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  1. When you say the "heater didn't work 1 to 3", do you mean the fan/blower? If so then it sounds more like the regulator/resistor has gone. Someone else should come along and confirm soon as I'm not familiar with this vehicle (but did replace one on a MK1 Focus once). Probably accessed from the footwell somewhere. Some ebay examples I can't comment on the quality of those and would suggest contacting Ford for a price of a genuine part.
  2. Breaker bar and a socket, or just a breaker bar if you have a socket set (with 18mm socket).
  3. How much have you been quoted? I think it would be more than £400. The front sensors are listed on a Fiesta price sheet at £349 fitted, but no mention of colour coding. The sensors seem to be suitable for multiple cars including the Puma yet it's not on the Puma price list. Not seen anything listed as such for a reversing camera. Do you know that your system will accept a camera? (sorry, I don't know much about these new tablet screen units, are they all the same?) for example, I have a Mondeo with sat nav and a reverse camera yet another Mondeo with just sat nav won't accept a camera unless the whole unit is changed too.
  4. No, should only top up if required (unless there is a problem, eg: a leak), or in most cases these days, change every 10 years.
  5. They will rotate at different speeds (225/50 will have to rotate faster) and may set off the traction control.
  6. Don't know for certain but normally on cars where the washers are attached to the wiper blades, you should be able to unclip them and then attached to new blades. From Ford Ebay Some listings are for two different length blades so make sure they are both 30" Wiperblades.co.uk
  7. Although the noises would be different and I could be wrong but probably worth it for you to find out more, but I believe the VW built Galaxy, Sharan and Alhambra suffered from driveshaft problems...seem to remember a work colleague of mine having them changed on his Sharan.
  8. I had them in my old Sierra 😉
  9. I would suggest changing the battery, use a decent brand though as cheap batteries don't last very long.
  10. I was still getting the breakdown cover on my 2011 Mondeo (bought 2nd hand from Trust ford dealer in 2013) where I took out a service plan for 3 years. Cancelled my own RAC cover during this time. For the major service after that I went to a local Ford Franchise and got the breakdown cover again (2017 by now). Do my own servicing now and get breakdown from Auto Aid (which covers my motorbike too) I've not checked, but at the time you needed to have a Ford service and not a Motorcraft service to get the breakdown cover. They used to print out a A4 sheet with all the details on it and write on how long the cover was valid for.
  11. As Unofix has mentioned, the Smart charge mainly charges when the engine is not under load (unlike old school cars), basically when you lift off the accelerator pedal, this is to help save fuel and emissions (something like that). So with that in mind what does your voltmeter say when you are off the accelerator pedal and going down a hill? (in gear or course). And what length of journeys do you normally make?
  12. You'll have to check the size/measurements of the wheels. I use Focus ST250 (mk3?) wheels on my MK4 Mondeo as winter wheels. They are 18" and 8J wide with an offset of ET55. My standard Mondeo wheels are 19", 8J and ET55. Stud pattern is the same. I have no problems.
  13. I don't know if there's a measurement taken or if it's down to the Tester's judgment but there is a check for excessive exhaust noise for motorbikes. I have to fit the baffle (tube) in to the tailpipe to make it quiet on my bike exhaust. Mine isn't that loud compared to some.
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