a laptop, forscan and a modified USB ELM327 lead and then go for a drive.
  11. Change mine in March 2017 and my car was on 65K miles. Mine was blocked solid (hard carbon build up) and although I did manage to clean it out it didn't work. The injector also contains a glow plug which can fail too. The injector (fuel vaporiser) can be bought for about £140 on ebay (genuine Ford).
  12. Frembrit

    YouTube weird problem.

    What are you viewing youtube with? PC, Laptop, tablet, phone? Personally I find that pages never display right on mobile and tablets, much easier on a pc or laptop.
  13. Frembrit

    Brake pads recommendation

    The Motorcraft pads/discs are ok but I used to get brake fade, so I replaced with standard Brembo UV coated discs and pads from a S-Max 2.5T (larger calipers and discs). Seems ok for the last 18 months and no fade now.
  14. Frembrit

    DPF Nightmare

    Yup, get the fuel vaporiser changed. I had the same codes on my Mondeo, changed the vaporiser in March 2017 and all has been well since.
  15. My 2011 model used to do that, although not that bad. I changed the trailing arm bushes ealier this year and I don't recall it making that sound anymore ( I changed them because they had 'gone' and was causing weird a handling problem when going round corners/bends). My car had done about 80K miles of mainly B and A road driving, what has yours done? might be time to change them.