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  1. All above bulbs changed and what a difference. I found changing them easy due to the explanation and diagrams. Cheers
  2. Still a no from me. Fed up looking as it’s only the American sites that are selling them😡
  3. The Edge only needs serviced every two years.
  4. I waited 9 weeks to get my glass roof replaced by Autoglass. Make sure they have the correct part they came with the wrong part the front glass after I repeated numerous times it was the rear glass. Then they couldn’t source the rear glass and eventually after it was fixed I found a scratch on the spoiler and they disputed they had done the damage as I never reported it until the next day. So make sure and check the whole car before you sign for it.
  5. Hi, has anyone been able to source one of these in UK?
  6. Washed the car on Saturday and whilst drying it off I noticed a crack in the rear glass panel on the roof. On Monday I took it local Ford garage and the quoted me £1650 for the glass.
  7. Hi, I have had problems with the rear seats folding, when I press the button in the boot it clicks but the seats don't fold down. My local Ford garage says they are waiting on FORD getting back to them for a fix on this problem. 6 months wait and still no fix from FORD. Has anybody else had this problem and had it rectifed.
  8. Thank you, I've never heard of this before.
  9. car went in today for curtain airbag recall and I asked them to check condensation in all rear lights, I have received an email stating that this is not a problem. Has anyone else had this problem and how was it rectified
  10. Hi, that looks great, where did you purchase it as that's what I'm after.
  11. The bonnet guard looks great, as you say why can't Ford uk get these things here. The black looks great.
  12. Hi, no the bonnet bra covers a large area of the bonnet, what I'm looking for is made from the same stuff as the wind deflectors on side windows.
  13. Cheers, have seen the ones in USA and postage costs, I prefer the look of the guards so will keep searching.
  14. I am looking for a bonnet guard for my Edge, I had one on my Kuga Sport and if anyone has one would like to see how it looks.
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