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  1. I'm about to get some Polar Blast too as I was given a £10 Halfords voucher. should be good.
  2. can you not get to the bolt when the car is on the ground? Pretty sure that's what I did when I changed them on my Brothers and friends Escorts.
  3. That sound like the selector rods in the engine bay where they slide in and out of some plastic sheathing. I just spray a bit of with grease on them and then go through the gears to get the grease worked in.
  4. Those aren't high mount carriers though as they cover the rear lights and number plate. A High mount carrier would lift the bikes above the lights and therefore no need to buy a lighting board, number plate and mess about with wiring. Do you have a spoiler on the back of your car? I've not used a high mount one in a long time but can't believe that the Halfords High Mount carrier wont fit (their website says it won't even fit a MK2 hatch Mondeo or a Sierra previous cars, and I used the high mount on both!). I use roof mounted carriers now.
  5. There's a comparison chart on the Forscan website ...see links on page. I use a Tunnelrat USB and a laptop.
  6. ah right. Have you made sure you've unzipped the file and put it in the root of the USB stick (with nothing else on it)?
  7. You need this...
  8. I'm not sure and can't remember but if your van is 1993 then it might have a single point injectorunder the air filter housing, earlier cars had a carb (like my dads old Orion 1.4 equipe). otherwise it looks the same as that.
  9. Have you checked the DPF load and soot values? and did you reset the dpf learned values after the Vaporiser was replaced? Mine started to regen fine when driving along an A road at 50-60mph
  10. Castrol Magnatec 5w30 A5 Quite often on offer in Tesco or Amazon and sometimes Halfords will price match.
  11. Pretty sure there is some information in the Haynes manual if you get hold of one.
  12. It probably hung inside a Ford showroom
  13. Probably a dirty Idle speed control valve...That's what I call it anyway, or otherwise known as a IACV ?? worth taking it off and giving it a clean but get hold of a new gasket first. What Engine is in the car? My friends and family had earlier MK5 XR3i's and RS2000's, these were the 1.8 Zetec (130ps) and 2.0 I4 DOHC (150ps) engines.
  14. Yep, the bushes can go quite quickly. They looked fine on my car when I fitted the winter wheels in November 2017, after a month or so the car started to handle weirdly but I thought it was the new front tyres combined with the different brand rears. Anyway, checked the bushes again and they looked much worse than before. However, they passed the MOT in February 2018 and I didn't change them until May 2018...handling restored! 🙂
  15. A short time after starting the car and if you haven't used the arrow buttons on the steering wheel to select a track on the CD/MP3 etc, that symbol will when you press the OK (on the right controls on the steering wheel) it will cycle through the trip Instant mpg, Average mpg, Average speed, Reset Trip ( I think), and Miles to empty.