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  1. Cambelt change interval 2011 1.6 Fiesta

    Ok thanks Ian, to be on the safe side I may have it changed in 12 months time, just for peace for mind. Helen
  2. Please can someone advise when I will need to change the cambelt on my Titanium 1.6 2011 Petrol Fiesta? Recently purchased it and has 53K on the clock. thanks
  3. 2011 Fiesta Titanium Radio Code?

    Thanks for letting me know
  4. I have recently purchased a 2011 1.6 Titanium from a local garage and the paperwork they gave me does not include a radio code. Please can someone advise if it should have one? Just thinking of for future reference in case I need it, planning on keeping the car long term.... Thanks Helen
  5. 1.4 Zetec or 1.6 Titanium

    I have owned my 52 Reg. Zetec for 8 years and now looking to buy something newer i.e. 2010-2012 Fiesta, max budget £5.5k. Looking for general advice on whether there would be much difference in running costs between 1.4 Zetec and 1.6 Titanium as I've looked at 2 of these recently in local garages? Are the Titanium prone to any different issues to the Zetec? My mileage is low - about 7k a year and the cars I have looked at are low-average mileage. Am not overly concerned about insurance costs as have 8 or 9 years protected no claims. Any advice welcome. Thanks