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  1. Castrol Magnatec 5w30 A5 Quite often on offer in Tesco or Amazon and sometimes Halfords will price match.
  2. Pretty sure there is some information in the Haynes manual if you get hold of one.
  3. It probably hung inside a Ford showroom
  4. Probably a dirty Idle speed control valve...That's what I call it anyway, or otherwise known as a IACV ?? worth taking it off and giving it a clean but get hold of a new gasket first. What Engine is in the car? My friends and family had earlier MK5 XR3i's and RS2000's, these were the 1.8 Zetec (130ps) and 2.0 I4 DOHC (150ps) engines.
  5. Yep, the bushes can go quite quickly. They looked fine on my car when I fitted the winter wheels in November 2017, after a month or so the car started to handle weirdly but I thought it was the new front tyres combined with the different brand rears. Anyway, checked the bushes again and they looked much worse than before. However, they passed the MOT in February 2018 and I didn't change them until May 2018...handling restored! 🙂
  6. A short time after starting the car and if you haven't used the arrow buttons on the steering wheel to select a track on the CD/MP3 etc, that symbol will when you press the OK (on the right controls on the steering wheel) it will cycle through the trip Instant mpg, Average mpg, Average speed, Reset Trip ( I think), and Miles to empty.
  7. Dealer over filled the oil on my car a few years back...I called them and took the car back. the Master Tech then did the whole service again while I waited...a slight inconvenience for me but I thought it was important for them to know this was happening. Do the servicing myself now as I only took it in because I bought a service plan. Normally it's a Litre between Min and Max marks on the dipstick (it is on my car anyway), so that should give you an idea of how much over it was.
  8. I would have to pay with my car, but I never go in to that part on London with a vehicle. I would still need to pay on my motorbike (2004 Honda Hornet)!
  9. When I did my research 6 years ago, I was only considering the TXS, the 2.0 (163ps) didn't seem that great on fuel in the real world and the 2.2 (200ps) was slightly I went for the 2.2 for the extra power and torque. Additionally the 2.2 came with twin exhaust pipes 😀. My previous car was a ST24 (2.5 V6 170ps) which was converted to LPG and so long as I got 38 mpg from the diesel, then it was comparable in costs(based on diesel costing 6 or 7 pence per litre more than unleaded at the time, and LPG was even cheaper) I think some people get better mpg than me because they do longer journeys, but not 57 mpg based on a fill to fill calculation...that would be 814 miles on 65 litres of fuel!! (70 litre tank on the MK4/4.5)...I got 650 miles from a tank, once! I've only driven the 2.0 (163ps) in a Kuga and that seems to pick up quite well but runs out of puff too soon. The 2.2 seems to pick up a bit slower (on 19" wheels) but my word the torque is addictive. on my 18" winter wheels it does pick up a bit quicker. I got 34 mpg a couple of tanks ago...but it was enjoyable 😉😀
  10. Mine has averaged 40mpg over 5 years, but my commute is only 30 mins and consists of a mix of mainly B roads with some A and town roads, though normally moving all the time. I do drive enthusiastically when possible 😉 If I drive sensibly on a run then it will go up to about 44mpg. If stuck in heavy stop/go traffic then it can go as low as 34mpg (averaged out over the whole tank)
  11. The earlier Escorts, 1991 onwards used to suffer fuse box problems which would cause a non starting issue... I changed one each in and RS2000, two XR3I's and twice in an Orion Ghia SI. No idea if this is the same for you though. I think the fuse box suffered some sort of corrosion which prevented power going somewhere...I was thinking the fuel pump but I'm sure that was working...used to use an fused wire to take a feed from another fuse and stick it in the affected one...sorry can't remember which. another thing we used to do before we changed the fuse box was to unplug the power lead from every injector, turn the engine over, then reconnect the injectors and it would then start on the next go (this was on the RS2000).
  12. In my Mondeo, I use Osram Cool Blue Intense bulbs for my halogen static cornering lights and extra main beam bulbs. Not as white as LED's I suspect but whiter than standard halogen bulbs.
  13. Are you doing it with the ignition 'on' ?
  14. So the previous owners removed the bulbs and kept the metal they still have them? Dont think you can get them separately, but I would suggest contacting the Ford parts department. Alternatively, you'll have to try and find some from a smashed up headlight at a breakers or contact a manufacturer like Hella (dont know who makes them for Ford without looking)