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  1. Sorry, been away in Wales for the WRC. How did you get on?
  2. If you do have the switch fitted to turn off the passenger airbag (you would have asked for this to be fitted as it's not standard) then you should see it mounted somewhere and it's operated by the key, then I would suggest disconnecting the battery for 15 mins before unplugging it. Switch would look like this
  3. I've not used elmconfig in a while so I can't really comment, although there might be a setting to check that bluetooth is enabled at least. If that doesn't work then it may be time to get another module, though from my understanding you need to make sure you get the right one, for example, you don't want to get one from and early Mondeo that didn't have support for USB. So get a unit with the same part numbers on it or newer (for the car). I'm suprised you didn't get a response on the Talkford forum...have a look on there for the threads where people have upgraded their early Bluetooth modules so that they can have USB support, should give you an idea of part numbers.
  4. Should be you've done just make sure the offset etc are correct. My standard 19's are 19x8j ET55 and I use 18x8j ET55 Focus ST alloys for my winter tyres.
  5. I think it would be worth gettting the glove box out and disconnecting the module, reconnect and test again.
  6. ok, then you should be able to see somewhere in the bluetooth screen how many pairings there are, and from there you can delete them and set up a new pairing. ( though I suspect your brother already did this) It's just a plug for the passenger air bag deactivation switch, which isn't connected to anything...unless you have the switch fitted of course.
  7. Not familiar with the sony unit as I have the Sat Nav unit, can you see how many pairings it thinks it has? can you delete all of them and try again? On the Mondeo the Bluetooth unit is above the glove box and the easiest way to get to it is to remove the glove box (screws on the front, two 10mm bolts from inside the roof of the box, disconnect light plug, air bag switch plug and USB/aux if it's in the glove box) When you tried the update did you put it in the root of the usb stick? (so not in a folder)
  8. Aircon doesn't have to be cold...change the temp with the temp knob/buttons (whatever you have) Also, make sure the glass is clean, mists up less.
  9. Yep, Sounds like you will need to pay for a license when it's implemented.
  10. The Haynes manual (S-Max / Galaxy Diesel covers the 2.2) says the D2 spec. Don't know if that really helps or could try phoning another Ford parts dept to check.
  11. Personally, I think there is enough info in the Haynes manual, there are some photos to show where things are.
  12. As Tom says really. I used to use Autoglym Super Resin Polish on my last car and that was still very shiny after 10+ years of ownership (13 year old car). Still have the remains from a litre bottle and I use that when necessary on the current car (when I find light marks). Otherwise I've only applied a wax or a coating to protect the paint after I had it professionally polished about 4.5 years ago...been using Gtechniq C2 or Fusso Wax (dark) and Mer Wheel Wax to protect the alloys. However, I have been trying out Scholl Concepts S20 Black with a Dual Action polisher and Scholl pads...been practicing on an old bonnet and just used it to polish out the light marks on the piano black plastic B pillars on my car and the alloy wheels and centre caps. My next task is to polish the bonnet with this and then use Fusso wax to protect it. I had hoped to polish the whole car and apply Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and Exo but I don't seem to get the time nor have a garage. If you don't wan to go to this level of polishing then the Autoglym or Mer options are good for most people. My car, being black, used to look very dull after a wash and that's when I started to read about polishing etc. here are some photos, note the swirl marks that were removed from the centre caps and the 50/50 photo that the Detailer took when he polished my car.
  13. It should have, standard on the MK4.5.
  14. Do the lights do the level test when you turn them on? They should turn on in a high aim position then drop and come back up.
  15. No Idea but are you sure it will fir in the wheel well? I looked in to having a full size 19" wheel as a spare on my MK4.5 Mondeo and it does not fit in the well.