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  1. Try ebay or a car breaker, they're not cheap though.
  2. Sounds like a fan to me, possibly catching on something maybe? Open the bonnet and look at the fan whilst someone else starts the car (maybe do another video from there too)
  3. Those headlights are the adaptive units as they have the gap to the left and right of the projector lens ( to allow it to swivel, Bi-Xenons don't swivel ). They still use a normal halogen bulb though. As above though, you'll need to get it all to work. No idea if it's a straight swap.
  4. You can't, those are not video formats. You'll have to upload the video to another platform like Youtube, and then post a link to it.
  5. I will have a similar problem in due course. For the 2.5T and 2.2D I don't think there are many options other than Ford or having one made up by a company like Powerflow or Longlife etc, neither will be cheap though. I would suggest contacting them to get an idea. Also worth noting that if it's the original exhaust then it might be one piece and you may need to get both rear boxes (not sure if it would join to other after being cut, might need sleeve etc) Here's an idea on price Link to Ebay for the nearside box.
  6. Depends what parts you need, but yes it's mainly the same as the ST200 which had different wishbones to the normal Mondeo MK2.
  7. I don't know, but I personally wouldn't want to chance cutting in to that wire. What's your goal here? To stop someone stealing the van? Might be worth using some sort of visible deterrent first such as a Disklok or pedal locks, at least that way any potential thief might not even bother, whereas if you had nothing then they might break the door lock, steering lock and cause other damage only then to find that they cannot start it. Alarms and immobilisers can be expensive but is an alternative or addition.
  8. Not seen any of the updated MK5's round here. Depending on how things go, I intend on keeping my MK4.5 for as long as possible as I'm not sure about a MK5. Definitely not getting a SUV (or MPV, apart from the Tourneo Custom I will be buying as an additional vehicle) and the other Ford cars are too small for my needs. Tom, I think that crossover thing will happen at some point, but it won't be called a Mondeo.
  9. No, any kind of sealant/adhesive like that won't be easy to get off, if at all. I used Tiger Seal to stick on a mud guard extension on my motorbike and it's been on there for 13 years. I wouldn't want to attempt to remove it as it will most likely cause damage to the original mud guard.
  10. They would be stuck on with something, may be something like Tiger Seal. I assume you mean THESE
  11. Hi, I may not be able to help but can you provide some more information please? Is it Petrol or diesel? Are there any warning lights? You say after 20 mins, so it is ok up to that point? When the sluggishness happens is it only in 1st gear or is it difficult to get the car up to speed? and would driving up a hill be a big challenge? Has it been serviced regularly?
  12. Looks like the Saris only carries 3 bikes and I think most rear mounted carriers go up to a max of 3. Also with rear mounted carriers, you'll need to get a lighting board, number plate and wiring added (for the lighting board) where the bikes cover the lights and number plate. Halfords sell a high mount carrier that can/may lift the bikes above the lights/number plate, but that only holds 3 bikes too. My personal preference is on the roof, but it can get costly as you need to buy roof bars and then 4 individual roof mounted bike carriers. A downside of roof mounting is that it will create
  13. If it's like my Mondeo then no as you have to select Bluetooth as the source to play sounds from the phone...annoying. I normally turn off bluetooth on the phone, so it doesn't pair with the car, and then the instructions just play from the phone. Rare that I get called whilst driving anyway, but can turn on the bluetooth easily if called. Not a great solution but it works for me and rarely use Nav on the phone anyway. Have built-in Sat Nav anyway 😉.
  14. As above, perfectly safe. Ring connectors are clamped, the wires are protected and the connector has a cover (for when not in use). Have a similar set up on my motorbike for the last 13 years too, no problems at all. What kind of fault do you think would develop?
  15. I attached it directly to the terminal too.
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