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  1. Frembrit

    low battery warning?

    haha, since I posted in February, I got the Low Battery message last week. The battery was fitted just over 3 years ago and is a Ford branded unit (made by Varta). I decided to take it out and tested it with a load tester (indicated ok) and then charge it on a mainentance charger for 2 days. Whilst that was charging I fitted an old Halfords Calcium battery that I removed from my old ST24 (bought new in 2012 but charged regularly since removal), the battery was slightly taller so I had to remove the battery box for it to fit, it started the car fine and didn't give the low battery message (but it was only fitted for two days). After replacing the Ford battery, all was well for about 5 days but then I got the message again. Just like the previous (original) battery, it has never failed to start the car, but it does switch off the stereo after about 10 mins when the engine is not running.
  2. Frembrit

    Vignale Question

    That's my understanding too, nearest one to me is an hour away (where I bought my current car)
  3. Frembrit

    Mk8 Fiesta 6 spd manual torque?

    Have a look here
  4. Frembrit

    Ford Color Code Problem

    Stick your reg number in on the Etis site and it will tell you the name of the colour, if you want more info on your car then you'll need to register ( no need to pay for anything).
  5. Frembrit

    Knocking sound

    Sounds like the top mount bearings have gone on the front. If you get someone to move the steering wheel left to right while you put your hand on the spring, you should be able to hear the noise and feel the spring move slightly but sticking/catching, that's because the top bearing isn't allowing the spring to rotate with the shock absorber. This is what you need to replace This is where it is on the shock absober
  6. What's it like today? Anything else misbehaving on the car? Might be worth trying a rest of some sort like disconnecting the battery for 20 mins or so (make sure you have the radio code though). Not sure if it will help, but there are a couple of software updates for this unit, see here...
  7. Frembrit

    Which Wheel Cleaner?

    How long are we talking here? Before I swap summer/winter wheels, I use Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel once to clean them and then apply Mer Wheel wax which helps prevent brake dust from sticking to the wheel. All I do for subsequent cleans is wipe the wheel with a sponge and soapy water. OK, I appreciate that it's slightly easier to do this on a spare set of wheels, but I reckon that if you can spare that initial bit of time once a year to clean the wheels apply wheel wax, it will save you loads of time for subsequent cleaning.
  8. Frembrit


    I have the Haynes manual for the MK4 and the S-Max/ Galaxy diesel book (6299) that covers the 2.2, the Internet is also handy. ...and what Ian said
  9. Frembrit

    brembo discs and pads

    Depends who the seller is, I've never had problems with buying brake parts via ebay, but I am careful and not necessarily buy the cheapest if it looks suspicious in any way (eg: too cheap). John, who was the seller? Got a link?
  10. Frembrit

    brembo discs and pads

    Where did you buy them from? I bought mine from Euro Car Parts and have been fine (although I don't recall seeing a qr code, but then I didn't look for one)
  11. Frembrit

    Are they worth it

    Not changed anything yet on my 7 year old Mondeo, but on my last Mondeo (ST24) I replaced the original wishbones when that was about 6 or 7 years old with Ford parts, these lasted until the car was 13 1/2 years old and I replaced them with Delphi parts (cheaper than Ford but not cheap cheap) because the car was getting old but sadly it died in December 2013 anyway. I tried cheap anti roll bar links once, they lasted less than a year so I replaced with ford parts which lasted 3-4 years if not longer. You can buy cheap parts but you might end up changing them more often, Personally, I'd pay more and change the part less often.
  12. Frembrit

    Single Garage and working on the car....

    If you're going to do something simple then do it outside as space will be an issue. I once replaced piston rings on my brothers MK5 Escort RS2000 in a single garage, as it was going to take me a few weeks due to only working on it when I had time, I parked the car very close to the wall on the near side but it was very tight still.
  13. Frembrit

    What the hell is it here with some snow!AkxVmoMgSpC8Z-tpf4nknTS1mkc I got stuck in the snow once in my ST24 with summer tyres, after making it up a steep hill it decided the much less steep part at the top was too much. Luckily, only a 2 mins walk to my house. So, since buying my current car in Dec 2013, I got myself a set of Focus ST250 alloys and fitted them with winter tyres, but it has never snowed since (Bath area)...until now. And wow, what a difference. My route home from work involes a few up and down hills and it made it with ease. Dash cam video in the link.
  14. Frembrit

    tyres fit ?

    They may fit but they may also be the incorrect tyre size. What wheels do you have? Link below is for a 2006-2007 S-max. Other years available on that website.
  15. I think from 2009 (I think, hopefully someone else can confirm)...but for the amount you want to spend, you should be able to get a 2010 model or a MK4.5 (2011) at a push. Some info here Screen between the dials is normal on the Titanium X regardless of having sat nav or not. Sat nav is an optional extra. No ideas on fuel consumption for the 2.0 petrol. However I did read that the mpg on the 2.0 diesel on the mk4.5 was mid to high 30' I went for the 2.2 diesel (200ps) and have averaged 40mpg over the last 4 1/2 years on mainly A, B and town roads.