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  1. SAT Nav Sync 2

    Yes just click on send to middle of address it will still guid you right i have had it a couple of times.
  2. How has Doris effected your day

    Some of the roof in work came off.The new bit of roof as well.The flintshire bridge was closed also but we did have winds of up to 70mph so had to go gome the long way around.
  3. mk3 Bluetooth/Phone/Voice Control

    My samsung galaxy s4 connects fine and if you have a pic next to the person on your phone the pic shows up on the screen also.
  4. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Yes heated on full leather.I got sync 2 as its 16 not a 66.
  5. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    As above pic.Thats how mine is.
  6. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Bought at 8 month old.Pre reg.Titanium X 1.5 182bhp ecoboost shadow black.Appearance pack 2,driver assistance pack,10 sony speakers plus sub woofer,full leather.Just needs my plate one once log book arrives.
  7. Courtesy wipe only ever wiped once...

    Is your senetivity set too low maybe.
  8. Shadow Black Mica paint

    I am using autoglym super resin polish and autoglym wet wax on mine.Need to update my pic though.
  9. Door Seals Mk3

    Both my back doors are like that but the drivers side is worse.
  10. Mk3.5 Rear View Mirror Shake

    Mine does a bit but not as much as yours by the sounds of it.Its never happened in any of my previous cars.I not at all concerned by it.
  11. Focus St Tdci

    Race red is a very nice colour.My previous was a moondust silver and i find the red is easier to clean
  12. My 13 reg 1.6tdci did the same thing.Evans halshaw changed the fuel filter because it was blocked. (Car only serviced month before.) Car only lasted 6 hours and it was coming home on back of recovery truck.Next day it was under tow back to Evans halshaw where they replaced the fuel filter assembly but it still would not start and run so they checked the filter again which was blocked again.So Evans halshaw conacted ford on where to go next.Ford said it must be the in tank filter thats blocked so they checked it and it was blocked with small filings and the pump was also broke.So because Ford or Evans halshaw could prove if fuel contamination had blocked the filter then broke the pump or the pump broke and thats where the filings had come from Ford told Evans halshaw to replace the lot to be on the safe side.New pump, filter, tank, pipe from side of car to tank and another new filter in engine bay.Ford picked up the bill of over £1000.
  13. Build You Own 3D Printer

    I did this one in 2011 Now doing this one
  14. Build You Own 3D Printer

    These part works appeal to people like me that build models as a hobby.I agree you would not buy it ready made at them prices but as a weekly thing getting the parts is exciting.I am onto my fifth part works now and never had a problem with receiving parts.
  15. Hello I don't think its a s simple as changing the lights over.The ones you are wanting are on the Tit X and are Bi Xenon which require the car to have head lamp washers by law and are also auto leveling. Tit X 1.6 Echonetic (tdci)