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  1. Here is my successor! Thanks so much to every single person that kept up with my Fiesta shenanigans and provided guidance along the way. Has been a pleasure chatting with you all and being part of this forum. This will be my last post on here so will close the thread after this. The Golf will be staying relatively standard for a while (I say that now...lol) but any progress will be on Instagram: Www.instagram.com/iamzahra Do feel free to follow if you wish. Take care [emoji1422][emoji813] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. It's great so far! I went for black which is the only colour I don't mind having the plain plastic bumper. Who knows though, I might eventually go down the Edition 30 route... 200bhp is plenty of power for now lol. The fastest car I've owned. I'm just going to enjoy driving and learning. Modding will be taking a back seat for a little while Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. That sounds incredible! I'm really enjoying it so far. Still trying to get my head around all the added features compared to my Fiesta of the same age lol. Also, everything costs double but it's so worth it! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Haha, I got a Mk5 Golf GTI Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. It is yes [emoji174] already chosen my next ride and it's not a Ford! [emoji13] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  6. OK, now this is actually hilarious because I too sold my car [emoji85] Got rid before Christmas but I'm still in denial tbh so I haven't told many people. I see loads of 5 door Panther Black Fiestas and I get a little lump in my throat sometimes lol. Hey, onwards and upwards! Looks like you did quite a bit to your car before you sold! Those horns looks awesome! Enjoy your new ride [emoji16] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you [emoji5] Luckily I don't have any friends so there is never anyone in the back for me to have that problem haha! My mudflaps do scrape coming in and out of the garage though as it's quite a steep ramp down but they're the standard ones so doesn't really bother me Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. Never got round to posting but I did indeed go low, back in early November! I got some Eibach springs from a guy that was taking his ST150 back to standard and since they were only 35mm I thought I'd snap them up as the difference wouldn't be too crazy! I eventually got some before and after pics. Subtle difference but enough to make it worth the change imo: Had a couple of scrapes coming off driveways and car park ramps (eek!) Other than that, the drive and handling has been spot on. I soon got used to the speed humps around lol Happy new year to those that are still with me haha! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. You know how impatient I am already! Yeah I think that's what I'm worried about the most tbh, being tailgated down the road because I'm too slow [emoji30] I'll end up talking myself out of it dw lol Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  10. That's the one, yeah. I know, that's why I've never done it! I don't have patience for driving at 10mph every where in case of speedbumps and potholes [emoji23] I've always had to bear in mind that it is my daily as I don't have another car. It would look so much better though... Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. Better late than never - the TRC splitter is on! Seriously considering lowering it now so it looks less like a snow plough [emoji854] Was a pain in the butt getting it on a standard Zetec bumper but luckily I had good help! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  12. I do for the headlights, just not the fogs. My sidelights are blue/white and my headlights are a cool blue as well. Remember my lights are painted gold so the sidelights reflect off gold paint, whereas the main lights reflect off the silver projectors/reflectors so do actually look white [emoji13] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  13. Hiya! Not on here much anymore so decided to give you a follow on Instagram [emoji5] car is still looking ace! Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  14. All insured for another year [emoji322][emoji323] Mods have seriously slowed down so here are some old pics from a recent meet lol. There won't be many updates from here going forward. Thanks for keeping up so far [emoji5] Since my last post however, I do now have a new mascot - Ronin from Avengers End Game - who was a great companion to Isle of Wight Takeover in May where I got my latest decal shown below! Patiently waiting to board the ferry to IOW! Outside Carisbrooke Castle on the island Rear screen decal purchased at the show and pinstriped on my return back to the mainland Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  15. A little front end update... The pinstriping has returned! This WAS how she was looking a couple of weeks ago after a good wash but forgot to post in here Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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