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  1. If you could have any car

    I cant help but love, want need Eleanor the 1967 gt500 same colour, same everything, not the best car in the world I know but for me it ticks every box and back to reality I go
  2. Bluefin Maps

    Used it for past 3 months on mine. No issues at all
  3. Word Game

    Clogs online
  4. Adams story game

    Statue or Theresa May
  5. Adams story game

    He tossed and tossed
  6. Adams story game

    Pulled out his Toe
  7. Adams story game

    I get ya fam
  8. Word Game

    set aside
  9. Adams story game

    I stopped and thought
  10. Word Game

    Sorry Jonro I have a bad habit of that Mustang sally
  11. Word Game

    King Cobra
  12. Adams story game

    Next I went to
  13. Adams story game

    Burn the Fiat too
  14. How Low can you go

    Good way to ruin a Focus in my opinion, Way overboard
  15. Thinking of remapping, is it worth it?

    Ive had Bluefin now for 2 weeks in mine and I'm impressed, less turbo lag, more torque and better fuel economy. I guess its just down to you seeing the cost as worth it or not. I done a lot of reading as I'm very picky about what goes on my car. I would say 99% of reviews I did read are positive and of course the odd person that had problems. with a large customer base you will always have the odd hiccup, its how they deal with it that counts. If you think the cost justifies the gains then go for it