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  1. Fitting EOM front parking sensors if you already have rear sensor pack. (Thanks to 540itouring) first Look at the body computer passengers side fuse box near fuse box to see if the wires that go to the parking sensors and wired to the plug C2280D BLUE PLUG FRONT sensors at pins 6 , 11 ,20 , 21 , 22 , 23. Then remove the stop start switch and check if you have all 8 wires connected to the wiring plug Check If you have the wiring loom connected in the engine bay, look below the drivers side crash can just to the right of the radiator H if you have all of these in place you should be ok to install EOM front parking sensors. Parts wiring loom 1898359 sensors*4 1808019 retainer kit 1818621 switch 1778232 (cost me £158 including vat from ford) c Connect up new switch Remove headlights and either remove front bumper or front grill to gain access to fit additional wiring loom and sensors. Mark locations for sensors and drill holes with 26mm holesaw Paint sensors and retainers to colour required clip or tie wrap new wiring loom into place, I used tie wraps as the loom normally fixes to rear of the front grill but because I had removed this it wasn't possible to clip in place. Clip retainers and sensors into place and connect to loom Connect new wiring loom to existing loom found under the crash can. now activate front and rear sensors with Forscan D There you go, full EOM front sensors that activate every time you select reverse gear or activate the switch. Automatically turns off at about 5mph. Good luck everyone but note this is only applicable if you already have OEM rear sensors and my car was a 16 plate red and black edition.
  2. Front Parking Sensor wiring questions Retrofit

    Hi there, I'm also looking to retrofit front parking sensors into my red edition, already have OEM rear sensort fitted. Did you get it to work, did it just need the loom connecting to C139 and reprogramming to activate in the display?