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  1. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/my-vehicle/download-your-manual#
  2. Might be worth checking ETIS HERE ...Stick your reg number in and it will tell you the colour in the top right of the screen next to an image of a Mondeo.
  3. I don't know enough about them to help much but when you turn the headlights on the DRL's dim, so there must a connection there to tell them to dim (in your case turn 'on', but should be in the dimmed state). I would say that the DRL's are not receiving a signal to turn 'on' when you start the car so it could be a dodgy wire somewhere.
  4. No, there is no simple way to turn them off/on. Why do you want to? Not sure what you mean when you say that you have the older type dash...none of the MK4 facelifts have the ability to turn the DRL's off/on.
  5. Yep, you need to get more info on the wheels...Are they Ford wheels? What are the wheel measurements: width, offset, PCD? If they have tyres fitted, what size are they?
  6. On a computer I just use a photo editing program, use the Colour pick tool to match white/yellow and then use a brush to colour over the digits. Not massively time consuming but not quick either. I find it harder to do on a phone where the photo apps are a bit limited (well, the apps I have). I'm sure someone will have an easier option.
  7. Might find more info HERE I have a Mini 0906 and you can barely see it from outside the car. I have it mounted in the shaded area of the windscreen (but lens looks through non shaded glass) to the left of the rear view mirror (to mostly clear the mirror casing).
  8. When was it last serviced? I would also suggest Air filter and Oil and filter change too. And maybe some fuel system cleaner and give it a good blast down a dual carriageway, in a lower than normal gear to keep the revs up. (during any essential journeys or course 😉)
  9. Sounds like the battery is flat or faulty. Strange things can happen when the battery gets flat, like everything coming 'on' or doing other random stuff. Makes you think it's not a flat battery...I would suggest testing the battery and charging it if required.
  10. You could look at the Zetec S front and rear bumpers, though I expect they will be hard to find, not sure if the ST220 bumpers are the same (from memory, they may be wider but I could be wrong), but hopefully someone else may know. This is a Zetec S
  11. As above really, sounds like it's not getting hot enough. Clean the cap and take a long route to work and check again. Also check the dipstick for any gunk too, if it's down there too then it could potentially be more serious.
  12. I get a similar flag from Malwarebytes when trying to browse to 7zap too, and when I'm in the office the company blocks it too (not that I've been in the office since last March!) Here is a screenshot
  13. Not familiar with the Ranger but if the cigarette socket powers off (after 10- 15 mins on most modern Fords) then use the fuse for that.
  14. There are many posts on various models about battery drain so it could be anything. As the Galaxy is pretty much the same as a Mondeo or S-Max then try searching in those forums. A common theme seems to indicate the bluetooth module as a possible source for the drain. Did the garage confirm there was a drain?
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